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  1. I don’t do BC for the same reason.
  2. I agree here. I go to my dermatologist for any skin issues. That’s all they look at all day. That’s all they studied in school. It just makes sense to me.
  3. Agree with Total Eclipse. I had a bad week of sleep last week. I was having more heart palps, on edge, tired during the day, and wanted to cry. I was waking up at 4, having only gone to bed at midnight, which is too late. Stay away from screens and avoid engaging in any activities. Sleep is so important for anxiety sufferers. I am still trying to get that through my stubborn head.
  4. Yes. Very heavy bleeder here. Since my last kid about 8 years ago. Didn’t have issues before. I went to the gyn last year, to get an ablation, but being under anesthesia freaked me out, so I cancelled the procedure. I get blood tests every year to check my numbers for anemia and such. So far I’m ok. I’ll be 40 in April. My reproductive history is terrible. I had some bleeding issues during my last 3 pregnancies that they could never figure out. The final one was beyond belief bad. I had every test in the book done to find an answer. So, I guess I’m not surprised my periods are heavy after the last pregnancy. My organs are healthy...no cysts or other anomalies. I’m just a heavy bleeder.
  5. It was a skin test and it was inconclusive. There was a small reaction, but not larger than the histamine control, so we have an oral challenge test Monday! I wish we had skipped the skin prick test. That seemed like a waste of money and time.
  6. My son is getting tested for a chicken allergy right now. Please send happy vibes and prayers that the test will show if he is allergic. I know there can be false results with allergy testing.
  7. I just had a bout of dizziness. My husband and I were getting lunch ready. We were talking about therapy dogs and medical conditions that use therapy dogs. I didn’t feel like it was an anxiety- inducing conversation, but I suddenly felt disoriented. I walked over the the table to steady myself and sit down. It lasted a few seconds. But, down the rabbit trail I have gone.
  8. Melanoma and other skin cancers have affected my immediate family. My mother trained me well as a child, when my father had melanoma at age 32. She always told me to err on the side of caution, so I always have with myself and now my own kids. I have no idea what is in the picture, but you should always get things checked out by a dermatologist, especially if anything is new or has changed. In my non medical professional opinion, it looks like a blood blister or hematoma of some kind.
  9. kj103

    Uncommon Phobias

    Fear of death and vomiting as a child. Fear of death, flying, and public spaces as an adult. Public spaces has gotten better, but there is still a hint left.
  10. Yes! Been there. After that happens, sometimes you have to get your nerve up to drive again! At least that has happened to me several times.
  11. I’m sure I’ve posted something similar before, but does your health anxiety ever lead to you to feeling so panicked that you become dizzy, or you think you’re dizzy? I’ve struggled with panic attacks in the past, which lead me to think I’m dying and one of my worst symptoms, or at least the one I’m most afraid of is dizziness. It’s such an awful feeling.
  12. We made an appt for next week. I agree with your advice, especially since his reactions seem to be getting worse each time.
  13. It’s from a restaurant. In a few days, when I’m certain the Benadryl is out of his system, I’m going to make grilled chicken at home to see what happens.
  14. No symptoms today. No chicken either.
  15. I made another post about my son recently having several bouts of severe hives after his showers. (I automatically jumped to lymphoma/cancer.) We thought it was shower gel or something in the loofa, which we removed. Each of those nights he did break out, we had some sort of chicken prior to the shower...usually breaded nuggets or tenders. But, I thought NO WAY could he be having a food allergy. He's eaten this kind of chicken before. This afternoon we had some of the same chicken, thinking it would be fine. Well, it wasn't. He broke out it his worst case of hives ever about an hour after eating the chicken. He hadn't showered, used anything new, worn anything new, got hot or sweaty, exposed to barnyard animals, etc. NOTHING NEW. We had even visited our GP yesterday and discussed what has been going on. She believed it to be shower gel or soap related, because he stopped breaking out when we removed them, but we also hadn't had any chicken either. I was really upset over today's bout of hives. I thought we had figured out his trigger--the shower gel and loofa. I guess not, which is why the bad things like lymphoma are coming back into my mind. Does anyone have any weird allergies they have or know of a person having? I have never heard of people suddenly having a chicken allergy or from refined oils in which the restaurants cook the nuggets. My son DOES NOT have food allergies. He was tested three years ago for that. Now, I am starting to question it. I intend on calling the allergist on Monday. We haven't seen the allergist in over a year and a half. Anyone with experience with food allergies that are unusual.