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  1. This morning out of nowhere I started having severe sharp pains in my lower abdomen and could feel a tight pulling sensation in my pubic area and anus. It got so bad to the point I was sweating and feeling like I was going to pass out. I nearly called an ambulance but my friends calmed me down and convinced me it was probably just gas. The severe pain lasted about 45 mins and started to get a bit better. Eventually I could only feel the pain when I moved or breathed really deep causing the stretch in my lower abdomen. Now I’m just having lingering pain and if I arch my back at all I can feel that pulling sensation in my groin and it hurts. I have been shaking all day with anxiety ever since because obviously my brain went to appendicitis, aneurysm & other deadly things. I’m still convinced I’m dying and I’m scared to sleep but I don’t want to go to the hospital because my pain isn’t 10/10 right now like it was this morning and every time they look at my chart and see I’ve been in and dismissed with anxiety so many times they say “you sure this isn’t another episode?” And I feel so stupid. Health anxiety makes me want to end it all because I don’t want to be taken out some crazy cause of death unexpectedly. HELP
  2. I have always had a regular period also give or take a couple of days, last month my period was 21 days late. Practically missed a whole cycle. I wasn’t pregnant or had any known reasons for missing but I know how worrisome it can be when things are suddenly different than what we’re used to. I would wait it out until your next period to see if it goes back to normal before you worry too much.
  3. I felt completely terrible after my first shot for quite some time & people had said different things about the second shot so I was nervous it was going to be worse. I just had my second one a few days ago and I’ve hardly had any side effects compared to the first one! You’ve already done the hard part of getting the vaccine when you’re already uneasy about meds in general so just remember part 2 is equally important to make sure it’s as effective as it can be.
  4. What are the odds that I have come down with a head cold as opposed to COVID? I haven't heard of anyone getting the common cold in the last year due to all the rules with masks and social distancing but I'm sick and I'm terrified! I woke up a few days ago with a stuffy head, sore throat and runny nose, of course all symptoms I have experienced before from the common cold. Since then the sore throat has gone away and my nose is running less but I have that weird pressure/tickle feeling in my throat sometimes that makes me cough. I haven't had a fever or loss of taste and I don't think I'm any more tired than normal but I don't know. I've been telling myself this whole time it's clearly a head cold because there's been hardly any cases in my province and nearly 0 where I actually live BUT I haven't heard of the head cold in so long and now that I'm starting to cough from this weird pressure/tickle feeling in my throat and my head is still hurting and feeling stuffy I'm convinced I need to be ready to call 911 because at any point I'm going to not be able to breathe and need a ventilator. Of course I'm going to the extreme here but this is the "new or worsening cough" and I'm so scared. One of my biggest fears is not being able to breathe and when my throat is swollen or sore I have so much anxiety thinking it's going to close. I've just booked a covid test and hopefully they'll call tomorrow but I'm so scared for the results. Help!! 😧
  5. I am literally dying with anxiety today!!! I’m having pain in my right chest area and I can’t figure out if it’s my lung that hurts or if it’s the muscles in my chest. I’m so scared of pulmonary embolisms and the anxiety about it is making everything worse. My cheeks are bright red and feel so hot, I’m shaky and feeling dizzy. All anxiety symptoms I’ve experienced many of times but this time I can’t help but think it’s something more. I’m convinced I’m not breathing properly & that there is infection in my right lung. Then I think ok great Covid but there aren’t a lot of cases where I am. I’m just so scared that I’m sick with something and I’m saying it’s anxiety when I’m actually going to die. I’m so scared.
  6. I'm so sorry you're going through this right now Birdie! Out of all of my HA concerns, DVT and Pulmonary Embolism were my absolute worst ones that left me nearly paralyzed with fear. I know how scary it is & the stuff you can find online about it is even worse so please don't google ANYTHING about it if at all possible. I spent weeks staring at my legs, looking for all the tell tale signs of DVT. I think I took myself to the ER like 7 times just begging them to check me for blood clots. It was terrifying and left me completely unable to cope so I can understand your fear! Doctors take blood clots very seriously so if you've already expressed your concerns and they have cleared you I would say you'll be just fine after this wave of HA passes. I know how hard it is to wait it out but I hope this passes soon!
  7. Unfortunately the meds didn't do anything for me and I'm currently without a doctor due to the shortage in my area. I've had it looked into by other random docs but all the do is press on my stomach while I'm laying down and say it doesn't seem worrisome. Hopefully once I get a new doctor I'll be able to actually get some answers.
  8. I have very dark stools every now and again and it's just normal for me. I also was an alcoholic and have drank while taking many antibiotics (not smart, I know but addiction doesn't care) and nothing horrible has happened other than the things Marc mentioned; vomiting and diarrhea along with dizziness and stomach pain. I would say you're probably fine!
  9. I'm still suffering with all the same symptoms & I gave up trying to get answers 😞 it's so frustrating
  10. Me me me! Oh man do I ever have those days where I wake up and feel really empowered that my anxiety isn’t going to take over my entire day, that I’m actually going to be able to accept that I can have symptoms AND go on about my life. But just like you, all it takes is reading or hearing or seeing ONE thing and my brain is like NOPE you’re still going to die so let me remind you with a new symptom at 100x the intensity. It’s so awful and so discouraging when you feel really confident about your ability to make it through a day and then anxiety comes in and takes that away from you. The fact that you’re optimistic about your meds doing what they need to do for you is amazing as well as being aware that you’re making improvements! That’s so great! It seems like you’re headed fully in the right direction and you’re going to get knocked down maybe more times than you’d like but if some days are better than others you’re still winning 🙂
  11. Yes I always experience nearly everything on my left side. Leg pains, chest pains, headaches, rib cage, stomach, you name it. Kind of strange but more than likely coincidence! 🙂
  12. You don’t need to worry about anyone getting fed up with you at all, that’s what this forum is for. Your concerns are valid, you are valid and everyone on here understands the severity of health related anxiety. I’ve experienced leg pain in my left leg last year to the point where I was constantly checking myself ie: has it spread, are there any red spots, does it hurt more when I do this as opposed to those, I can’t do this very good with my left leg but I can do it with my right. It drove me just about batty and I went to the ER for it twice thinking there was something terrible wrong. There were points where I thought about it SO much that my leg would literally give out on me! I had all the tests done and once again doctors told me “you’re perfectly healthy so I’d say just wait it out” sure enough my leg soon went back to normal Moral of the story is that your body can be manipulated into doing things if you believe it hard enough. I understand how real it is and how tormenting it can be but eventually I think things will go back to normal for you. If not, we’re always here 🙂 nobody is going to be annoyed or bothered about reaching out for help! I hope you have a good rest of your night. Maybe try watching something you’re familiar with that makes you laugh 🙂
  13. Thank you to everyone who answered me and eased my mind. My results ended up coming back negative and you’re right @GoogleUGrad49 I don’t fear the flu at all and thankfully my Covid fear has subsided a bit. I’ve gone through waves throughout this pandemic of totally freaking out then almost being the person saying it isn’t even real. Now I am more educated and understand it is a real concern but nothing something I need to fear for my life over. Thanks again everyone!
  14. Yes I’ve been experiencing this as well. Sometimes my ears almost feel like they’re full too and I can feel my heart beating in my entire head. It’s not pleasant at all and I’m sorry you’re experiencing such heightened anxiety!
  15. My heart rate has been high lately and I’m feeling very winded after doing hardly anything! There are times I’m doing something like washing my hair in the shower and I feel like I’m about to pass out for a second so I have to kind of hang onto the wall in my shower and take a couple deep breaths to attempt to lower my heart rate. I was so stressed about it over the weekend I went to the ER to have it looked at. All they did was listen to my heart and lungs and did an ECG and then said “it seems like you’ve been to the ER quite a bit for anxiety related symptoms so do you think maybe it could be that?” I felt so embarrassed and invalidated it was terrible. But I’m not feeling reassured at ALL that it’s anxiety because how would they see if there was anything wrong with just one test!? Im in my early 20’s I shouldn’t be getting so winded and needed to catch my breath during normal activities. I’m convinced there’s something else going on, there has to be. The not knowing is driving me insane 😭😭 nobody takes me seriously as soon as they see I suffer with anxiety!! HELP