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  1. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has these issues and what they did to help. I’m had heart burn/acid reflux for years but lately I’ve been having a new issue. After eating I start to feel real gassy with a heavy feeling in the middle of my chest. Sometimes I will burp and it will go away But other times It’s so bad that burping brings up whole food. It’s quite disgusting. This happens hours after eating too. The other day I drank some water and 5 minutes later I burped and it came up and was still cold almost feels like it’s just stayed in the middle of my chest. It’s kinda freaking me out. Anyone experienced anything like this?!? thanks
  2. Past few months I have been waking up instantly (30mins-1hr) after falling asleep. I awake confused and nervous with a pounding heart. Sometimes it’s not bad and I breathe and calm down rather quickly. The bad times I’m really panicking with a HR of around 140-150. This is quite scary and almost makes me call the ambulance. I usually calm down about 10 minutes or so later. I recently saw the cardiologist and had ecg and echo last year and now he put me on a 30 day event monitor. Last night I was able to catch the bad ones and sent it in the data over the landline. The lady on the phone told me it was all set and she didn’t find a need to alert the DR. I was relieved and curios at the same time because this literally feels like I’m dying. I’m pacing back and forth and can’t breathe and feel like my heart is skipping. (Sufferer from PVCs). I go back after the 30 days in the begging of July but it’s tough to live like this. Has anyone ever experienced anything like this? Hope someone has some reassurance who might have experienced this. Thanks in advance!
  3. Recently saw Cardiologist for some PVCs. Took EKG in the office and and listened to my heart and everything sounded and looked good. A few days later they uploaded my EKG to my portal and it said “Borderline ECG, Bordeline T Abnormalities”. Just got off the phone with him and he said it’s not normal just not abnormal and nothing to worry about. Could be dehydration, to much adrenaline that day etc. As much as I’m glad to hear this it still drives me crazy in the back of my mind. Has anyone had anything similar?!?
  4. Hey all Lately been having some sleep problems. When I begin to fall asleep I wake up nervous with a fast pulse. I’ve noticed the clock and it’s Usually 20 minutes or so right after falling asleep. I start to breathe and calm my self down. Happens one or two times a week. Anyone experience anything similar?? It’s quite frightening. Thanks in advance.
  5. Update for anyone following or needs some reassurance on PVCs..skipped beats etc. I Was able to get in to see the Cardiologist today due to some cancellations! He Listened to my heart and did EKG and everything looked good. He explained to me the PVCs and how they work. Said it was a completely benign issue and not to worry about them since i have no structural damage or anything on those lines. He really put my mind at ease. I asked about 24 hour monitor but he didn’t think i needed it. So I’m going to try and put this all behind me and live life. Good day all!
  6. Hey all, I recently started having these skipped beats/flutters for about 1 1/2 years now. In the time frame I have had multiple EKGs and Echocardiogram which came back fine. The past few months I was feeling great with limited to no epeisodes. Didn’t even think about them. Until last week. Started to feel a few a day. Today I woke up with one when I got out of bed and then had another during eating breakfast. I decided to go to the ER. They gave me and EKG and took vitals and said everything seemed fine and sent me on my way. Said I should look into getting a 24 hour monitor since it’s tough to catch them. I was hoping someone had some insight from experience to calm me down. For some reason it’s much scarier this time around. They always reassure me that I’m fine but it sure doesn’t feel like it. It’s starting to affect my day to day activities always wondering when another will come...I Thanks
  7. Thanks for the reply. I agree with the waiting for tests drives me crazy. When I’m home HR is normal but soon as I’m in there over 100 easy. 😞.
  8. Hey all first time poster long time reader. Quick back story, I’m 30 M and have had anxiety since I was 20. Recently I was having heart palpitations/flutters and went to get checked out. Had Stress test/EKG/Echo all in the last year. Everything came back normal except for Sinus tachycardia which they said wasn’t a worry. For the past month or so I have been having these short and sharp chest pains on the left side around the nipple area. They don’t last long but they come several time a day. No rhyme or reason. can be active or resting. No other symptoms with them except anxiety about them. I saw my GP for a Physical last week and she didn’t seem alarmed. Offered another stress test if iI wanted to ease my mind. But she chalked it up to anxiety. Some times I want to run to ER when they happen to get the work up but i talk myself out. Has anyone experience something similar or an idea of what it could be? Thanks.