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  1. So I'm back again with a Hantavirus worry. I had maybe near a year ago and was going better with anxiety, but here I am. What has caused me all this worry is exposure to mouse droppings. I work for a park system in VA and in the maintenance shop of one of our parks were mouse droppings on some of our counters. Another guy and I were cleaning up around the shop and I know we stirred some stuff up. I picked some items up that had mouse droppings on them. That was maybe 4 weeks ago. Give or take one. Then maybe two weeks ago I was taking a piece of furniture out of my one of my storage units and there was droppings on top of it and I brushed them off and put the furniture in my vehicle. Whats helping me from worrying too much is that I don't know how long the droppings in either area were there. I hadn't been in my storage for weeks, so it's possibly the virus was not active in the droppings anymore. I know the droppings in the Maintenance shop were somewhat recent to us cleaning but I don't know for sure. Also I don't know what type of mouse it was. And the statistics behind how rare it is as well. Whats worrying me is the obvious. I was exposed to mouse droppings. I'm still in a possible "incubation" period for the virus. I've came down with a dry cough that struggling to bring up mucus. From what I've read, people who survived caught it early. I'm worried that I might miss my chance to catch it. Anyone care to help me out here.
  2. So I started to develop a bit of a sore throat yesterday at the back of my throat from where I have lost nasal drip. This morning when I brought the everything down by sucking it down from my nose to spit it was a very darkish brown. But the following bits after that cleared up the next few times. Layed back down for a few hours and same thing. This isn't from my lungs as there are clear. I didn't try to blow my nose as it was at the back of my nose/throat. Could this be from allergies or is it sinusitis or something else?
  3. It's still swollen and red. I feel that it will be though since it's my toe and I'm constantly moving so it's in use. There isn't any stuff coming out through the night when I change the bandage in he morning. Only in the afternoon/evening when I've been up. I still think it's swollen because the area and the fact that it was a drimel tool which was heavy and the blade cut it and folded the skin. The redness doesn't go past my toe though.
  4. Thank you. I haven't noticed any pus coming out. Even when I squeeze the wound. Can't really tell a definitive color of what's on the bandaid. I guess I'll see how it goes in the ocean tomorrow.
  5. I cut my my small toe on my left foot last Wednesday. Of all the ways to do it I did it by dropping a Dremel tool and the blade hitting my toe. Went to walk in clinic and they glued it. Three days later the glue came off and I've been managing it since. I let it air for a bit but for the most part keep it covered with bandaids and an ointment on it. It still seems like it bleeds as when I change the bandaids they are slightly stained in color. There is a yellow crust around the cut itself. I've somehow got myself worried now that it's infected and it will spread. I'm on vacation with my family so I don't want to think about this but it's hard to escape my thoughts. I haven't noticed pus coming out. It's not painful, nor does it look worse than it did a few days ago. Just wanting some insight.
  6. I like statistics as it's helps me to an extent rationalize things. Hard to escape thoughts about it. Plus I'm sure it isn't caused just from inhaling water here and there as it probably takes a sufficient amount or possibly a near drowning event to cause problems.
  7. I haven't had problems with anxiety for awhile now since being back into exercising. But now with summertime has come pool time. I constantly worry with my child in the pool. Every little bit of water in her mouth that causes her to cough just send anxiety through me. Most of the time I don't go to the pool. My mother and mother in law both have pools and my mother in law is our neighbor so the pool is frequented. My fiancé doesn't worry about it and she brushes it off but I can't deal with it. Anyone else have this worry or some statistics on it.
  8. To start I don't have the worry of a heart attack. I've had it before, and probably will now that I'm discussing it. My worry is something like tachycardia or SVT or something along those lines. I'm assuming I'm having anxiety but I'm also contemplating it being something else. I'm a healthy individual who exercises frequently and blood pressure is basically perfect and HR is around 60. At least at last checkup. Now lately I've noticed my heart having lots of skipped beats and weird thuds and flutters and other sorts of fun things. My HR also seems to be averaging higher lately. I'm sitting here and it's around 80-90 when normally I could walk around and it not break 70. I am under the weather at the moment so I know I can take that into account. I don't feel anxious until my heart starts to race and it's not like a panic attack or anxiety that has caused it. Could I be subconsciously stress or having anxiety and that be causing all this. I've had a stress test within the last 5 years I think and that was fine. During exercise my heart drops back down pretty fast after intense workouts so it seems fine.
  9. To start I've set up at my first antique show this weekend. I'm a 28 y/o male in good shape I'd say. The show is large and it's all concrete and gravel ground. I've spent every day on my feet and walking in flat shoes with no sole support to them. Just last night I noticed my knees and ankles and feet were a little swollen and that my feet had small "splotches" scattered around that resemble small red and brown dots. The areas aren't any larger than a penny and they are spread around my foot. I was attributing it to being on my feet on the hard ground in the terrible shoes for so long. But when I went to search(I know, bad idea) I came across a thing about blood clots so I stopped searching before I fell into a black hole. Am I correct in thinking that's from overuse and swelling? Anyone else experienced it?
  10. I was handling some antique furniture in one of my storages and got two splinters yesterday. Was looking at my hand from and noticed the area around the splinters was very red. I just took them out. One had a small amount of pus come out with it. I then poured alcohol on it. Now before I start googling I'm worried about an infection and it spreading.
  11. Also from what I remember is you can have a tear and not be a big deal. That it always doesn't need a treatment.
  12. Not buying into symptoms but I've been chilly. Though I'm not throwing up and am not running a fever. Plus I assume my esophagus would have to be in bad condition for a tear to happen from having the hiccups.
  13. So I've been fully off Prozac for maybe two months, give or take. I've been doing well I think for the most part. I've got back into exercising and am starting to eat healthy again. I'm trying to rationalize my worries and still deal with being high strung and internally stressed it seems. Hoping that goes away. We are also trying to do away with Xanax as well. Though I rarely take it for anxiety. I use it as an aide to sleep. Now my worry that I can't shake is very far fetched but I can't shake it. I'm worried I have a tear in my esophagus and am bleeding. Writing it seems even worse than saying it. I've had this worry before and during my reading on about it online I saw hiccups could cause it. Today I was eating food too fast and cause myself hiccups. Hard enough to where I burp after them. You see where I'm heading. I'm worried that it caused a tear, and that I'm bleeding and don't know it. I would have this worry if I didn't know a guys whose had ruptured or a friends who just had a Mallory-Weiss tear recently.
  14. So background is ive had anxiety for ever. I had a stress test maybe 4 years ago with normal results. Had numerous EKGs which also resulted in normal readings. I'm a 28 y/o male. Have exercise on and off regularly for ten years. Recently I've been back into it heavily. Yesterday I actually had a checkup and my Bp was 108/70 and HR was 66. So I feel decently healthy. I have been on and off SSRIs for years as well. Recently though I stopped everything and have felt great. Even discussed with my doctor about not have a panic attack for awhile and not really experiencing anxiety. But not even 20 mins ago I felt what I would describe as a skipped beat. Almost like my heart fluttered and then beat real hard which caused a panic attack. How I explain may seem as if I've never experienced one which I don't know. Pretty sure I have but for some reason my brain blocks out a lot of previous panic attacks. I drank coffee this morning for the first time in awhile. That was over 12 hours ago. I drank alcohol also about two hours ago. Not a lot but I hardly drink anymore either. I feel asleep and woke back up and was just hanging around watching TV and it happened. I know there are threads and stickys for these things but I still would like reassurance. That I can get through this without jumping back on Prozac and starting to drop Xanax and that what I experienced is not an emergency problem. My heart rate is still heightened but admittedly I took some Xanax so hopefully that helps.