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  1. My God, those are fantastic results. Are you serious worrying about that? Leukaemia would not just have slightly off numbers, your platelets, WBC and other readings would be off the charts. Believe me, I’m the king of HA, so I understand the fear, the reading into every word or intonation the doctor makes, but jeez, those results are so clean you could eat off them. By the way, F—K Google.
  2. I worried about AN recently. I thought I had that darkening skin but my doctor looked at it and said what are you seeing that I’m not? Turns out it was my health anxiety making me think normal skin color was sinister. My A1C is also 5.3 perfectly normal as is yours. I also read about that cancer AN but it’s super rare. Looks like you’re doing all the right things, just keep it up.
  3. You’re 21. Odds are like 1 in a million. You have pain. Pain and other sensory symptoms are not part of the ALS clinical picture. Perceived weakness is another way to say anxiety and hyper focusing makes you believe your limb is weak. Like Stealth says, clinical weakness is can’t climb stairs, hold a coffee cup, rise from a seated to a standing position, turn a key in a lock. Tough love here...stop this nonsense NOW! Going down this road will only needlessly torture yourself.
  4. you know whether you’re diabetic or pre-diabetic? AN can be caused by that. Regarding the liver, are you a drinker of alcohol? If so, cutting back or eliminating that should help with tenderness or size
  5. No, we with HA went to the bookstore medical section, or the library, sad to say.
  6. Maybe it’s just me, but your words leave me wishing I hadn’t clicked on this post.
  7. Hi AriaRen, sorry you’re going through an episode. As I’m sure you’ve read, what you fear is, sadly very fast acting and within a year of initial symptoms, it would be incredibly obvious what was going on. Add to that, twitching is so common and only occurs after clinical weakness, meaning your muscles would be failing. You and all around you would see what was occurring. Finally as you’ve pointed out, pain is not a symptom. Finally, in a young woman, the incidence is under 1 in 1,000,000. Our devilish minds take us to horrible places. You have cold, hard facts on your side to fight this demon.
  8. That seems really small. I would suggest that you do what I do in situations like this. I ask my doctor whether in her professional opinion, she believes it would be prudent for me to have xyz test, scan , etc. Many times the answer is no, only if I need it in order to have peace of mind. Hating tests, I defer to her judgment which has never steered me wrong.
  9. Text book HA. Generally people like us are quite intelligent, and we “know” what we fear is irrational. But our OCD trumps our intelligence all the damn time and we spiral. Like most of us, if I had a say $10 for every freak out I’ve had over the years, I could take a world cruise (in a COVID free world). I have had numerous node fears in the past. I’ve learned that a potentially serious node is very obvious. Very large, hard, immovable and just plain not normal looking. I assume you live in the US. As you likely know, due to litigation and malpractice fears (increased premiums if they’re sued, even if they defeat the claim), docs almost always take the easy route, especially with an ultrasound. Fear not. All will be fine. Ultrasounds can get scheduled quickly, and results in a few days.
  10. Bobnnat

    Bone lump

    Called a ganglion cyst. Totally harmless. Sometimes they dissolve, sometimes not
  11. Could much more likely be a local, simple nerve issue affecting the finger perhaps related to your job
  12. Birdie, with ALS weakness is not perceived, it’s objective, meaning your muscles simply won’t function. Weak legs? You can’t climb steps. Weak hands, you can’t hold a coffee cup or turn the key when entering your home. Sadly, when someone has ALS, that person doesn’t wonder whether something is wrong, they know something is awfully wrong. Other than anxiety and likely medication effects as you’ve described, you’re fine 😀
  13. Bright, not sure of your situation, but isn’t it more likely you’ll get another vaccine rather than the J&J? As for the clots, 6 people in over 6,000,000 shots given means 1 chance in 1,000,000 and like you said, all were women. I don’t know for certain, but these women, at least some were likely on birth control pills, which in and of themselves raise clot risks. I’m as anxious a person as they come, but I wouldn’t hesitate to get the JJ or Astra Zeneca if offered to me. Just so happens I got Phizer.
  14. Yup. The ancient Asian people had it right early on..Yin and Yang. So did Frank Sinatra (“Cycles”)!