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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone. I'm new here. Just joined bc i was reading some threads on anxiety and chest pain and thought why not ask here. I'm so anxious. I'm nervous. I used to take anxiety meds but stopped about 2 years ago. I ran out and never went for a refill appointment. Usually it's social anxiety that i deal with. It's been manageable up until recently. 2 days ago i started having indigestion and heart burn. Which i never get. That pretty much went away then i started having chest pain. Not pressure but sharp pains on my left side where my heart is 😭 but its mainly when i bend over or lay down. Its so strange. So i went to the dr today and told her what was going on. I should also mention I've had some other symptoms such as ear ache, headache and green mucus when i blow my nose (sorry if Tmi) well my anxiety got brought up and I could tell she thought the chest pain was due to anxiety. She wrote me a script for an antibiotic and said the chest pain may be due to early bronchitis or an infection but basically brushed it off. Didn't run any test. She listened to my heart and breathing and said it sounded fine. I feel defeated. Part of me wants to go to the ER just for piece of mind but then again...covid. I'm not sure what I'm asking here. Except has anyone else had sharp chest pains and it not be serious? My mind keeps jumping to the worst case scenario. I honestly feel like the chest pains are real but my anxiety is making it worse. And to top it off the antibiotic are causing major stomach upset. Anyone out there dealt with something similar?
  2. Hi, everyone. It's been awhile! I've been on some new medications for my anxiety - Luvox and gabapentin - and both seem to be working pretty well. However, I started feeling ill about three weeks ago and I'm getting nervous. Upon coming home from vacation, I started feeling like I had mucus running down the back of my throat. I chalked it up to allergies and started taking Mucinex D. It felt like it helped a little, but I began feeling like I had a lump at the bottom of my throat and like food was stopping or slowing once it hit that lump. I was scared enough to consult a doctor at my GP's office, who saw post-nasal drip and figured it was probably allergies. She prescribed a nasal spray. The next day, I began having pain through my breastbone and around to my shoulders, which caused panic about esophageal cancer. I called my doctor's office again, speaking to another doctor who comforted me and prescribed a second nasal spray. I also started Prilosec, wondering if I was actually having reflux. Both doctors agreed that the Prilosec couldn't hurt. Over the following week, the drip stopped, but the lump and pain remained. I felt like I had to belch a lot, little tiny burps from my upper throat, and would sometimes regurgitate fluid. My throat burned at times and felt raw. I panicked again. When my GP's office couldn't get me in for another visit, I went to urgent care. My complaint about breastbone pain earned me an EKG to check for heart attack. My rhythm was fine, but my heart rate was sky high (from anxiety, of course). The urgent care doctor was concerned about my thyroid due to the location of the lump in my throat and my high heart rate. She shipped me off to the ER, where a quick swallow test and a check of my throat deemed my condition not thyroid-related and not emergent. Both attending physician and medical student reassured me that I didn't have cancer - no way, too young, none of the symptoms - but suggested I see a gastroenterologist to get to the bottom of things (literally, via endoscopy). The attending and I discussed medication, since it didn't seem like the Prilosec was working. We concluded that upping my dose from 20 mg to 40 mg would be worth a shot until I could see the gastro. The extra Prilosec seems to help. The lump in my throat is gone more often than it's there and the chest/shoulder pain and burping have mostly cleared up. I still get "junk" in my throat, though, and now I'm feeling achiness (gas?) across the top of my abdomen and down my left side. I've been getting a stitch of sorts in my lower left ribs very similar to one that I had regularly last year. My throat is also sore. I'm still kind of worried about esophageal cancer, as well as stomach and pancreatic cancer. My gastro appointment is tomorrow and I'm feeling scared. Has anyone else dealt with gastro issues like these? It all just came on so FAST, but the ER doc said it's not uncommon.
  3. I started having strange chest pain around 4pm today, which of course led to a flight/fight response in the middle of Target, so I left my cart and booked it to my car. (I struggle with health anxiety like you wouldn’t believe.) I initially came on this forum for ALS fears, but now that has passed and I have moved onto a heart attack. Unfortunately I know offhand the symptoms of a heart attack, and naturally I have them all. Pain in my arms, back and jaw. Nausea, lightheaded, tight throat with pain radiating up to my ears. I am trying to convince myself I am manifesting this all, but a little voice inside my head keeps warning me that just maybe I have put too much stress on my heart with all my ALS fears, that it’s finally screaming for help?!! What should I do? Should I go to the ER just to make sure? I am so terrified. Help!
  4. Hello everyone. I'm just new into this forum and I hope that you can help me with these unexplained health problems that I got. Last October, due to irritabilty of what I feel plus the fear inside of me, I had decided to visit a doctor. The doctor diagnosed me with hypertension. For me its just okay. I've also done EKG and some test in the blood to know if some organs causes my hypertension. The results were okay but after 2-3 days I felt pain in my chest, first in the right then after a week it shifted into the left part. Plus the fact that my arm, neck, and shoulder hurts, gives me the fear that it might be heart related. From then up until now, it still gives me that fear and anxiety that I'm very ill and I'm close to death. 3 months ago my father died and I'm scared and worried that it might happen to me as well. Due to this, I've become more concern about my body. I had also sleepless nights due to fear and other physical symptoms occured like headaches, abdominal pain and right now, there's something with my throat that keeps moving when I touch it and it has that popping sound to it. I've visited 5 doctors already (cardio included) and they all said I'm fine but I can't accept it due to the pains that I feel. Please help me. I don't know If I'm sick or I'm just having this pain due to fears and anxiety. I want to go back to my old self where I feel true happiness. Any comments or advice would be helpful. I don't want to cry anymore due to the physical and emotional pain that I feel. Thank you for reading and I hope I can read your advices and comments soon.