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  1. I really didn't want to post but just feel so alone with this. Thought I was getting better HA wise but that is not to be. Feel helpless at the minute sorry everyone. Yet again I was having bad pelvic and tummy pains. ER did the usual bloods and urine all were fine. Had a great lady doctor which helped a bit more. She actually gave me examinations of both parts down below and said all was fine. She gave me a CT scan of the pelvis and abdomen. No changes since July. No inflammation of small and big bowel, all solid organs unremarkable, uterus and ovaries unremarkable. No identifiable reason fr pain on CT. Yet I still have pain and still going to the loo. Can this really be HA causing this. Today I just feel like crying and have been hiding away all day. Not because of the pain but because I am at a loss as to what to do. I am fed up of being at the docs/hospitals. I had Colonoscopy just under 3 years ago so they tell me it can't be bowels. Really really sat on the ledge right now and most people would be over the moon with results like mine oh no not me I fear they have missed something.
  2. Hi There Sorry you are feeling this way...It gets us all doesn't it. If the CT didn't show anything significant let's take that as a good thing. I have had the same problem too and is ongoing. I am not sure if because we are focusing on things like this it seems worse than it is.....I have heard and don't quote me that a colonoscopy is good for 5 plus years. I believe Colon cancer takes a long time to grow. I had a benign polyp which apparently wasn't causing the pain I was having and there was nothing else to report. I was convinced there should be something! It is so hard waiting for tests and then waiting results, I feel for you. Please try to stay positive as hard as it is. We are all with you. I am sure anxiety messes everything up especially the digestive issues. Everything crossed for you and keep writing until your appointment that will help.
  3. Maybe you could prepare your breakfast at night time...say porridge or something and pop in the fridge or do overnight oats...lots of videos on youtube and then maybe make your lunch at nighttime too? Prepare some meals ahead for lunch and pop in the freezer?
  4. I think maybe seasonal changes, some people are quite sensitive to the seasons changing...isn't that funny! I have always had a change in health through Fall and Winter think I need to hibernate ike the animals do πŸ™‚ There have been studies done on seasonal changes and how they affect people...interesting
  5. Thank you for your messages. It always helps. So I wanted to update you all as I think it is nice to close off with answers. I went to my GP today and explained what had been going on...I have got an external hemorrhoid. She did another thorough rectal exam and then gave me an internal down below... Looked at the cervix and all around that area and felt for bumps and lumps. Nothing untoward going on. Felt the ovaries and they were also normal. She said of she had any concerns at all she would do tests but there is no reason as I had a CT not so long back and colonoscopy 2 year ago. Now here's the thing, she said do you realise that for the last 3 years during Sep and Oct you have had the same issues? I go that often to the docs I can't remember that! She said last year in September she even took swabs from down below....I can't remember that!! She said in all the testing that I have had something would have been seen if anything was wrong and I just have to try and remember that!!! Urine sample was all negative too. I have been with my doc 8 years and trust her like no other...I am so happy nothing was untoward but I wonder why it is this time of year that I start with bowel and down below issues.... thanks folks
  6. I get eye twitches and yes they are very annoying. They tend to pass when I put my eye mask on. I have one of those that you can freeze or warm. The warm one tends to work better. I have had calf twitches, arms and legs...I think it is anxiety doing it..
  7. Thank you Pennypanic Haven't even thought about food intolerances, I just went straight to the worst case. My saving grace was the fact I had had a CT but now HA tells me otherwise...hate how this makes me feel 😞
  8. Thank you for being back I am so pleased. I am in a spiral at the moment. I will try to keep it short. I have lots of toilet issues which I was thinking was IBS or just nerves. I visited doc and she said I had a hemorrhoids. She did a rectal exam and said all good. 10 weeks ago I was at the ER with abdominal pains and they did a abdominal and pelvic CT with contrast everything was unremarkable. BUT, I am now having pains down my lower right side and I have convinced myself it is my ovaries. I am over the menopause. I am so scared it is cancer of them or something. The pain is vague. No other symptoms apart from alternating toilet issues now and again. No bloating or anything. Is it likely to be something sinister even though I had the abdo/pelvic scan 10 weeks ago? Could something change in such a short time frame? The scan did say ovaries and uterus unremarkable but HA is playing havac with me right now...:-( Thanks for any input.
  9. Thanks Chuck! The more people that say this the more I realise I did well....I hope someone may take something from this for themselves too.
  10. Hi Maria I had 2 moles which I thought were odd. They were fine but I did go to the dermatologist and not my GP about them. He knew straight away. We all have odd looking moles of differing colours and shapes and people without HA will not even bother with something we would. For us HA's, IMO, the only way to stop the worry is to see the doctor that specialising in your condition, be it IBS, heart palps, chest pain, skin issues etc. I would go to your derm just for peace of mind as this will not leave your thoughts until you do, I am saying that not because I think it looks odd or anything because I couldn't tell one odd mole from another! I am saying that so you get peace of mind.
  11. Thank you so much Jonathan 123...I will remember the two steps forward and try to concentrate on the 'thing' not happening πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks Marc...nice to feel okay for a change!
  13. Thank you Lofwyr I will remember that advice.
  14. Hi Everyone This past little while I have been somewhat concerned about 2 moles that I thought were a bit odd. I had an upcoming appt at the Derm office so thought I will wait it out and ask him when I go. Now, ordinarily I would not have waited to see him, I would have gone to my GP for reassurance and asked her then asked him. I would also have googled and looked at images and read about what they could/might be. Instead, I took advice from this Community ...DO NOT I did not Google and I did not go see my GP and I did not post here looking for reassurance which is what I wanted to do! I waited it out. For me, this is great progress, a stepping stone in the right direction, yes I woke up thinking about them, yes I thought about them throughout the day BUT, I did not Google or rush to my I think I did well considering. So Thank You community for consistently reminding us all not to Google....I hope I can do this again when my next 'thing' crops up...It's a start right?