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  1. You really should move away from Baltimore. Seriously, not a joke. My kids lived there for a few years after my divorce from their mother. When visiting it was scary. Route 40..enough said. Finally my daughter grew up, went to college in NY and lives in South Jersey. My boys, in their 30s now both got into trouble there and still live in Baltimore. I’ve washed my hands from them at this point. I lived in Maryland near DC in the 70s and it was wonderful. Maryland went downhill since in a very bad way.
  2. Sorry to hear of your issues TE. You are in my, and I’m sure every members thoughts and prayers. Bob
  3. Hi Joe, I went through exactly this. About 2 months ago I was eating dinner and a piece of food went down hard and I coughed. That started me doing exactly what you’re doing, over thinking every swallow. I was testing as well, purposely eating things like bread and meat. When I made the mistake of getting an Arby’s roast beef, which probably had been sitting in the warming bin for hours, it went horribly wrong. I chewed, swallowed and awful pain. Hard to get down. That was all I needed to fear, well something really bad. Enough meals passed I guess and I finally was able to move on, but not before bugging my doctor who in no uncertain terms set me straight. Of course like you, I’d been moving back and forth with various other HA concerns, and I still am. It’s really difficult, isn’t it? But clearly, like me, your swallowing is fine and once you’re able to stop micro managing every swallow, this will pass.
  4. Of course although I’ll bet most were too busy or inattentive to even notice it
  5. That is magical thinking. You can look that up. Also, forgive me for being blunt but I think you need to hear this. What you’re worrying about is bullshit! The world is a logical place. Think about that. That an owl can hoot and he means to cause you harm is not logical. These are old wives tales made up long ago by people for who knows what reason. There are a lot of things to worry about in this world, it’s true....but an owl conspiring to bring you evil is not one of them.
  6. Hi Penny, Even with my awful HA I have been fortunate to have a GP that I trust. She understands my HA and I trust her experience and judgment. This doc you saw sounds like a gem. If I were you in that examining room and he said that to me, even I, king of HA would walk out with a smile on my face, and never give it a second thought. As far as what it is, it doesn’t matter since it’s nothing of concern. If you absolutely can’t let this go, you can have it taken off, but I really think this is one you can move on from..hopefully not to a brand new concern, which we of course are famous for with this type of anxiety. Bob
  7. Sounds like a cascade of anxiety symptoms, made worse by your ongoing freaking out. I looked up this disease out of curiosity and you have none of the symptoms not to mention it’s incredible rarity If you’re able to take deep breaths, allow yourself to calm down, you’ll likely see many of your issues go away. Now if you believe you’re suffering from anxiety or depression, good idea to chat with your GP to see what they suggest to help you out. YOURE NOT DYING..FAR FROM IT 😄
  8. Bobnnat


    Totally understandable
  9. Bobnnat


    There are credible reports that statins might be preventative even for some types of cancer. I’ve been on them for 20+ years with no issues and my lipid numbers are excellent
  10. A study in the UK meant for primary care docs found that when a patient complains solely of headache, the incidence of BT is less than 1 in 1,000 patients, and the advice to GPs is no need in headache only patients to scan or refer to specialist.
  11. How are you feeling now, Nat? I know the feeling of despair and of course the what if’s. The whole question of whether what we’re experiencing warrants a trip to the ER, a call to the doctor, or nothing at all. How are we supposed to be able to tell the difference, except in obvious circumstances? And then if we decide to go to the ER, or call our GP, that begins a long waiting game to get from that point to the end point, where we hopefully get closure. Like 12 hours in the ER waiting. Like waiting for a call back from our doctor, or scheduling an appointment that’s days or a week or more away, and there’s no gaurantee our fear ends there, right? No words of advice I’m afraid, but sympathy for what you, I and so many others have to deal with, with this cursed HA. Bob
  12. Elle, statistics are our friends. First off, it’s a very rare disease. Second it’s rarer in females than males. Third it typically strikes in later life like 60-70+. Most importantly, with about 30,000 cases a year in the US (I know you’re in Europe but numbers are the same), you’re talking about a 5% subset which comes to 1,500/year. That lessens even more due to your gender and age. Compare those million + to one odds with an ailment you 100% do have..anxiety with its lovely plethora of symptoms including, high up on the list twitching, shaking, tremors, etc. As I know I mentioned in an earlier post on some other matter, a line my GP said to me when I was having a HA crisis in his office about XYZ disease, he said “This is bullshit, you know?”. That was all I had to hear and I walked out able to drop it. Ellebel, this is bullshit, you know that.
  13. Hi Elle, sorry to hear you’re going through this again. ALS doesn’t start like that. By the time you have twitching the motor neurons are compromised and you’re unable to do things, meaning actual weakness. Go hold a cup of coffee. Go turn a key in your door or car with the hand you’re concerned about. When you can do this, it’s PROOF this is not what you fear. Can you climb stairs? Get up from a seated position? Walk and not fall down? Then you have no weakness in the lower portion either. You’ve got to fight this Ellebel. I know our HA brain and how we react. It’s got to be one of the worst forms of anxiety. But you’ve done this before and you can do it again but please don’t let this go on. BTW we all have so called mini twitches made awfully worse by stress. Reach out to me any time. Bob