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  1. Yeah. Anxiety. I have been having skin symptoms for around 3 years now. mRI is clean. My doctors both neuro and GP tell me it's anxiety and I pray it is
  2. By talking to multiple GPs and neuros. A neuro was a friend. My psychiatrist also has experience in neuro. I still get pains. Pins and needles. Buzzes. Tingling. Burnings. There are days I get fed up. Today is infact one of those days. I am trying hard not to crack
  3. I have been battling with the same feelings since two plus years now. It started with feeling jerky during a severe post partum depression period. Jerks converted into twitches. Along came feeling weak in arm and leg. Then came facial pain. I was convinced via Dr Google that I have MS. I ran to multiple GPs prior to ask what's up with me and everything came out normal so they said I'm depressed. I couldn't believe. The. Facial pain led me to a neurologist. He said he doesn't think I have MS and put me on anxiety meds. I went for an MRI regardless that came out clean. I still couldn't believe him. It became worse I started having vertigo and coordination issues. Depersonalization. Vision issues. It took me a good six months to challange my thoughts and eventually calm down. As j calmed down the symptoms started to go. Now I get pins and needles occasionally under stress. I still have severe health anxiety though and I try not to flare it up.
  4. Get your eyes examined. If the Dr says they are good they will be. Floaters are common
  5. That's me. I have also found it to be coupled with low blood pressure. Anxiety manifolds it
  6. Heal

    Darn you Google

    Hi. Yes I agree because the term I searched was "weird sensations body making due to anxiety" and the MS result was from an MS support site in the 4th number. Actually I had read an article on American psychiatrist association or something that said for OCD body starts making noise which gets noticed by ppl with OCD. I was trying to track that back.
  7. Why does Google have to throw in MS related stuff if anything related to odd sensations is searched. I am mad at Google rn
  8. I started on learning a new language yesterday And instantly I felt better. Like the old me. I hope it stays the same way.
  9. When I am anxious and panicked already, malls and open spaces make me go lightheaded, I feel unreal and yawn alot so yeah. I'm trying to overcome that too.
  10. My therapist said (and I need to believe that too) that had neuros found anything on you they'd love to diagnose. Who would not want a recurring patient bringing in $$$.
  11. Last year I used to get palps and chest muscle tension all the time. My left arm would hurt and be weak. I would not be able to breath and heart rate up. Sinking feeling. I ended up in ER like 5 times getting it checked. Does it sound familiar?
  12. Hope you feel better soon. I went through this last year. All the first half. I can relate
  13. I triggered ha over weekend. Now recovering and doing better mind wise. My physical sensations are hanging around. My feet are burning. How long does it take the physical symptoms to wean away. Any idea/ thoughts?