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  1. IT Will go away, trust your doctors stop searching, please believe me it does go away. Going for walks ans staying active helps.
  2. BTW my doctor gave me Vicodin for he pain, but i am too afraid of taking it after everything that is showed on tv, any one has experience with this med?
  3. No Chemo, had MRIs and test done, when two doctor all said it was anxiety. I hade it bebore months ago, it went away and now came back..
  4. Hello Grup, After months of pain free, the burning sensation came back on Saturday after a panic attack. Month before I had all my test done with my neurologist for the subject, and anxiety, summarization, etc came as the answer. Saturday the attack came from nowhere and left me totally OFF for the weekend. But since yesterday the burning bottom of my foot burns got very very bad, I had it before but no life this. It can be on the left or right foot, the only thing that helps is getting then on ice water. I am afraid that anxiety has damage may nerve forever…. Any input will be very helpful.
  5. Hi Okmom, Just wanted to see how you were doing, and ig hopes still is there. I am also a victim of the burning/irritation feeling, legs, arms back arms, etc... for the last 2 months, it went away for a few days and then it came back. My blood work and MRI, of brain and lower back, came normal. My neuro thinks anxiety may be the cause. and i know is hard to believe. I started on Lexapro 10 days ago, i hope it will help me. Wishing you all the best.
  6. You are doing a lot!! for people like me or "us". If expect any credit for learning to drive at 45 it better be stick!! LOL...
  7. EC76

    Nerve pain

    Great article, txs.
  8. Thank you Guys, I wanted to ask you Gilly and Mark, if you guys are therapist or physiologist? the way you always approach your answer is amazing!!!
  9. Thank you Gill, as you can see i continue on the everyday cycle of moving to different conditions trying to explain my symptoms. I am hopeful that one day it will stop.
  10. Hi Gilly, Did your doc clear it was fibro? What is exactly fibro? Is it a bad condition without cure ? Can anxiety really cause it? For obvious reasons i can Google it
  11. EC76

    Nerve pain

    Any comments please.
  12. EC76

    Nerve pain

    Hi there, Was wondering if stress and or anxiety can cause actual nerve pain. Specifically in the legs and feet. Thank you in advance for any input.
  13. Hi Gilly, Was the burning in your case all day too, legs and arms ??