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  1. the other day i was looking at my moles (i’ve been freaking out thinking i have melanoma) and i saw one on my thigh, i know it’s been the for awhile and never caused problems but i still freaked out. there was a little pimple by it and of course i squeezed tans i continued to mess with the mole which caused it to be irritated and red and sting a little. a couple days later (today) i ended up scratching the dark part off and i’m now freaking out even more. i have pictures attached. first one is when i popped the pimple and shows what it looked like the day after messing with it, second is where i scratched off the dark parts. is this something normal or is it melanoma? has anyone else ever done this? i have a doctors appointment but it’s a week away so i’m going crazy.
  2. I have recently been going crazy thinking i have melanoma. i have some moles but they are all little except for one on my face but i eventually stopped stressing over that one because i realized its normal. i just saw another one, well i think it’s a mole and i’m freaking out now. i have an appointment with my derm but it’s in a week and it’s hard waiting that long. googling pictures of normal moles is so hard and when i google ones of cancer they are so advanced. i’m freaking out not knowing if what i found is normal or not. i’m also new to this site so sorry if this is to long.