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  1. I don't think I have a splinter now or if I did, it's gone. I just need to let it heal
  2. Update: The site looks better but still sore. I feel a bit hot but we have temps in the 90s today so it could be that. Still going to apply neosporin as it never failed me yet. I don't see any sign of a splinter either but my main concern is if I did more harm than good looking for one
  3. Already addressed this, avoiding doctors until this pandemic's under control. It doesn't feel infected, no fever or anything other than redness
  4. Sorry to make another thread so soon after this but I'm wondering if I'm looking for something that's not there. In my other thread I mentioned that I had hurt my big toe on my right foot, more specifically pricking it with a toothpick while I walked out of my kitchen. I picked it up and threw it out and only saw a bit of blood come out. Yesterday I noticed the area had gotten red and thinking I had a splinter, I started digging but gave up. Same song and dance this morning, I saw a white mark like pus and tried to look around for anything that might resemble a splinter but no avail. My main fear is infection/sepsis/tetanus which is the killer for splinters and I don't feel comfortable seeing a doctor at the time this is written. I'm afraid that if there was a splinter it's still there and my attempts to get it out have made it worse, or there never was one and I hurt my big toe unnecessarily. I've been peroxiding and neosporining the wound nonstop but it still hurts. Can someone, anyone ut my mind at ease?
  5. Update: My knee and thigh don't hurt as much. Still sore but nothing I can't manage with rest. The toe situation on the other hand is stressing me out. I'm afraid if I have a splinter and it's still painful and red I'm developing an infection and could die from something so stupid.
  6. I'm starting to think it isn't a splinter, but why would I have a bruise there from poking it? Would it be the force?
  7. First of all don't take this the wrong way but I'm not happy to be back, after thinking I conquered my HA fears once again. This last weekend has been Hell on my right leg. For starters, yesterday morning my knee wanted to give me trouble and to a degree, still does now, but the night before I did a kick while dancing to some 80s music videos which I think might have caused it. Last night though while I was leaving the kitchen after dinner, I kicked my big toe onto what I'd soon discover was a toothpick. I thought it just poked it but then thought there might have been a splinter and started squeezing and feeling for a splinter after seeing what looked like a bruise on the tip of my toe. Lastly there's a pain in my thigh which is radiating from my knee. I had spent a lot of yesterday and today doing yard work to pass the time during quarantine so maybe that could explain it? Also about the big toe, if it happened to be a splinter that I couldn't removed, am I screwed? Will I succumb to sepsis or any other disease? I want to avoid seeking medical help given the overbooked hospitals and doctor offices locally.
  8. Sounds like a panic attack to me. Disassociation is a common symptom as I understand it and it's something I've felt out of the blue many a time. You don't even really need a trigger, it just happens.
  9. I had one of those on my stomach actually. Nothing serious at all and definitely not a mole as I understand it. I think you're okay.
  10. That's the cycle I'm wanting to break but it seems as though it's begun. I'm doing my best to fight irrationality with facts but it feels like a losing battle. The one thing putting me slightly at ease is the phrase "96% of the things we worry about never happen" or something to that effect. I recall someone here posting that.
  11. I think the one thing that blows is I have this lingering feeling that I'm not okay or I'm missing something. I weighed again and I'm anywhere between 255 and 250 lbs (It's an old fashioned scale, not a digital) when I used to be 265-260. I think my highest was 268 at one point. I know it's anxiety telling me I'm wasting away but given the other factors like the stress, more activity, and sometimes eating less it would make sense. I want to nip this in the bud and end the cycle before it starts.
  12. Thank you, I noticed there was another poster who made a similar thread and I skimmed through those first before making this one. I guess I'm trying to find a rationalization and honestly aside from the odd symptom that goes as quick as it came, I'm okay. My doc actually praised me on losing some and didn't see any issue with it and like I said, I don't look much different.
  13. So this has been kicking around my mind for a while and I wanted to hear you all opine on this matter of import. I don't normally weigh myself often unless I'm at the doctors office or if I'm curious. Last time I was weighted at the doctor I was 257 lbs. I was curious today and I weighed about 252 lbs. I started the year off in the 260s around 265 lbs. Against my own better judgment, I Googled and as you'd expect, cancer was an answer along with several other little diseases. Naturally I was a little freaked out, but this is where my inquiry comes into play: I haven't really changed my eating habits much, but I'm going through a lot of stress and anxiety from my folks divorcing and my car dying as well as a build-up of other tiny stresses which snowball, including my HA attacks. I've been walking more since I have to get out more often to go to the store and such so you could say I'm exercising more, but I haven't noticed any changed with my sizes. I used to be a 38x30 in pants but now I'm a 40x30 and I've always been an XL in shirts even back in high school. I haven't changed appearance wise either to my knowledge. I also don't recognize any other symptoms that could be problematic. I guess my main question is given all of these factors, is my weight loss anything to worry about? Did I lose enough to be concerned?
  14. It seems to have gone away thankfully, but with a lot of events going on in my life (For instance my car died last night too) I think the bigger issue is anxiety getting the best of me.