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  1. So sorry to hear that, @Ihadcancer. One of the scariest things about it must be not knowing how your disease might progress. I hope the movement specialist leaves you more reassured than not.
  2. @Ihadcancer Thanks for the response! They did get back to me after exactly a week and said they aren't precancerous or cancerous yet, but they recommended removing them as well, so I'll be getting that done in October.
  3. Just got off the phone with my dermatologist, and the two moles that were biopsied came back as non-cancerous! Took a week to get the results. They still said the cells were "abnormal," so they're still removing them fully in October, but they aren't cancerous or pre-cancerous at least, so it's basically just a precaution. Thanks everyone for the moral support. 🙂 On to the next thing now lol It's always one thing after the other with HA. 🙄
  4. @Ihadcancer Sorry, I know this is an older post! I‘m in this boat now with a couple of older moles I had biopsied on Wednesday. Do you remember how long it took to get your initial biopsy results? I’ve diagnosed myself with melanoma and metastatic brain cancer in the 4 days it’s been lol
  5. @sTeaLth Yes, onset of PD is usually after 60, so without a family tie, you’re probably too young for that. I’ve been in the MS fear boat before too. It’s encouraging that your symptoms go away when you aren’t paying attention to it or when you’re exercising. I used the gym as a way to prove that I was still able to do things and push myself, and I figured I wouldn’t be able to do that if I had something like MS. Keep it up if you’re doing that.
  6. @Ironman Wow, how scary! I’m glad it ended up being just a really bad sinus infection. I wish I had friends who worked in medical labs to give me some insight on how long these things actually take. I’m sure it varies. I’ve been called with good news from a biopsy in 4 days, and I’ve been left hanging for two weeks with what ended up being not so good news, so who knows lol
  7. I’ve been diagnosed with vestibular migraines. I also have episodes of dizziness/imbalance and headaches, and today has my first aural migraine I think. Since you say it mainly affects you when lying on your back or your left side, my guess is that it’s inner-ear related. There are crystals in your inner ear that work with your ears and eyes to balance the world out, and sometimes those crystals fall out of place, and you get dizziness until your head readjusts and those crystals absorb. If it’s BPPV, there are exercises you can do for it to help those crystals fall back in place, and there are physical tests doctors can do to tell pretty quickly if that’s what it is. Sinuses can also wreak havoc on your vestibular system too though. And stress of course. I’m going though something pretty similar right now. Several years ago, my neuro-otologist ordered an MRI when I first started seeing him about my dizziness. MRI was clear, so it’s definitely possible for these symptoms not to be a brain tumor. I get it though, I feel like I’m always worrying I have one, including right now.
  8. My husband went to the same dermatologist last year for his biopsy, and they didn't even call him back lol He finally just called them because he wanted to know, but it was after like 3 weeks, and he was fine. I really hope I just never hear back from them. 😐
  9. Definitely good to know, thanks for the reassurance. ❤️
  10. Thanks for the response! There's always that voice in the back of your head that says, "They're only saying not to worry, because they don't want you to, even if they think you should be worried." 😐 They did say normal moles can change over time too, but the waiting is the WORST. I wish they had just taken the whole thing out yesterday, but they said they don't do that until they know what it is lol Regardless, I'll probably ask them to just take the whole thing out, because I know I'll always worry about it anyway now. Ugh.
  11. I finally made myself beat it, after wasting time doing side quests haha. Such a good game. So I'm not a big follower of yoga or meditation, but I did download this guided meditation app at one point called Headspace, and I used to listen to it before I went to sleep. The sessions are only a few minutes long, but I found that it helped me a lot when I was trying to quiet my mind down. Might be something to look into. Hope you feel better soon.
  12. Well, it's been a while! I'm currently in the throes of a skin cancer scare. I've had this mole on the side of my foot for several years now. I never really thought much of it, but over the years, I think maybe the color has gotten a little darker? It's still brown, just a darker brown maybe. It's also not totally symmetrical, but it's smaller than the size of an eraser. Not sure exactly how long I've had it, but long enough that I can't put a number to it. I've been fixating on it recently though, probably because my husband had to get a mole removed about a year ago, so my mind went to this one on my foot and latched on. Then last Christmas, my parents were visiting, and my dad looked at it and asked what it was, and I said it was a mole. So just him asking about it reinforced to me that it's probably a weird one. After having it stare me in the face for years, I finally decided it was bothering me enough to get it looked at. Went to the dermatologist yesterday and got a full body scan by a PA. So she first saw one on my thigh that I'm pretty sure I've had looked at before, but I couldn't be sure, so she biopsied that one. Then she gets to my legs and says, "I see the one you're talking about on your foot." Which automatically makes me nervous, because I was really hoping she'd be like, "Oh, that's nothing to worry about." So she asks to biopsy that one as well, because, to quote her, "We don't really mess with the ones on the feet, because the ones on the foot have the potential to change quickly." OH GOOD. So I said, is it like REALLY weird??! And she said, "Well, it's just a darker color and it's not symmetrical, so we'd just wanna check it out." So she leaves, and another nurse comes in to prep me for the biopsies, and the PA forgot to mark the one on my foot as needing to be biopsied, so she asks where the other one is, and I show it to her. And then I asked HER, hey, does this thing really look bad?? And she said, "No, it doesn't look bad, it's just not symmetrical." And I said, "So should I be worried?!" And she reassured me that I shouldn't be that worried about it. The PA came back and removed the two spots, and I asked again, "So, HOW worried should I be about these??" And the PA was like, "Well, I'm not getting cancer vibes from either one of them, so you shouldn't really worry about it." So now I get to play the game of waiting two weeks to find out if I have melanoma or not. I think I'm just worried, because it's been there a while, and I'm scared it's too late to do anything about it, if it's cancer. 😕
  13. I don't have anything helpful to add besides saying I've had this too, and it definitely goes away when I'm not thinking about it. You also mentioned it felt like it would move around, and I feel like these things would likely affect one area and then spread, not jump around, you know? If one area feels better while another one suddenly feels worse, I'd imagine it's anxiety. Side note, love your avatar. 🙂 Have you played Tears of the Kingdom yet?
  14. I’ve read that people with CHF have a harder time breathing when they’re lying down, so I guess it made me nervous that my symptoms would worsen after a period of lying down. I’ve never actually considered what my heart rate is while recovering from exercising. Hmm. One more thing to analyze, I guess. Lol My trainer actually did mention once that my heart rate gets up there pretty fast, but he said as long as I’m not dizzy, it’s probably fine. I try not to push it over what my max HR should be though. This was also a few years ago, so I don’t know that it goes up as quickly now though.
  15. I hope so! Mine is usually first thing in the morning and a deep breath usually clears it out which I always thought was weird, but my doctor has said before that when you're lying down, all the fluid settles in your chest, which is what made me nervous. It's been like that for a while though. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't really fit the profile for it, besides being a little overweight. Unless there was something congenital wrong that they just hadn't discovered yet, which I think is really where my worry comes from. My diet isn't great either, but I don't smoke or have diabetes that I'm aware of. What kills me is that when you google it (I know, I know), it lists all these symptoms, then just for funzies, it always says, "But some people with this condition have no symptoms at all!" So helpful. lol