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  1. After panic attacks I'm usually really sensitive to having another one/super anxious for like 3 days afterwards, sometimes longer depending on what triggered it. I also get a lot of muscle fatigue and pain after my panic attacks for that amount of time too as well as brain fog. My panic attacks usually happen in waves and it seems like multiple attacks but each separate one is 10-30 mins. I know it's hard but just remember if you do have another panic attack soon it's not going to hurt you and you are safe even if it doesn't feel like it.
  2. Hi all, I'm very new to this health anxiety thing but within the last two months it seems I've developed it pretty badly. I'm already diagnosed with OCD so I'm not exactly surprised this is happening. I started having panic attacks in November for the first time which lead me to heart health anxiety (I swore I was going to have one in my sleep), then stroke anxiety, then brain tumor anxiety, then rheumatoid arthritis lupus anxiety, and now here I am with MS anxiety! It's really awful and I'd like to hear about others experiences with this health obsession in particular. I'm on meds and while they definitely have stabilized my mood and I'm not having 3 panic attacks a day anymore the obsessives thoughts won't go away. I've been to the ER multiple times and they've found nothing wrong. I also got a ton of bloodwork from my primary care and we did find that I was Vit D deficient and I'm on supplements now. Right now my symptoms are: On and off tingles and occasionally numbness when I'm really upset, they are mostly in my arm but are sometimes in my face and very rarely in my leg. The tingles go away and come back by the hour pretty much and I've only experienced actual loss of sensation a few times. A headache that usually happens once a day and I'm pretty sure it's a migraine. I also have stiff toes in the morning that hurt to flex. I've also had a lot of fatigue and have a hard time even taking care of myself nowadays. What are your experiences with MS anxiety? I'm seeing a neuro for the migraine problems and I'll bring it up but logically I am aware that I most likely don't have MS, it is just hard getting the rest of my brain to catch up and I'm thinking about it 24/7.