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  1. @AnneBoleyn How are you doing with your COVID anxiety? I have just started having very elevated anxiety about it probably 2 days ago and it’s getting worse. I keep thinking I’m having trouble breathing but when I read the symptom checker it says “can only speak in short sentences” or “painful to take deep breaths” which neither of those are me but I feel like I’m winded much easier right now and our cases are starting to rise again where I live and I am so scared!!!
  2. Nat1996

    BP help!

    Hi Scott, have you taken your BP in the appropriate conditions? Sitting still, no moving, arm at heart level, no smoking or caffeine for a while before taking it - I think they say at least 30 mins before? Do you generally have high BP? Health conditions that could cause fluctuations in BP? Also if you have been experiencing high anxiety that can cause elevated heart rate as well as dramatic spikes in your BP. When I was in constant panic mode for months my heart rate while doing nothing was constantly above 100bpm. I used to freak out more which would only cause it to get worse. I would say take some time to relax, give your body time to slow down, take some deep breaths and try and bring your heart rate down. But as always, you know your body better than anyone else so if you feel there is a problem then there is no harm being checked by a doctor to ease your worries.
  3. Totally valid! I really hope I didn’t make you feel like I was invalidating your worry at all because that wasn’t my intention. It makes total sense to see a drop like that when you aren’t eating many calories in the run of a day especially if you’re still walking quite regularly. Our weight can fluctuate a ton depending on our lifestyle choices and I really hope you get to enjoy celebrating yourself for losing the weight if that’s your goal 🙂
  4. This also happens to me but sometimes mine lasts a few seconds and then goes away. I would agree it’s nothing to stress over 🙂
  5. 20 pounds in eight months is totally fine, even 30 pounds in 8 months would be healthy weight loss given you’re losing about a pound a week. Even if you slip up sometimes with your diet, as long as your body was still in a caloric deficit you would be losing weight regardless of what you’re eating. You may not feel any healthier due to not fuelling your body with appropriate nutrients (I don’t know what you’re eating every day so I’m not saying that’s the case for sure) because you definitely don’t need to eat perfectly to lose weight as long as you’re burning more than you’re eating. Of course I’m not a doctor but generally I don’t think weight loss is a sign of something dangerous unless you lose a ton really quickly when you’re not actively trying or if you have accompanying symptoms. I would say if you’re trying to lose weight and it’s working then that’s awesome!
  6. @jdgate I deal with this so often! I’ve had soooo many ekgs thinking I’m having a heart attack and just like you no other symptoms other than that heaviness on the left side under my breast. I also hyper focus and make it worse by doing so but I think it is more than likely muscle tension. I don’t know about you but I have high anxiety every day where my core is generally very tense so that’s definitely a contributing factor. I hope you’re feeling better tomorrow!!
  7. Hey @BedDweller how are you doing? Im pretty sure it’s rare for lumps in the breast caused by breast cancer to be painful. I hope your mind has eased slightly since posting this.
  8. I’m sorry to hear that you’re having such a hard time right now @BedDweller! I’m very happy for you that the doctor is at least going to give you reassurance by ordering an ultrasound for you. I know tests can be scary especially when you have to wait days and your mind is spiralling but then you will know for sure. I developed a weird sensation in my upper left abdomen over a year ago now and over that time span it has turned into pain and spread down my whole left side of my torso. I’ve gone to the doctor so many times and nobody will do anything other than poke around and say there’s nothing wrong. So I can understand the stress you’re feeling not knowing what’s going on because I have the same thought, cancer. Just remember you aren’t alone and there’s lots of people here to support you. Hang in there a couple more days! You’ve got this.
  9. Just want to thank everyone who took the time to answer. I’m still struggling big time but trying my best.
  10. I actually live in Canada and we do have help lines and stuff available 24/7 but my past experiences with those help lines haven’t been the best. It’s almost like I have the dream that somebody will just come pick me up and take me into inpatient where I can actually get all the help I need but instead they suggest I watch a funny movie to distract myself from my dark thoughts. I know there’s only so much others can do but it’s so hard 😞 Thank you for taking the time to respond! I hope you’re staying safe.
  11. Is there anyone who can relate to what I’m going through!? I currently don’t have a doctor and it isn’t easy to get into a doc through the ER. Has anyone ever felt like you’re dying of something slowly and it drives you so crazy that you want to off yourself before whatever you’re sick with kills you first!? I feel crazy but I’ve been losing my mind recently thinking I want to be in control of my death not some disease that nobody will look into. I’m so tired of suffering. Anyone? 😞
  12. I now have myself extremely worked up that I have a brain tumour because I have had one sided headaches for so long and lately they’ve gotten worse. My left temple is tender to the touch and pain relievers aren’t working! I’m scared to go to the doctor and I was working really hard at convincing myself that I’m worked up for nothing but this seems very convincing that it could be cancer! Help!
  13. I have never been super fit growing up as a kid or teen so I could never run far or play sports with my friends without getting pretty winded. But over the last couple of years I have noticed that I get winded extremely easy! Just walking up a small stair case or an incline will have my heart racing and not being able to talk without people knowing that I’m winded. I’m only 24 years old and my boyfriend who is 32 can run 5k no problem or play hockey all night long whereas I can’t even run a half a km without gasping violently for air. He has had asthma his whole life and was a smoker for 10 years! Now I’m over here looking up stuff on the internet thinking I have pulmonary hypertension or on my way to heart failure and fast! I’m terrified!
  14. Nat1996


    Has anyone with a very normal period cycle been 27 days late?! I took multiple home pregnancy tests all negative, went in to my doc got blood work done which also came back negative and everything else they checked for came back good as well including hormones. Before I left the office the doc wanted to do a physical just by pushing on different parts of my stomach, when he pressed hard on my lower left side it hurt to the point that made me practically jump off the table! His response was "woah there's a tender spot there, I'll set you up an appointment with the gynecologist which is August 14th. The spot doesn't give me any pain normally it was just when he pressed on it that it hurt really bad. Every once in a while I get a twinge where I would say my left ovary is but nothing lasting or bothersome, just noticeable. Has anyone experienced this before?? I have to wait until mid August for this next appointment but I'm slightly freaked out!
  15. I’m stressed to the MAX! The numbers of deaths are terrifying me and my boyfriend works in the hospital so that makes it worse. He’s been tested once and came out negative but obviously that doesn’t mean he can’t still get it. I’m so scared! 😭