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  1. I’m stressed to the MAX! The numbers of deaths are terrifying me and my boyfriend works in the hospital so that makes it worse. He’s been tested once and came out negative but obviously that doesn’t mean he can’t still get it. I’m so scared! 😭
  2. Yesterday and today I've noticed my legs have been feeling weak. When I'm bending or crouching down to do something for my daughter I notice my knees are kind of shaky almost like I'm not going to be able to get to the bottom with control. I've also been having really bad neck and shoulder pain the last couple days which I don't think are related but it's causing me to hyper focus on everything going on with my body. I've been trying to get back into the gym slowly and all I'm doing is walking a quick pace on the treadmill so I don't see why that would be affecting me so much. Also whenever I sit with my legs crossed, my feet and calves go numb really quick and I have intense pain in my hips. I'm too scared to research anything or go and feel stupid in front of my doctor once again. 😞 Help.
  3. I suffer with severe panic attacks that can come on at any point in any situation which causes me to isolate myself sometimes. Throughout the past year though I've been trying to stay as busy as possible giving myself less time to think which I think has helped a bit! Health for me is something I obsess over when I think there is something wrong and definitely affects me the worst.
  4. I have had a headache nearly all day today which has been progressively getting worse throughout the day. I carried on with my normal routine and went to the gym, while on the treadmill I felt dizzy but not the normal kind of dizzy but like it was only my eyes that were acting funny. Fast forward to right now and I'm having pain in the top of my head almost as if I'm wearing a headband and there is so much pressure in my temples and jaw area and it's freaking me out!! I feel like it's affecting my vision and I have severe fears of losing my vision/having any brain related illness. I have frequent headaches but this one feels different, as if there's more pressure than pain and I'm terrified. I'm also EXHAUSTED to the point where I can't stop moving or else my eyes are practically rolling to the back of my head. I went to a Super Bowl party last night and got to bed around 1am and was up for 6am so I'm trying so hard to blame the headache on the exhaustion but I've got myself convinced that the exhaustion is being caused by something wrong in my brain because being completely exhausted is not something out of the ordinary for me! Has anyone ever experienced something like this? 😢
  5. Thank you so much for the quick reply!! I'm going to try and take a bath and just relax 😧
  6. I know this isn't the right place to post this question but this section gets the most attention so I'm hoping somebody can reassure me! Has anyone ever taken Clonazepam and noticed it increases your heart rate? I can't tell if the med is increasing it or if I'm thinking anxiously about taking this med which is causing me to notice my heart rate more than usual. I did some bad google research just quick enough to see if I could see the words "increased heart rate" under side effects and I did............but it was under the "rare/serious side effects" so now I'm convinced I'm going to die!! HELP 😧
  7. Sorry to hear you're struggling so much right now. I totally relate to @bin_tenn with the thought that therapy was a big waste of time, until I actually decided to put in some effort and found a really great therapist. I've tried so many different therapies at different stages in my life and just wasn't willing to participate and just throw myself in to trying to get better. Obviously that wasn't a good idea because I ended up hitting rock bottom at a very young age where health worries literally controlled/ruined my life. So my advice is also to get yourself into therapy sooner rather than later so you have the tools to cope if things get worse for you. Wishing you the absolute best @Mel1981! 🙂
  8. @anxietystinks Me! Sometimes I convince myself there's something wrong when I don't feel anything because I'm used to feeling awful. 😂 Can never win!! Haha.
  9. @anxietystinks Aw, I'm so sorry to hear that you're back to square 1 after feeling so good, that's really discouraging. Social media is a huge trigger for me for that reason exactly and you might be able to use the fact that you KNOW for sure that your symptoms were triggered by seeing that on Instagram. I know it isn't as simple as convincing yourself there is nothing wrong because the symptoms are real and I know how real they are but just keep reminding yourself that anxiety is the reason. Maybe open the thread on here that has the list of over 100 anxiety symptoms and see if you can find comfort in those. Today I felt like all of the muscles in my face were failing and when I thought "I'm about to have a stroke" my lips started tingling, I got extremely faint and felt like my vision was blurring all the while driving home. I was staring at myself in my mirror smiling like an idiot because I felt so sure that I was going to see my face start drooping! I had to focus on the fact that my legs were trembling (a hugely noticeable anxiety symptom for me) and I was able to remind myself everything I was experiencing was anxiety related and eventually the symptoms subsided. I wish I could be of more help to you but I know how challenging it is to deal with and how you constantly feel like it's two steps forward and three steps back! Just know that I totally get it and I'm here to chat even if you just need reassurance that you're not dying! 🙂
  10. @Bella P I’m so sorry nobody responded to your post yet! How are you doing? What’s the update? I’m totally willing to listen, it sounds like you’re going through extremely hard times and nobody deserves that!
  11. Hey @Stephanie ! Just checking in, how was your appointment today with the assistant? I hope you were able to get some peace of mind, let me know 😊
  12. @anxietystinks I know it’s terribly frightening and it sucks when we can’t even use the tv as a distraction without being triggered! When I go through extremely hard times I have to cut myself off from everything unnecessary. I always delete all of my social media apps off my phone and download some dumb games and I don’t watch stuff on Netflix or tv that I know contain death and illness such as greys anatomy which is my all time favourite show believe it or not 😂. It really does help to minimize the stressors since all social media has some pretty awful stories literally all of the time. Try some colouring books or getting caught up in a good tv series like the office 😁
  13. I’m a huge hypochondriac! I can literally hear someone in public talking about some disease or something that someone they know has and I’ll start thinking immediately “you know what, I can feel something like that too!” Or “wow now that I think of it I’m experiencing that right now, I need to google.” My thoughts very easily manifest into real symptoms and it can be extremely difficult to deal with! I have experienced the pins and needles all over my body soooo often including my head which I ALWAYS think is something terrible but all these years later and I’m still fine. I hope this helps a bit!
  14. I experienced this a couple weeks ago. Actually pretty much everyone I knew was going through the same thing! I think there’s been lots of awful bugs passed around lately and they can definitely linger. Like you said, there are no other worrisome symptoms so I would say just drink lots of water and eat good foods and it will more than likely clear up on its own time. It stuck around about 2 weeks or more for myself and same with my dad and grandfather! Of course if seeing a doc would ease your mind I encourage you to do that but I think things will work out 🙂
  15. Yes I experience this very frequently. There are times I have to pull over when I’m driving because I feel like I’m about to faint!