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  1. Ugh, this is the worst time of year, isn't it? I am from the Northeast US and struggle with this as well and my children have no idea what's happening when it gets dark at 5 pm. I have a lightbox that I have never used but I should make some use of it. I would LOVE to go lay in a tanning bed once a week if it weren't bad for my skin. I went outside the other day when it was sunny in a black shirt and I felt like I was absorbing the felt so good! I think increasing your antidepressants for the season is not a bad idea!
  2. I just read a study to see what you were talking about and it's specifically referencing Covid long-haulers and especially those that were hospitalized and then developed long-haul symptoms. I had Covid at the end of August/beginning of September and have no lasting effects except for a slightly decreased sense of taste and smell and that is helped by taking daily Zinc, which supports those things. Are you doing anything to help yourself get into better shape? It's pretty well-known at this point that obese people have are some of the most at risk from Covid. If it's been a year, I am thinking you are in the clear as far as Covid goes. Talk to your cardiologist about the best way for yourself to get into shape and research some dietary changes. I am speaking from experience here...I am a large girl and started intermittent fasting and eating low carb/no processed carbs and I quite easily lost 30 pounds for the first time in my life. Losing even 7 percent of your body weight can make a huge difference! And yes, with all of those tests they would have found something, I am sure! Breathe easy and focus on the things you can control...your diet and exercise!
  3. Any updates on this? Hope you're doing okay!
  4. I had Covid a month ago and it did go into my lungs but I would say pretty mildly. I had some tightness and pain when I tried to inhale deeply and that caused me a lot of anxiety. I strongly suggest getting a pulse-ox for home. I used it every ten minutes through the entire ordeal and while everyone thought I was nuts it helped me calm down so much when I was fearing I couldn't breathe. As far as your husband, I would personally ask for budesonide and IV vitamin c. In high doses. I hope everything works out okay!
  5. Thanks! They're okay 🙂 I brought my daughter to the doctor AND dentist because her gums bled a little three times when I brushed them last week and they looked swollen to me. I LEGIT thought she had leukemia. I was a hot mess! I really try not to do that with my kids because a) it scares them and b) I REALLY don't want to be THAT parent....and I don't want the doctor to think I'm nuts but I think it's too late for that to be honest! As far as my son's lymph nodes, I would say the took a good three weeks to go down to what I felt was "normal" I can still feel them there, but they're tiny now. Once they get inflamed, they may never go back to the way they were. Both of my kids have lymph nodes that I can feel in their groin. I truly believe for some people, this is normal for them. We both need to stay the eff away from Google. Easier said than done though, I know. Let's make a pact!
  6. Well that all sounds great! I wish I could be one of those people who lived in the moment and did not look for doom and gloom around every corner. It's so exhausting having an anxiety disorder, isn't it? I am currently calling around for new therapists. Congrats on the new home! About 13 months ago I found out that my husband of 9 years, 12 together with dating, had a 1 year old. I found out because I found a letter from Child Support and then was able to find a court case in our court system with his name on it. He has a very unique name so I knew it was him. Then I confided in a friend, whose husband works with my husband, and she was able to find out that it's pretty well known at their job that this has happened....great! I was stunned and shocked and so sad at first but we had small kids so I tried to get him to talk to me but he stonewalled me and gaslit the entire time. I then found the positive DNA test results and he still denied it. During this time, my aunt, who was my landlord, decided she wanted to rent the home we lived in to her daughter, my cousin and best friend so I had to move. I am now with my two children and my parents. It's super stressful and I am depressed. I know that these hard times trigger my anxiety but I cannot, CANNOT stop myself from freaking out. I have my daughter going to the doctor at 4. They are definitely going to be looking at me funny.
  7. We do have to learn to trust the doctors when they say everything is okay. I too have this issue and worry and worry and worry until my worry burns itself out, even after seeing a doctor for my child. My son had seriously swollen lymph nodes on the back of his head and they took weeks to go down. I also feared the "C" word but they eventually did go down. If you saw a doctor, who felt it, and thought it was okay, it's okay. They would NOT let you leave the hospital if they thought it was something dangerous, I promise! I totally get how you feel and it's easy for me to be on the outside looking in on your situation and have perspective but it's so hard with our kids! I am currently dealing with something regarding my daughter as well. We just want our kids to be okay!
  8. Sorry for the late reply Doug! I am doing just okay at the moment. I am worried about my daughter. I have had some majorly stressful life experiences this year and everything seems to be piling up on me. Thanks for asking! How are you?
  9. I had Covid about a month ago, and I too freaked out...and posted here. I am pretty overweight so that was my main cause for concern when I tested positive. I lost my sense of taste first, and smell came after and it gradually decreased until it went and while it has greatly improved, it still hasn't returned to 100%. Load up on vitamins (500 mgs a day of vitamin C, 5000ius a day of vitamin d3, quercetin, and 50mgs of zinc) and see if you can get your hands on some NAC (Ivermectin too if you can get the human version). If things get worse, you can look into getting monoclonal antibodies if you want to. I scheduled an appointment for the antibodies and then read the paperwork and decided against it but a lot of people are finding it very helpful in getting them back to feeling better. Something that kept me sane throughout it was using a pulse-ox. Even if I was panicking and feeling like I couldn't breathe, the pulse-ox told me I was fine and that definitely helped my sanity. You will be okay! Get tested again if your daughter is negative but if she is positive you can feel pretty sure that you have it too.
  10. I am now in this same situation! On Wednesday/Thursday of last week I started to notice my sense of smell and taste diminishing. I just got over a crazy cold so thought maybe I was just getting a sinus infection and such. Over the next few days my smell continued to go and my sinus headache got worse. Today I went to urgent care to see about an antibiotic. The PA thought I definitely had a sinus infection but of course they tested me for Covid. I was actually shocked when it came back positive. I called my boss to tell her and she told me about someone she knew who died at 42 (I just turned 39). I'm freaking out with anxiety now, taking my pulse-ox every 20 minutes. I believe I am on day 4-5 of this. When should I be in the clear as far as getting severe symptoms if I was going to get them?
  11. Yes, those are palpitations and can be completely related to anxiety and stress. I have had them on and off for many, many years. If they keep happening it's probably worth discussing with your doctor, but if it's a once-in-a-while thing I would not really worry, especially if it co-occurs during a high anxiety cycle.
  12. Ugh, my son has had swollen nodes on the back of his head for a week now and I ran him to urgent care the other day after he had a pretty high fever of 102.7. I always think the worst and I am trying to work on that but it's so not easy when it comes to kids. Where is your son's lymph node and how old is he? Thanks so much for's nice knowing you're not alone.
  13. Hey all, I am very curious to know how those of you with children deal anxiety over their health when you are in a high anxiety phase. I am trying so hard not to impose my health anxiety onto my children but I am not doing such a good job. I don't want to constantly run to the doctor with my kids as I do not want to be seen as insane by my kid's doctors. Any advice for me? Thanks in advance!
  14. Yes, but not because of "variants" but because no vaccine is 100 percent effective.