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  1. Thanks so much for your encouragement but I'm also afraid that it might be a blood clot. Both of My legs hurt almost everywhere, different spots at different time, especially when I walk. but the pain comes and go. It isnt severe but it scares me and I just can't stay calm. Could it be a blood clot? There are just so many symptoms. I really don't know whats going on with my body. I have been diagnosed with mild gastritis and excessive stomach acid. There's also some problems with my nose. But all those pain don't seem to be related to these 2 problem at all and to me it seems like all these pain are causing stress, not vice versa. And for the college thing I was quite excited about it until I get all these annoying discomfort all over my body. Now I'm very anxious about leaving my family to go to college because I'm so worried about my health. Sorry for the long reply. I just have so many things to say.
  2. Recently I keep having so many physical symptoms which seems to be symptoms of heart attack like chest pain back pain arm pain heart palpitation nausea and also leg pain. I had several ekg, chest xray and heart ultrasound about a month ago due to heart palpitation. They all came back normal but now I started having all these discomfort. I'm a 17 year old female with no family history of heart disease but I can't help but worry about it all the time. The doctor gave me anxiety meds and everyone says that I'm overthinking when I complain. Sometimes I even have a sense of impending doom for several minutes and feel fine the other minute. I'm so scared. What should I do? I'm about to enter college but everything is going downhill now. ?