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  1. Bobnnat

    Bone lump

    Called a ganglion cyst. Totally harmless. Sometimes they dissolve, sometimes not
  2. Could much more likely be a local, simple nerve issue affecting the finger perhaps related to your job
  3. Birdie, with ALS weakness is not perceived, it’s objective, meaning your muscles simply won’t function. Weak legs? You can’t climb steps. Weak hands, you can’t hold a coffee cup or turn the key when entering your home. Sadly, when someone has ALS, that person doesn’t wonder whether something is wrong, they know something is awfully wrong. Other than anxiety and likely medication effects as you’ve described, you’re fine 😀
  4. Bright, not sure of your situation, but isn’t it more likely you’ll get another vaccine rather than the J&J? As for the clots, 6 people in over 6,000,000 shots given means 1 chance in 1,000,000 and like you said, all were women. I don’t know for certain, but these women, at least some were likely on birth control pills, which in and of themselves raise clot risks. I’m as anxious a person as they come, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get the JJ or Astra Zeneca if offered to me. Just so happens I got Phizer.
  5. Yup. The ancient Asian people had it right early on..Yin and Yang. So did Frank Sinatra (“Cycles”)!
  6. My first shot Pfizer or Moderna in April 8. Can’t wait! In Canada they automatically schedule the second dose up to 16 weeks out. Mine is July 29. Seems waiting actually appears to increase the immune response. I trust that if science based research changes that observation, they’ll move up second doses for Canadians.
  7. 100% agree with Mamaisanxious. So many reasons why your descriptions are not ALS. Like Mama, I could write many paragraphs explaining why, but trust us. Stop googling, get exercise, try to lower stress and go back to living your life. Bob
  8. Pdt....Last year I noticed darkening near the genitals on either side. I also googled and found diabetes/pre-diabetes. Ran, did not walk to my GP. If he could have yawned he would have. Just called it “minor staining” that’s likely cause by long term sweating. Had zero concern. I later had blood work and no sugar issues, all results fine. Highly likely that’s what you have, plus you’ve also had the green light re diabetes. Bob
  9. Hi everyone. My GP had a consult about me with a psychiatrist. He stated, as I’ve known for years, that my HA has a large OCD component. He was not surprised that past Antidepressants I’ve been on, namely Lexapro and Cymbalta didn’t help me much. He says Luvox is the go to SSRI for OCD and now for HA. I just started taking it last night, so far no side effects. I’m on a low dose but will be placed on a therapeutic dose soon, assuming I continue to not have any bad side effects. Anyone have experience with this one? Bob
  10. Just. Go. Away. Why are you trolling on an anxiety website? That’s not the way to promote your obvious financial or other interests, not on the backs of those that come here because they’re suffering.
  11. I know all too well that feeling you had this morning. You go in looking for reassurance, and don’t get it, but rather leave even more stressed out then when you went in. That said, I agree with you; if he was truly concerned, he would give you no choice but to be seen ASAP. No Doctor worth his salt is going to sacrifice your health and their reputation and potential legal issues, just to make you feel better. Thus, he’d have been no nonsense with you. When you didn’t commit whether to go to the in or out of network derm, he figured why not be seen earlier? Less time for you to stress, and it’s not like the extra cost you’ll incur is anything he would be concerned with. This will be stressful, since you have HA. We just can’t be calm if we have the chance to worry. It’s in our nature. Keep one thing in mind that sometimes helps me. As HA sufferers, we over estimate the chances of a concerning outcome, AND we under estimate our ability to deal with a problem, should it actually occur. If you’re fortunate enough to have a significant other who is understanding of your anxiety and can help soothe your fears, there’s nothing wrong with seeking their calming of your fears. Bob
  12. JJ, curious about your relationship to that site, which you reference in every one of your post?
  13. If your doc is agreeable, he can prescribe a low dose of Wellbutrin aka Bupropion to go with your anti-depressant, which is one of those rare SSRIs that increase libido and helps against delayed ejaculation.
  14. Bobnnat

    Lets talk

    All the time! It’s more on myself, but I’ve worried inappropriately about family. One example...maybe 2 years ago my wife showed me some bruising she had. To me it looked like petechie (spelling?) which can, amongst many.totally benign reasons, be a symptom of a blood cancer. She said no, it was from her aggressive workout. I insisted she see her doctor. An argument ensued and I “won”. She saw her doctor, and made it clear she was there because I insisted. Doctor said no, it’s not what I said it was, it was a simple bruise. She felt foolish. I felt relieved.
  15. Cancer certainly causes symptoms which are relentless until the situation is addressed. This is unlike yourself, where the discomfort comes and leaves, comes and leaves. If you’re really still stressed, speak with your GP. Assuming you could get an in office visit, he can give you a brief neuro exam which will virtually rule out anything sinister..