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  1. Hi there, I've got to have 2 new fillings at the dentist next week and I'm due to have amalgam fillings but now I'm really worrying about the potentially negative health effects of having these types of fillings. I've already got 4 of them in my mouth which I've had for nearly 2 decades so am now considering having them all replaced with white plastic fillings as I've read some truly terrifying things about the long term health effects of amalgam fillings. Does anyone know anything about whether I should or shouldn't get amalgam fillings and have the ones I do have at the moment replaced??
  2. Thanks again Jon, I haven't done any googling or been to see the doc, I wanted first to speak to you guys on here to stop me doing those things! So thanks for the advice, that all sounds plausible :-)
  3. Has anyone ever had an odd sensation of heat radiating through one of their limbs? For the last few days I’ve had this in my left leg, radiating out from my left buttock and down the back of my left leg. I’ve also had pain in my right leg.
  4. I drink because I enjoy the way it makes me feel and for fun, I'm a very social person and it oils the wheels as we all know. I do get to a point where I do stop but that's normally a good 6 or 7 beers deep, and yes the company I'm with has a lot to do with it, they're my friends and I enjoy the time we spend bonding over some drinks, getting silly, getting merry so no it's less cos I want more and more because I enjoy it and I'm being social. And the reason I don't stop drinking as much as I do is because I hate denying myself things out of fear, as I know I have such a strong irrational fear about health. My post here was to try and gain some clarity and insight from others who have maybe had the same problems with wanting to have fun and enjoy they're life and not be ruled by fear of what may or may not happen as a result. It's a really difficult balance to strike and I struggle.
  5. No I never drink daily, a typical week might be no drinks Mon-Thurs or perhaps 1 or 2 in that time, then a big night Fri or Sat with maybe 6-7 drinks and that's normally about it, sometimes more sometimes less.
  6. @Jonathan, I think you may have misread my post, I wasn't denying any facts, all I'm doing is questioning how concerned I should be about my drinking habits whilst trying to also enjoy life and not get down with thoughts that by going out and letting loose once a week I'm storing up long term health problems for myself. I don't drink to drown my sorrows or to deal with anxiety, I drink when I'm out on a night out because I find it fun and enjoyable but as I say, nights out can last several hours so the number of drinks easily notches up before I know it. @Stephanie, thanks for the advice, def good questions to be asking myself and @HDB, a unit is about half a pint of beer, so by drinking 30-35 units that's about 15-18 pints of beer across a week.
  7. I know you're partly right, but it's not just internet health garbage I'm reading, it's also government health websites, charity health websites, all say they use medical stats and research. Thing is I do get drunk once a week most weeks, and it's not because I set out to get smashed, it's just that one long night out on the town involves a good few drinks, and like I say I reckon I tend to have 30-35 units.
  8. And how do you define social drinking? I'm talking about one proper night put a week, i.e. getting drunk and then maybe 1 or 2 drinks on 1 or 2 other evenings a week.
  9. That's not what all the websites on the long term effects of alcohol say :-(
  10. Does anyone else get really paranoid about all the health warnings around drinking alcohol? I’m a 34 year old male and am supposed to have no more than 21 units a week and no more than 3-4 units on any one day, however I reckon I’ve regularly drunk more like 30-35 units a week since the age of 18 and still do from just going out once a week and maybe having a couple of other drinks throughout the week with 3-4 days where I don’t drink anything so I’ve started to become terrified I’m going to develop mouth, throat or oesophageal c****r any day now. What I want is to just be able to go out and enjoy myself like all my friends do, but I’ve downloaded an app called Drink Aware where it invites you to log all the drinks you have and then gives you warnings etc. but it’s just making me feel 10 times worse as I can’t seem to get through a week without being told I’m putting myself at risk of scores of deadly diseases. I try to talk to some of my friends about it but no one seems bothered, so I feel like I’m being overly worried or paranoid and wish I could just let go but don’t seem to be able to. Anyone got any insight/advice?
  11. Do you know what any of those are? I'm really terrified by an increase in chest and esophageal pain I've had in the last month and want to find out what I can do to reduce any reflux if that's what it is.
  12. Hi all, I just wanted to see whether anyone had ever come across this remedy for acid reflux and c****r prevention and if so or if not what people think of it, scam or of genuine worth?
  13. Thanks Jon, that's definitely helpful, I just hope I don't have vCJD or FFI!!
  14. Thanks Jon, I have already been using relaxants and the reason I've been worrying is that they have stopped working and my insomnia seems to be getting gradually worse. And regarding laying awake wondering about problems, I haven't been doing that, but I simply don't drop off to sleep. I have seen my docs and waiting for a referral for CBT but struggling in the meantime. And yes I did make the mistake of Googling, I was worried for a very long time about vCJD due to the scare in the 90s and I thought the danger had passed but then this morning I read that far from having passed it may just be delayed as there could be a second epidemic with 1000s or possibly up to millions of people in the UK being affected due to the long incubation period of anything from 20-50 years. How do I deal with that kind of worry??? Doesn't that worry you?? Insomnia is one of the early symptoms, as it is for fatal familial insomnia.