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  1. I figured as much, it happened to my other leg months ago lol I can't wait for this thing to stop hurting so I can forget about it Something I forgot to mention about the red mark is it feels slightly raised, if that makes sense. Could it still be what you said? Some kind of little bruise or what?
  2. I think rationally I'm fine, if it was what I feared, it would've spread much further IIRC. The swelling is going down slowly but it's noticeable at least, though my calve is aching because I've had to walk awkwardly this past week so I don't think "that's" anything to fear
  3. Another question: Would scratching at the area make it worse? Or maybe wearing shoes? Obvious question I know but I want to be sure lymphangitis and therefore sepsis is off the table. The former I heard spreads in 24 hours but could it take longer? I know speed is its key but again, trying to rule out things here. I ask because sometimes it looks "redder" in person than on camera, hence why I'm not sharing a photo (It hasn't chanced since the one above this post.) Any more input would be helpful, my initial sore though is almost pretty much good, at least where I can walk normally.
  4. Okay I was hoping this would be the end of it, the initial sore is still slowly but surely healing and getting less swollen, which is a plus. However I noticed this: UPDATE (I hope this is the last one I send, I'm not cut out to be a foot model) Does it look like it has two bits starting to branch off there? Or am I seeing things? That said I noticed that mark wasn't actually connected to the main sore, at least upon looking at my old pics. It almost looks like a separate spot entirely. I really don't want to spiral back to thinking I got a hot date with Death on the River Styx, especially since I've been doing so good. What do y'all think?
  5. Well I wouldn't say my fears are *totally* gone. Last night I had a headache and felt chills, which spooked me since they said that could be signs of an infection spreading. However I think the headache came from the Tylenol as I'm normal now. The marks I was concerned about are still there, one seems to have decreased but the other one's standing firm lol but no progression, so I still think it being potentially septic is not true. the wound itself is getting progressively less painful but it still hurts to walk on, as expected, but the swelling is going down little by little. So while I see the light at the end of the tunnel, I'm not out yet. I thank y'all for your patience tho
  6. Morning update: No pic this time, not necessary. Feels like some of the swelling has gone down a touch, but some still remains, as expected. Pain isn't as intense, just need to be careful how I walk. The "marks" I was upset about are basically nothing so I scared myself into a panic with the help of nefarious Dr. Google and Nurse Reddit. All told, I think I'm gonna be okay, and I have Ironman and Holls to thank for keeping me in check. I'll give the frozen veggie trick a go later, see if it helps me out some.
  7. The itch has stopped for the most part, it was just a little tinge. I take it you looked at my pics? I got another one I'm uploading now. FWIW I took a Tylenol and while the localized swelling is still there, the pain has more or less gone away. No clue if it was the Tylenol that did it or what but I'll take it. I want the swelling to go, I never had this happen before lol. Updated pic (Anxious area highlighted): https://imgur.com/a/PO43DIC
  8. Little follow up: No change in the "streaks" but that area is a little itchy, but not consistently so. There's still tenderness in the original sore, it almost feels like a bee sting, which makes me wonder if I went beyond skin deep with that puncture lol. It's mostly like that when I try to walk normally, but I can wiggle my toes just fine. Go figure Just little oddities that, while I'm nowhere near panic stricken as I was this morning, show I'm not out of the woods just yet.
  9. Yeah I think that's the ticket TBH. The fact it hasn't shot up my leg or anything. Looking at comparison pictures can be nightmarish along with the hysterics of "OMG RED LINE GO TO THE ER YESTERDAY" Still, I'm going to keep an eye on it, anything to help it heal faster would be super welcome.
  10. There's also the fact they haven't really grown since I first noticed them. I just see everyone making a big deal over those lines screaming hospital or urgent care you know I'll keep you updated if something worse happens or better
  11. What about the red marks? I believe it's called lymphangitis if it's what I think it is? I suppose by not mentioning it in your replies you can't see anything unusual. The toothpick was used, I have a habit of using them, and my messing about likely didn't help matters. The pain is weird though, sometimes it feels like it's better but other times it's painful. Thank you for the replies so far, it's helping me big time
  12. I have an update: First, updated picture: UPDATED PIC Second I told my mom about it and she said hold off on visiting urgent care yet and she dressed the wound and noted there was inflammation in the area but had to look hard for any red marks I was afraid of. I did, after onset of the toothpick and getting it out, dig around the area for a toothpick splinter, I forgot to mention that in my post as I was in a panic. I don't feel any fever, chills (Beyond the seasonal weather) or any other symptoms beyond pain in the area. It's that darn mark that has me scared to the point of writing my will of drowning myself in debt. I blame endless googling for my somewhat justified fears. I just know sepsis comes hard and fast and red marks from the wound is the first classic sign EDIT: Let's say my wound was infected, what's the reasonable risk of getting septic
  13. Anyone? If this gets worse I'm seeing a doctor
  14. Not sure if this helps me but the area can be blanched and septic marks can't do that. Am I good? I don't feel sick but I'm cautious
  15. https://imgur.com/a/ntz5lpT Sorry I'm having trouble attaching photos but here's a picture of the trouble area. It looks like there's no streaking but on the same token, I'm not sure where those red marks came from. surely if this was something to worry about there would be something more defined right?