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  1. Hi guys, haven’t been here in a while. Sadly I have Covid but am on the other end of it and had it mildly. Yesterday my arms and upper back started to be sensitive to the touch almost like a sunburn. It’s not horrible but it’s not fun either. I’ve had a low grade fever since Monday and the only thing I can think of is that it’s my immune response to all of this. Any oNe have this or have any thoughts? Freaking out a bit
  2. @Ironman it’s just the snooz brand white noise machine... maybe I should try a sound instead!
  3. @Ironman I do have a white noise and fan going which helps I’m just so fixated on it that it’s making it worse sadly. But working very hard on not doing so. And I sleep on my side so sometimes that increases the sound since we ear is down on the pillow
  4. @BrightPhoenix I unfortunately can’t get anything sooner 😞 I do appreciate your response which is helpful! I do have slight allergies so it may be that. I worked hard on my breathing last night as I was trying to fall asleep and honestly it helped a lot. It helped calm me down and somewhat ignore the ringing. I worked hard in the past on not hyperfocusing on things and struggling a bit at the moment. Small reminders like this honestly help me refocus and chill out a bit. Until I can be seen I’m going to work hard on not checking if the ringing is still there and just ignoring it the best I can, drawing attention to it is only making it worse and fueling anxiety which is making me on such high alert! Once again I really appreciate the response!
  5. @BrightPhoenix hello! I have made an appointment with ent but it’s not for a few weeks.. do you have any coping techniques for times when the ringing seems much louder? I’m struggling a lot right now. I’ve been so good recently and the past few nights my ears have been blaring compared to what they’ve been. Then I panic it will stay like this... since this all began a year ago it’s fluctuated so much. It pretty much went away all last summer and then bam back again since October but have had times where I barely notice it. My anxiety is through the roof right now. Tips would be much appreciated! Thanks so much!!
  6. @BrightPhoenix you are soo helpful! Thank you so much! I am going to set up an appt with ent to see if anything can be done and like you said if not, I will adjust to it over time. Need to stop obsessing... it doesn’t help anything and definitely makes it worse
  7. @BrightPhoenix thanks so much for your help! I will set up an appointment with ent- I’m less worried about anything bad rather just stressed about the impact it’s had on me and if it’ll hang around for a long time- I’m glad to know you do get use to it after a while. It definitely seems like its related to my cold I had- kinda weird it went away for a bit now back full blast. Appreciate the response. Sometimes just knowing it’s common and millions of other people have it helps me move on.
  8. Hi everyone! Currently having a lot of anxiety about my ears ringing.. today it seems much worse than it’s been in a while. Does anyone else have spikes where it’s louder some days than others? I went on a tinnitus forum and was so doom and gloom and really stressed me out. Also, has anyone experienced habituation? Where eventually you stop obsessing over it and it doesn’t seem so bad?
  9. Hi @Zazz and @MARC thanks guys! I appreciate the responses! It’s the only issue I’m struggling with currently and it’s been a challenge for me to get use to it and just stop wondering what caused it and if there’s anything I can do to make it better! It mostly bothers me at night trying to sleep and when relaxing but I just need to work really hard on trying to ignore it. I fixate on it so much it’s not helpful. And it’s hard when some days it’s like non existent and some days it’s so loud and bothersome.
  10. Hello all! Question.. I’m still struggling with my ears ringing my dr said he has no worries and sadly lots of people have tinnitus but not much they can do. My question is does anyone who has it have like a few days or a week when the ringing is really loud then others when it’s there but not that bad? I had about a week where I barely even noticed it at all and was relived now this week it’s back and making it hard for me to sleep. I do use a fan and sound machine.. mic issue is my right ear.. the sound in my ear sends a weird sensation down my spine and back and it’s very uncomfortable so it makes my hearing in my right ear more sensitive. Just trying to get use to this and understand what I can about it
  11. @davide.h it started in my left then now it’s in both since it flared up again a few weeks ago! Going to try to get in with ent but hoping it’s just a flare up and will settle down soon since it has before. Hoping it’s just seasonal allergies
  12. @Fishbomb I truly appreciate your helpful response! I am going to try that tonight I use fans and a white noise app on my phone and it helps me a bit I think it’s just cause it’s so new for me I’m hyper focusing and keep checking to see if it’s gone since it went away once before. But I will search YouTube tonight! ☺️
  13. @MARC sadly I think that’s what I need to do. I keep focusing on it which I’d making it worse.
  14. Hi @Debant I don’t believe I clench or grind, this came on in February during a bad head cold, went away this summer and came on again in October out of the blue. Been having ear pain on and off and do have very stiff, sore neck and shoulders. My anxiety has ramped up thinking that I have something bad going on. But had a clean MRI January 2019. I’ve tried Benedryl and allergy meds but they don’t seem to help. Here in New Hampshire the it has gotten cold and winter is coming. Since I was fine all summer and I do have ear pain I’m thinking it’s sinus related? Seems like lots of people have tinnitus I just have been focusing on it since it’s so new for me and I’m struggling.
  15. @AriaRen I will have to try that out! I appreciate the tip! ☺️ It’s been lingering for like 6 weeks but I’m kinda congested so hoping it’s just allergies and will subside soon but it’s really messing with my sleep