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  1. Hi guys- currently 8 mo and for the past month the left side of my face has been on and off feeling numb.. as well as my scalp is sensitive on that side. I have sensation and have been to the dr blood pressure and urine all fine. Regular dr referred me to neurologist but they’re all booked out until April.. ob said most likely swelling from pregnancy causing irritated nerve but not common. I was going to go to dentist but they want to do X-rays and I’m a bit worried about that. It’s pretty much where a mask would sit on your face- my ear, jaw up to my cheek and a little bit of my lip on the left side. I just don’t know where to go or what to do I have a hard time believing it’s just pregnancy related though my neck on that side is super tight and sore. Not sure if Tmj? My anxiety is at an all time high and I’m trying to calm down. Sunday I didn’t even notice numbness or anything today is much worse. Could it be Trigeminal neuralgia?! I’m not having shooting pains or anything besides some tenderness in front of my ear and the sensation of being numb- not tingling, not painful just super annoying and worrisome. Help and thoughts on what to do next is very much appreciated.
  2. @Ironman no I’m not sure if anything more my mind running to like MS. It’s not really numb it’s like the left side just feels tight and weird and numb feeling is the only way I can describe it. But lots going on with hormones etc so I’m sure it’s nothing just having a bad health anxiety flare.
  3. So it is still lingering… my whole left side feels numb but I do have sensation… some days it’s worse than others and today it’s bad. I keep also getting like pains randomly at the top of my head or near my left eyebrow.. but they last a second and go away and it’s not every day. No vision changes, slurred speech or facial dropping. All my other symptoms have gone. Followed up with my pcp and he said he was going to refer me back to neurology so waiting to make an appt for that. OB nurse said facial symptoms can happen in pregnancy especially at the end and I’m 31 weeks now. It’s not as common but can happen so they weren’t concerned. I’m really really struggling right now and this is when I should be the most excited! 9 weeks until I meet my son but I’m so focused on and I going to be dealing with an autoimmune disorder or something right when I just want to enjoy my first born?! I know it’s life and probably nothing sinister but any words of encouragement would be so helpful as I just can’t get it out of my head.
  4. @DoxieMoxie this is exactly what my husband said! He gets weird sensations all the time and ignores them unless they never go away then he would get is addressed. I think just the hormones have increased my anxiety and am having a harder time not analyzing. But I totally agree with you and know you are right. :) I think just chatting with my doc on Monday will help keep me moving in the right direction and put this set back behind me. Once again, I hope you know it is incredibly helpful for you to respond to me, I know doctors are who to listen to and I trust him very much but sometimes hearing from people who go through the same thing or in your case have some good knowledge on an actual disease that I probably don’t have is so helpful for me to move forward. Makes me feel like I’m not alone in this whole health anxiety journey!
  5. @MARC I spoke with the nurse to get me through the weekend she said same thing- especially where my other symptoms have gone away And this has kinda come and gone this week- it’s not painful just odd sensation. She wasn’t worried. It’s strange but I just have to remind myself of the bigger picture- regardless there’s not much of a way all of this is anything major as it has been 4 years and nothing gets worse and goes away. Burning is gone. I would assume most major neurological problems don’t work that way. And she also said pregnancy hormones might be at work as well.
  6. Okay I do have an appt on Monday to follow up with GP but my left ear and jaw feel like they are so cold like have been out in the cold for hours- I still have feeling etc but it’s pretty uncomfortable- they are normal body temp to the touch. the rest of my symptoms have subsided. Could this be nerve related to the pinched nerve in my left arm or something more serious? Anyone experience this?
  7. @DoxieMoxie once again, thank you so much for your time. I woke up feeling less anxious and working on getting back to focusing on what’s important- my babe! Sometimes just a little reassurance from you all on here helps on top of my doctor. I will let my feet tingle away and my legs feel sensitive because like many times before it goes away! It’s an annoyance for sure and sometimes the fact that I just have no clue what causes it fuels the anxiety. Clearly I am able to live my normal life however so I need to move on right now. I hope you continue to do well on your journey!
  8. @DoxieMoxie your response means more than you know. I’ve done well for two years and mows not the time to go back to where I was. Though I know ms is not a death sentence I don’t know why I hang on to it. Yes it all occurred before the mri and I do not have weakness/ trouble doing anything. I guess the thing I find odd is it leaves for So long then randomly comes back. But I suppose if it were ms most likely things would be getting worse and I wouldn’t go back to feeling normal? Gp said as long as no new symptoms which it’s not then he has no concerns since I had a work up.
  9. @Bobnnat ok I called my gp he said I’ve had a work up and not worried unless new symptoms… now I feel like the left side of my face feels numb but it’s not I have complete feeling, no slurring of speech etc by my left arm is the one I think with a pinched nerve… please help calm me down I’m freaking out.
  10. Thank you so much! I am trying so so hard not to spiral again as not good for me or the baby. I was thinking maybe things are just hormone related especially since I’m now pregnant! Plus I am trying to remind myself if and if In the rare chance it could be ms tho I know it’s even more rare for it to not be picked up on an mri- it wouldn’t make sense that the same exact symptoms have come and gone a few times since and before my mri. I guess it just makes me wonder what is it then if I can go two years with not a single problem then bam same stuff all at once!
  11. Hi guys.. been about 2 years since I’ve been on. I have in the past about 4 years ago had tingling in my feet then a burning skin sensation in my thighs which is quite uncomfortable. Lasted a bit and then went away- happened briefly again 2 years later but went away once again. Now 2 years later I’m pregnant and having this same flare up, tingling feet and burning skin sensation in my thighs. I had a clean brain and cervical spine mri in Jan. 2019 neurologist and dr just diagnosed me with bfs and just over sensitive nerves. Well now I have this flare up while pregnant I’m panicking. Could they have missed something or should I feel relieved that it only happens like every few years and never seems to be worse and does go away. I have worked so hard on my health anxiety but obviously being pregnant now I am anxious something will get worse etc. I’ve never had like any weakness, loss of use of anything etc. just these odd sensations. Please help calm me down!
  12. Hi guys, haven’t been here in a while. Sadly I have Covid but am on the other end of it and had it mildly. Yesterday my arms and upper back started to be sensitive to the touch almost like a sunburn. It’s not horrible but it’s not fun either. I’ve had a low grade fever since Monday and the only thing I can think of is that it’s my immune response to all of this. Any oNe have this or have any thoughts? Freaking out a bit
  13. @Ironman it’s just the snooz brand white noise machine... maybe I should try a sound instead!
  14. @Ironman I do have a white noise and fan going which helps I’m just so fixated on it that it’s making it worse sadly. But working very hard on not doing so. And I sleep on my side so sometimes that increases the sound since we ear is down on the pillow