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  1. My worst episode of anxiety began as I was sitting there, at my computer, watching my wife on her computer. I felt this wave come over me, out of the blue. One second I felt fine, the next second I was in a panic, but it was for nothing. There was no trigger, no cause, no particular worry. This state of anxiety lasted four months, before disappearing as it had come on. It sent me to therapy for the first time, where I learned a lot about my anxiety and myself, and how to deal with it. Incidentally, is your therapist teaching you CBT as well? I pretty much told mine I did not want meds. I come from a long line of substance abuse and try to avoid any mind altering meds if I can, so I stressed CBT in my recovery. I struggle occasionally, but being as you have trouble with meds of your own, don't rule out cognitive therapies.
  2. Thanks for the update, not much fun, but good to hear. Try not to catastrophize, while it is likely a polyp, even uterine cancer has a very good prognosis generally speaking. I know two survivors, both just managed with a removal and they were done. Insurance will likely be the biggest hassle in the whole thing.
  3. They only have 2 posts, and they were in the first 24 hours they created the account over a year ago and that was the last time they visited. I highly doubt they will respond.
  4. I am no derm, but it looks normal to me. If that one is dodgy, I am a walking dead man.
  5. Once every six to twelve months? Sounds like hemorrhoids or a fissure. If you had bleeding cancer for the last year or so, the bleeding would be the least of your problems I would think. Cancer is progressive. It doesn't stop and start. It doesn't abate. It gets worse and worse and worse. As you seeing anyone for the anxiety and stress?
  6. Congratulations! That is real, and serious progress! Be proud, and enjoy the victory. More important, should you feel anxiety coming back, remember this post, come back and read it if you need to. Get your reassurance from your victories.
  7. Hopefully nothing serious, keep my fingers crossed for you guys today. Let us know how you get on, hope all is well.
  8. Wow, that must make for a horrendously long weekend. So sorry! I don't have anything particularly encouraging to say that would help, other than hopefully the thing requiring treatment isn't what an anxious brain comes up with, but is a common and simple to deal with. The thing to remember is the treatment could mean cysts, it could mean endometriosis, or injury, not necessarily the thing you are most apprehensive about. Following my wife's saga with her issues in the same area, there seems to be a lot that can go wrong without being deadly. It's funny you mention when you let your anxiety go, then something seems to happen. My aneurysm was discovered during a physical I was going to blow off because I was so unconcerned about my health anxiety, I had no nervousness going into the physical, and then boom. Now I crap bricks before every appointment, feeling like I am playing Russian roulette.
  9. I have a couple people I know who deal with this. I often wonder how much of these "mystery illnesses" that get lumped into broad categories like CFS wherein you just rule out a bunch of issues and say, well, since we don't know what is causing it, it is now CFS actually stem from environmental causes, like chemical exposure, etc.
  10. I had a friend pass from colon cancer. He went from 220 to 140 in a couple months. Cancer weight loss tends to be profound, often measured in the tens of pounds per month.
  11. My mom has taken perscription omeprazole (Prilosec) every day for the last 10 years. She is 79. Talk to your doctor. Mine just told me to take it 3 months.
  12. There is an old phrase I learned in the army. "Being brave isn't not being scared. It is being scared and doing it anyway." So congratulations on being brave all those other times you flew! Honestly, that phrase has gotten me through some tough places. I accept the fear. I accept my fate, I guess, and do it anyway. When I am doing something I am afraid of (I am looking at you, annual aneurysm scan) I accept there is no choice, it has to be done, and do it. I let myself be scared when it happens. There is no fault in that. Let yourself feel the fear. That said, flying isn't one of my fears, but a medical test or scan, that will get me.
  13. I also have a lipoma on my left shin. They are a super common place for them. I expect it might have to do with past trauma since we hit them all the time. Just a guess though.
  14. This is a great weight loss resource, and it has a whole section devoted to losing weight with PCOS (my wife has numerous problems associate with it she has to deal with and weight loss is a miserable journey for her : ( ) https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/
  15. I was a stress eater too. There is a comedian (he is pretty vulgar, so before looking him up if you haven't seen him, be warned) named Bob Kelly who does a bit about being on his "sixth fat." You gain, you lose, you gain again. Well, I am on my 5th fat, and losing. It is now a matter of life and death, though maybe it always was before too and I just didn't see it. I was a fat kid, then the Army and university saw me in fantastic shape for most of my 20s. Since then, it has been a see-saw of fat and skinny. I am resolved to make this my last fat. This time my cholesterol is over 300, I may or may not have diabetes (tbd this week) and even though I am only about 15 to 20 pounds heavy, I have a lot of reasons to eat better and lose the weight. But now, at 48, the pounds don't fall off like they used to. Used to be, I could add a two mile walk, or quit putting creamer in my coffee and away the fat would go away like magic. Now I have to eat like a mouse, work against the various meds I am on for recently discovered genetic heart issues, but not work out too hard so I don't blow my aneurysm, and lose weight while the beta blocker slows my metabolism. I am pretty much in a state of constant hunger right now, but, better than dying. Or it is for the moment. If I am ever terminal, I am going to have a long, hot date with a pizza. Hang in there all of you,. As they say, "getting old isn't for wimps." 😉 We can overcome it, just takes more work than before.