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  1. 1. Anyone ever get heart palpitations or flutters when the are floating or treading deep water? It’s like the buoyancy effect from the water makes my heart float and it results in palpitations every time. 2. Anyone ever get a palpitation when they jump on a trampoline or jump rope or do a jump squat? Once again, it’s like the “reduced gravity” is making my heart float and it freaks out. Both things have happened to me. It’s not from fear or anxiety. I enjoy water activities and exercising, but the heart flutters have me frozen with fear. I see a cardiologist yearly. My heart has no anomalies or defects. I’m really having a hard time right now. I feel like a slug from not really getting in a good workout and I can’t enjoy water activities anymore with my family.
  2. I have many of the same as you. Mine started as a young child as well—was witness to verbal and physical abuse with members of my immediate family. I began with mealtime and food aversions because for some reason, the abuse always occurred then. Then it went into panic attacks because I feared if I didn’t eat, I would starve and die. I soon feared throwing up, because I was having to force myself to eat. Thus, began the health anxiety. Age 8 for me.
  3. I was at that point a few years ago. Each year since as gotten better. I still have occasional spells where I need to “get out and get out fast.” I also supplement with Xanax. I only require that every now and then.
  4. Does anyone have any other anxieties in addition to health anxiety? I like to stay home, in my safe space because I have struggled with agoraphobia, but it’s not good for my health anxiety because I start poking, feeling, looking, analyzing, and googling. I know I need to get out and keep busy but it’s very hard.
  5. Yes. I’ve had many head twinges, shocks, and pains. Sometimes they are termed “ice-pick” headaches. They will be localized and superficial, as in on the scalp or very shallow but painful. But, I do have several neuralgias: occipital and supraorbital. I attribute them to stress and tension and poor neck posture. Of course anytime it’s head pain, I always think it’s something bad. Most of the time I stay calm, but sometimes it’s quite upsetting.
  6. Yes. Several. All were typical and had clear margins and grew back in the same spot but smaller in size usually.
  7. No reaction! I’m surprised. What are the odds. I guess all is well with the boy for now.
  8. Oral testing has begun. One nugget every 15 minutes. I’m not sure what that will do, since he’s always eaten a whole meal in 15-20 minutes, then the reaction occurs about an hour later.
  9. I don’t do BC for the same reason.
  10. I agree here. I go to my dermatologist for any skin issues. That’s all they look at all day. That’s all they studied in school. It just makes sense to me.
  11. Agree with Total Eclipse. I had a bad week of sleep last week. I was having more heart palps, on edge, tired during the day, and wanted to cry. I was waking up at 4, having only gone to bed at midnight, which is too late. Stay away from screens and avoid engaging in any activities. Sleep is so important for anxiety sufferers. I am still trying to get that through my stubborn head.
  12. Yes. Very heavy bleeder here. Since my last kid about 8 years ago. Didn’t have issues before. I went to the gyn last year, to get an ablation, but being under anesthesia freaked me out, so I cancelled the procedure. I get blood tests every year to check my numbers for anemia and such. So far I’m ok. I’ll be 40 in April. My reproductive history is terrible. I had some bleeding issues during my last 3 pregnancies that they could never figure out. The final one was beyond belief bad. I had every test in the book done to find an answer. So, I guess I’m not surprised my periods are heavy after the last pregnancy. My organs are healthy...no cysts or other anomalies. I’m just a heavy bleeder.
  13. It was a skin test and it was inconclusive. There was a small reaction, but not larger than the histamine control, so we have an oral challenge test Monday! I wish we had skipped the skin prick test. That seemed like a waste of money and time.
  14. My son is getting tested for a chicken allergy right now. Please send happy vibes and prayers that the test will show if he is allergic. I know there can be false results with allergy testing.
  15. I just had a bout of dizziness. My husband and I were getting lunch ready. We were talking about therapy dogs and medical conditions that use therapy dogs. I didn’t feel like it was an anxiety- inducing conversation, but I suddenly felt disoriented. I walked over the the table to steady myself and sit down. It lasted a few seconds. But, down the rabbit trail I have gone.