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  1. @bin_tenn its all good I completely understood what you were trying to say! and you're right about jumping right on here being more harm than good. Will try journaling.
  2. For the last few days my arms have been aching much like the way a growing pain feels like and for no apparent reason, the pain moves around from my forearm to my elbow and then into my shoulder. On top of that my left ear has been ringing a LOT yesterday and today. I swear I'm about to drive myself crazy.
  3. For the last couple of months while I'm in bed, normally fully awake both of my feet will just randomly jerk up. I found out that these jerks are perfectly normal to get while falling asleep which is cool but ive been completely awake almost each time it has happened. Tonight while surfing the web on my laptop in bed it happened and it freaked me out because I wasn't even laid down eyes closed yet. Its only ever happened at night while I'm in bed but it only happens in my feet each time. I have only experienced it 3 times so far but I'm now seeing a pattern and its frightening.
  4. Reilly

    new problems

    Thanks for the replies guys, I'm gonna try to find some shoe inserts to see if it helps. My knees hurting right now as we speak ?
  5. Reilly

    new problems

    @Holls thanks holls.. do you have any idea how I can get rid of the pain without over loading on Advil?
  6. For the past almost month and a half I've been experiencing pain that radiates from my right next to my hip bone (like from the back not the front) and down into my knee at times. The pain is dull and usually starts when I'm about an hour into a shift at work. I work at a restaurants and I work 30-40 hours a week and I usually don't get a break during shifts. Sometimes the pain will just randomly start up while I'm relaxing at home and it almost feels like a growing pain, and other times when I get up to walk on it, it feels like jello. You would also think that I would be experiencing this in the other leg as well. Pain is a normal thing in most peoples lives but I'm only 18 and I didn't have any problems until recently and I've worked at this same place for over 2 years. My mind wonders to things like bone caner or MS or maybe even ALS. It shouldn't be normal for someone my age to be experiencing pain on a daily basis.
  7. I use a mediation app called headspace and it talks about just "watching" your thoughts and letting them pass through without acting on them. Kinda just acknowledging the negative thoughts but not trying to push them away or dwell on them. I found that it's a good way to forget about the negative thoughts without having the extra anxiety of trying to get rid of them forcefully.
  8. I struggle off and on too. I'll go a year without any worries and then I'll months at a time where it seems out of control. It is important to remember that anxiety effects your body mentally AND physically and it can strike at even the most calm of time. It's really hard to keep in mind at times because of how real the symptoms feel I just have to try and remind myself that if ive gotten through past anxietys i can most certainly get through some now
  9. Great explaining from the both of you! I don't know what I'd do without this site and the people on it
  10. It's been a hectic couple months HA wise, I'm sure may have become fully aware of this because of my frequent posting lol. In may I had breast cancer and MS at the same time, after that I had meningitis, then a brain tumor, then sarcoma, and now I'm on MS again. Over the last couple weeks I've developed a spot on my foot that feels like it's vibrating and then tenses up. I also have random sharp pains in side and pain in my hip. They are all on the left side which is an odd coincidence. There's always something wrong with me and I don't know what to do or how to get passed it. Every time I post I feel better for a couple days but I always find myself in a slump again.
  11. Hey Matt sorry to hear you're going through this too but glad to know I'm not alone . I mainly just have a burning type sensation in my legs and as of a couple days ago a spot on my foot is "buzzing" if that makes any sense which has kind of set me back, but I'm trying to stay positive and remember that everyone gets these sensations from time to time and it's just our over active minds that lead us to believe that it's something else. I say that but I'm also struggling with believing it. Anyways good luck to you.
  12. It's really weird because when I'm experiencing these symptoms it's almost like in a dream. And then I have moments where I'm like can this all really be real? Don't know if anyone can relate
  13. I sure am trying my best to try and let them be. Do y'all have any advice on letting these thoughts go? It seems they go away when I'm hanging out with friends but the symptoms come back as soon as I get home.
  14. So my symptoms concerning MS have came back in the last month after being gone for 2 years because I started thinking about them again. These symptoms are now the first thing I think about in the morning and the last thing I think about at night. In my head I KNOW that it's my overactive mind that has set these off again but the negative thoughts keep creeping back in and I literally go back in forth in my head 24/7. I feel so drained and I feel like I'm really missing out on life because of these thoughts. I've even had a few people ask me if I was alright because I didn't seem like myself. It seems like it's always the summer time that these thoughts find there way back in my mind. I've found that when I first wake up I have no symptoms until I think to myself "my symptoms are gone" and they come back along with the negative thoughts. I know that if I could just stop thinking about them all together they would be gone but for some reason I just can't get there even though I KNOW it's anxiety.