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  1. I’ve read that people with CHF have a harder time breathing when they’re lying down, so I guess it made me nervous that my symptoms would worsen after a period of lying down. I’ve never actually considered what my heart rate is while recovering from exercising. Hmm. One more thing to analyze, I guess. Lol My trainer actually did mention once that my heart rate gets up there pretty fast, but he said as long as I’m not dizzy, it’s probably fine. I try not to push it over what my max HR should be though. This was also a few years ago, so I don’t know that it goes up as quickly now though.
  2. I hope so! Mine is usually first thing in the morning and a deep breath usually clears it out which I always thought was weird, but my doctor has said before that when you're lying down, all the fluid settles in your chest, which is what made me nervous. It's been like that for a while though. Yeah, I definitely wouldn't really fit the profile for it, besides being a little overweight. Unless there was something congenital wrong that they just hadn't discovered yet, which I think is really where my worry comes from. My diet isn't great either, but I don't smoke or have diabetes that I'm aware of. What kills me is that when you google it (I know, I know), it lists all these symptoms, then just for funzies, it always says, "But some people with this condition have no symptoms at all!" So helpful. lol
  3. Thanks, bin_tenn! Was anyone ever able to tell you why you were congested in the morning? Maybe mine’s just allergies. I can get a deep breath, but it rattles a bit. I haven’t had regular old blood work done in a while so we’ll see what it says. Thanks for the advice!
  4. Definitely been there! I’ve even worried that I started developing a lisp, but I stop noticing it when I either get busy enough or started worrying about something else. lol If it persists and you start feeling anxious about it, ask your doctor for peace of mind, but I’ve read if you’re able to raise your tongue like you’re trying to touch your nose, you’re probably fine and it’ll go away eventually!
  5. I have this off and on, and have had it for a long time. I figure if it were something serious, it would've progressed into something else by now. lol Usually it goes away when I start worrying about something else, so I'd say it's just anxiety!
  6. Well, this time I'm worried I have heart issues. I try not to overanalyze things when I'm having single, isolated symptoms. For example, if I were just having some chest discomfort and nothing else, I'd probably chalk my symptoms up to acid reflux. It's when I start having more than one symptom at a time that I start worrying. For years now, I'll have a period of time where I'm feeling relatively ok, what I would call my baseline. But every few months or so, I'll experience a few weeks or days where I feel like I hit a wall and I'm exhausted for no apparent reason, and it's accompanied by things like feeling like breathing is a chore and pains on my left side. Now, I do have issues with my back, and my massage therapist always does a lot of work on my left side, because my upper back on that side is always particularly bad. But when I feel like the act of breathing is exhausting, combined with pokey pains on the left side of my chest, dizziness, and fatigue, it makes me worry about things like heart-related issues. I'm 38 (39 in a few weeks), so I feel like congestive heart failure isn't really something that would jump to most doctors' minds for someone of my age, but I also feel chest congestion when I wake up in the morning and my hands seem to swell. I have a really hard time getting my rings off now, to the point of me considering having them re-sized, and I know a lot of these symptoms could be because of heart-related problems. It's probably the swelling and the breathing thing that worries me the most. Today I was feeling super nauseous. I wear a Fitbit all day, and my resting heart rate varies from mid to upper 60s, but sometimes my heart rate will dip into the lower 50s when I'm sleeping, which seems low. I know for athletes, it's sometimes that low, but I'm hardly an athlete, even though I work out with a trainer twice a week. I also think my blood pressure is low sometimes. There are time when I've taken it where it comes back low, but this has never happened in a doctor's office. I'm making an appointment to get my yearly bloodwork done this week, so I'll probably mention this to them when I go. Oddly enough, I usually don't have issues with fatigue when I'm working out. I wear another heart rate monitor with a strap when I work out, and while my heart rate does seem to increase quickly, I never feel abnormally short of breath when it happens, and it goes back down normally I think. IDK. Sucks starting off the new year worrying about my health though!
  7. Hi mla1209! LOL Don't let that freak you out. Any time I have something weird going on, I always consult multiple doctors. No one referred me to a rheumatologist. I chose to go to one, which I've done several times over the years. There's strong history of autoimmune illnesses on both sides of my family, so my mind either goes to that or MS (for no logical reason) when something weird is going on. No rheumatologist has ever given me anything but normal test results, besides my vitamin D being low, though. In fact, the allergists I went to were also immunologists, so they ran all the autoimmune stuff too. If it makes you feel any better, my mother also has lupus, and she's never had hives as one of her symptoms, and if you had lupus, I imagine you'd have other symptoms as well as abnormal bloodwork. Did you have medication or anything with the dental work? Maybe a reaction to that? I have a friend who had to do a test with contrast dye, and she got hives from that for a while. And NSAIDS! NSAIDs trigger hives in certain people. They're notorious for it. I had taken an Advil around the time when I got hives, and I feel like I had a bad reaction to them the last time I tried taking them, and I haven't tried it since. Really, any antibiotic can cause hives though, too. Have you been on any medication lately? My doctors never mentioned leaky gut, but I know about it, because I did a lot of reading about it when I got hives. I feel like traditional doctors are slow to recognize leaky gut as a legitimate medical problem, so they usually don't mention it to me, but it probably wouldn't hurt to take a good probiotic, if you're concerned about that sort of thing. Of course, there's the theory that leaky gut is what causes allergies in the first place, so I tried going on an elimination diet and failed MISERABLY because it made me feel so awful. After that, I just abandoned it altogether. lol I feel like I'd need to see a holistic doctor to discuss something like leaky gut though. My regular doctors never brought it up. Hives are rarely because of something serious, from what I understand. Mine were everywhere though. Face, back, arms, legs. It was terrible. And I also had swelling, so while I didn't usually get a lot of bumps on my face, I would wake up and my eyes or lips would be swollen. I was covered in them. It suuuuucked. It sounds like something bothered your immune system, and it went into overdrive, and it may just take some time for it to work itself out. You can definitely develop allergies to things you haven't been allergic to before, though. The night my hives started, I'd eaten shrimp, and I was terrified it was because of that, because I eat a LOT of shellfish, but it wasn't. Sometimes hives are just hives, and they're not symptoms of other underlying things. Don't drive yourself crazy trying to figure out what you're coming into contact with that's causing it. It took a long time and a lot of stress for me to finally believe my allergist when she said I wasn't actually allergic to anything, but I think she was right. And they did eventually go away, without me changing anything I was ingesting or coming into contact with, aside from the occasional NSAID. I would suggest seeing an allergist, if you haven't already, though. You might have developed an allergy to something that you don't know about, and they'll do all the autoimmune tests to find out if your hives are because of something like that (which I doubt), and it would at least put your mind at ease that it's not something more serious. They'd also do bloodwork to check your organ function, if that's something you're worried about, but again, I'd be shocked if it was that, and hives were the ONLY symptom you had. If you're worried about taking too much vitamin C, you can always get the Quercetin without the vitamin C. They sell it with and without, but to me, it's the Queretin that's the most effective part. People with mast cell issues recommend it on all of the forums where I read about hives, and I think it helped me a lot. Hopefully yours will go away soon, but try not to worry in the meantime. I know it's hard!
  8. Hello! Chronic hives sufferer here! I know way more than I'd like to know about hives, but unfortunately, the reason I had them isn't one of the things I know. I never found out what caused mine. They started in the beginning of 2016 and lasted until around November of 2017. Even though I was taking two Zyrtecs, a Singulair, and an Allegra every day, I still had them every day. I eventually did three rounds of Xolair injections, which definitely helped. It's typically used for asthma, but they've found it works for chronic hives too. I ended up seeing two allergists, a rheumatologist, a dermatologist, and a cancer doctor who, in addition to treating cancer, also treated a rare (non-cancerous) disease that I won't name on here, and no one ever figured out why I had them. All my blood tests came back normal, including the autoimmune ones that we did twice. My allergist said that we usually never figure out why we have them. I wasn't allergic to anything in the traditional sense, because they'd done allergy testing with blood work, and my IgG and IgE levels were normal. In October of last year, I finally started weening myself off the antihistamines, because I noticed I wasn't having them as badly as I was before, and by November, I'd stopped taking everything and **knock on wood* I haven't had a recurrence of them yet. During the day, I'd be mostly fine, but I'd start getting them at around 5PM and would have them into the next morning. I also started taking Vitamin C with Quercetin too. I really do think that helped a lot, because Vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory, and Quercetin has been shown to stabilize mast cells, which degranulate when we're allergic to something and release histamine, which causes allergy symptoms. You can find it in most vitamin stores. I think I took 1000 mg twice a day? You might give it a try to see if that helps. But so far, I don't have anything underlying that would've caused them. My allergist said they eventually just stop one day, just like they started. Most people's go away within 6 months, and the remaining people who go past 6 months I think go away within 1 to 2 years. You can definitely have them and not have anything else wrong. I do have a few theories on what might have caused mine though. Any infection can trigger hives, and I had a really bad sinus infection that cleared up right as my hives started. Found out two years later that I have chronic sinusitis and will eventually need surgery for it. It wouldn't surprise me if that's what triggered mine. Did you have any allergy testing done? If not, maybe visit an allergist to see what they say. Hopefully yours will go away soon!
  9. Thanks very much for your reply, DoxieMoxie! I was actually familiar with your diagnosis after having read about it shortly after you posted it on here a few months ago. First off, I'm so sorry for what you're going through, but I really admire your attitude and willingness to share your experience on here with us, and I'm glad to hear that you're having no significant issues because of it. I didn't mention it in this post, but one of the things I was concerned about in the past was L'hermitte's sign. About 4 years ago, I started having this odd tingling in my tailbone that would come on when I looked down. Made the mistake of googling and went to the doctor because of it. That was when they found the bulging disc between L4 and L5, and they determined that was the reason I was having the tingling. It comes and goes depending on how active I've been/how long I've been sitting in my office chair, but I've read L'hermitte's sign feels more like a shock running up and down your spine, which I've never had. But when they did the MRI, I wasn't having the knee numbness/issue that I'm having now, so it worries me that there might be something new there. I went to my first PT session for my knee earlier this week, and the therapist said he felt maybe a little weakness in my left leg, which worried me, of course. I really do hope this is an orthopedic issue, but I've never had much luck with physical therapy in the past, so we'll see what happens! Thank you again for your response!
  10. I've done something similar to what you do. I use exercise to track how well I am, and I think, "Well, if I can push myself in the gym like this, it means I can't have XYZ." My problem is that I have injuries that are keeping me from working out as hard as I'd like, and it's affected my stamina, sooooo....there goes my plan of using exercise to make sure I'm healthy. :-P Does a number on my paranoia. I've said to my trainer before that I don't think I'm meant to be healthy because whenever I try, something always gets in my way. Which sucks because I'm trying to lose like 35 lbs, and it'd be awesome if the knee issue I have right now wasn't keeping me from using my elliptical.
  11. I feel like I go through this every few months now. Some weird thing pops up only to be replaced by some other weird thing a few weeks/months later. So here's what's worrying me this time: 1) For about 6 months now, my left knee feels very off. It feels like there's something inside my knee squeezing really hard whenever I walk, and sometimes the discomfort radiates to the top and bottom of my knee, and it feels numb. My GP thinks it's related to a bulging disc at L4/L5, but I did PT for about 2 months and it didn't help. Saw an orthopedist on Friday, and he did Xrays and said my kneecap is tracking to the left of my knee instead of staying in the center, so he thinks this is the issue. Have to do more PT now, but he said if it doesn't help in a month, we may do an MRI and he might consider it's coming from my back and not my knee. But my quad feels weaker, and my leg feels unsteady compared to the right leg. 2) My skin feels sunburned but it isn't. It doesn't feel like that all the time, but if I get hot, or if I'm very active that day, those things seem to trigger it. Went to the gym earlier, and now my skin feels prickly and like I was out in the sun too long. Went to a rheumatologist thinking that it might be fibromyalgia, but she didn't think it was that, because I don't really have a lot of muscle or joint pain. I also get this symptom after getting a massage. She ran the battery of autoimmune blood tests, and everything came back normal like it always does. 3) Overactive bladder. Just came up. Sometimes it's fine, sometimes it's bothersome. I also recently had a brain MRI that came back normal, but I'm really worried this is MS or some other demyelinating disorder. This knee numbness seems like it would point to a nerve thing, as does this sunburned feeling and the new bladder thing. I haven't seen a neurologist, but that's probably my next step, and my rheumatologist thought it would be a good idea, so that freaked me out, of course. I know MS is considered rare and that a clean brain MRI should give me some peace of mind, but I can't help but think of all the other cases of MS where people have spinal lesions instead of brain lesions, and of course, I haven't had a spine MRI besides the one of my lumbar spine a few years ago. Has anyone else had issues with what I'm having issues with? What did you determine it was? I feel like something like MS is the only thing that could be causing all three of these things, and it's really freaking me out.
  12. Oh gosh, I haaaaaate when I try and interpret what the lab tech is thinking. lol I read into everything. Why is she asking me this? She asked me how I was feeling, does that mean she thinks I should be feeling better/worse than I am? I had to get an ultrasound of my kidneys and they kept going over this one spot that was uncomfortable, and I just KNEW something was wrong, but it wasn't. lol
  13. Interesting! I hadn't come across that in all my googling, but I guess it's a little comforting. It's weird, because it started in the left eyelid, then it kind of moved over to the right, so I'm not sure what happened. I've had tension type headaches too and have woken up with them for weeks too. Mine pretty much last all day though. There was one morning that I woke up without one, and it was a few days after I started taking Topamax and had just gotten a massage, and my therapist worked on the left side of my back for like 45 minutes solid, and she even said it was really, really tight. I feel like a lot of my headaches must be because of that, but you know. Why would it be that when it could be a brain tumor? lol I hope your MRI went well and you get the all clear soon. Please let me know how it turns out. That's very true, especially with the way they track your activity. I'll google something and I feel like it almost always lists things with MS or brain tumors in the results on the first page, even if what I'm searching is fairly innocent like feeling a tightness in my knee. That could be due to a hundred problems, but somehow, the MS results always make it into the top 5 links, even though MS is considered a rare disease.
  14. I was always told either anxiety or acid reflux. Do you have stomach pain or indigestion too?
  15. Well, I'm back to worrying if if I have a brain tumor or MS again! I really hate it when I google something (I know, I know) and there's a paragraph tacked on at the bottom that says something like, "Rarely, this symptom can be a sign of a central nervous system disorder, such as Parkinson's disease, MS, or a brain tumor," and you're sitting there like, "But I just wanted to know if my eyelids twitching could be caused by migraines..." What's the point of even putting that in the article? Is it a CYA thing? If it's rare for something to be a symptom of a disorder like that, why even mention it? So people like me freak out and keep googling? Ugh. And of COURSE the same disorders are almost always mentioned. It's always either MS or ALS or brain tumors. It's like they know me... Anyhoo, my left eyelid has been non-stop twitching for weeks, and now the right one has started joining in on the fun. I've gotten new glasses which I've tried to be diligent about wearing, and I've started using this heating thing on my eyes at night because I was told they're dry, and I've been using drops, but it's not helping much. I also went to a neuro-otoloist to get evaluated for possible vestibular disorders, because I started having these weird episodes where it felt like my brain was having issues processing information when I was in places that had a lot going on, like movie theaters, shopping malls, large stores, crowded places, etc. It wasn't necessarily a panic attack because I didn't feel like my heart rate was elevated or anything, but I would typically leave the room and find a place to sit until I left better. My doctor thought I was possibly having vestibular migraines, so he put me on a low dose of Topamax, and it hasn't really happened since I started taking it, except when I went to the movies on Christmas Eve. I do notice that my scalp is tender in a spot on the left side of my head, and when I get headaches, it tends to be on that side and radiates from that area. So my expert diagnosis is that I either have a tumor pressing on nerves and it's causing the twitching/cognitive issues/headaches or MS that's causing nerve problems. Saw a Rheumatologist, and the only thing that came back low was my Vitamin D. My regular GP said the same thing. I've also had a bad taste in my mouth for months which people tell me is because I have a chronic sinus infection that I'm eventually going to have to have surgery on, and also a polyp in my nose. But of course my mind files this under "reasons I have a brain tumor." It just sucks when you have several things going on that could be explained by 4 different things or one really horrible thing. :-/ I just feel like, taken as a whole, my list of symptoms doesn't really look good on paper... Happy New Year, eh?