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  1. Ovarian cancer was rare in women aged 25 to 29, who had a rate of 2.4 new cases per 100,000. Thats less than 1 case in every 40,000 women in that age range, Linnox.
  2. All good advice, and I’ll add this. About 6 months ago, I was kneeling on my bed putting pressure on my tight arm. I was in an awkward position, and for about 45 minutes. It was sore when I got up from that position, and a bit later, I noticed that my right upper arm had a tremor every time I raised it in a certain position. It eventually lessened and went away. I had obviously disturbed the nerves and that’s how they reacted. Seems something similar with you. Causes and effect. NOT ALS.
  3. I agree with Ironman. You’ve been on high alert ever since your diagnosis. Rather than accept that it was caught early, I’m assuming Stage 1 and moving on with your life, you’re assuming that every normal or oddity that occurs (to everyone) is sinister in nature. Don’t get me wrong, I understand that and wonder how I, as one with HA would react in such a situation. I guess I would eventually come to the realization that I need to move on with my life, with my loved ones and persevere. After all, what’s the alternative, being miserable every day? We are here for you Ryn. I might also suggest that you visit anxietycommunity .com which is much more active than this site. Between these two sites you should get good and timely responses when you post. Also, like this site in its heyday, the other site is full of good caring people, like Ironman. Bob
  4. Oily residue is common. I get it on occasion. Means nothing. Like Ironman said, when you get a cancer dx they do scans to assure no spread occurred. Plus as long as the margins they took are clear, and I believe they get the path report on that while you’re still under, then spread is not possible. It OK to be sad and scared. BUT and I mean this with peace and love, the pity party will need to come to an end. Sounds like early stage, good cure numbers. Just do what the docs say, of course keep your follow ups, eat well, stay hydrated, take any meds they Rx.
  5. Never received your DM. Either of you feel free. I’ll be looking for it. I’m more on these days. Bob
  6. At 26 CC is less than 1 in 50,000. People who do get it typically have a genetic condition called Lynch syndrome. I’ll spare the details, but if you had that, it would already be very obvious to you and your doc and would have been discovered long ago. I’d suggest do your best to let it go.
  7. Hi JL. Certainly being pregnant brings out the hormones, so be on the lookout for false alarms and HA flare ups. The brain and spinal MRI are the gold standard to diagnose MS, and you had those feelings before 2019 so you’re A-OK. Plus those are commonplace symptoms of anxiety. Congrats on the pending new arrival!
  8. I think you’re correct, sounds like a boil. They are infected ingrown hairs and occur in areas like the groin. If it doesn’t heal in a few days to a week, I’d see a doctor as it may need either an ointment or antibiotic to help it along.
  9. Hi. Wondering how you’re doing. Long time no talk.


    1. angrry


      Hi Bob....thanks for reaching out...i think of everyone here quite often, especially you as you were always so helpful...I hope all is well with you....sort of a long story...i joined a gym in January of 2020 and after two years i lost 72 pounds....i've gained 20 back but its muscle now..not fat...joining the gym was super HA practically disappeared...there were a few blips here and there but they never lasted very long....I had covid in April and it was just like a cold...even that didnt trigger my HA as it would have in the past.  Right now I have a very bad cold, not covid again, I've been testing...been off work the past few days...the only thing I'm worried about with this, is it turning into a sinus or chest infection...dont know if you recall but 5 years ago I had c diff and i'm still really scared to take antibiotics in case it triggers another c diff infection...nasty thing that infection was.....over all as I said I am a vastly improved, more confident, less scared person.......what about you?

  10. Bobnnat

    pls help

    I’ll just add that ALS in a 15 year old would make the medical books worldwide. There is 0.0000000% chance you have that and as Goldy said, 100% chance you have anxiety, which I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy.
  11. Yes I do. Very common. Annoying but harmless
  12. Bobnnat


    I as well have been down this rabbit hole, the last time only recently. I had severe twitching in my right bicep area that just wouldn’t go away. I kept strength testing which ended up causing pain. I eventually went to my doctor and she nodded saying she has had MANY patients with twitching, some like me in specific areas, others widespread. She said it typically seems to go away after about 3 months. That calmed me down and sure enough it went away a month or so later. Check out or .ca don’t recall which and look up twitching. Listen to the clip of Jim Folk, the site creator describing his experience as an an anxiety patient. Finally, at 37 and female ALS is extremely rare, so the rarest of a rare disease.
  13. For what it’s worth, I saw my doctor with a HA fear a few months back. After examining me she shook her head and rather succinctly said “My God Bob, not everything you see or feel is stage 4 cancer!”. Made me think…at least for a while.
  14. JP please go to this site: Look up your symptoms on that site. It might be easier to go to Google and use these key word: anxiety, whatever symptom you fear, and Folk who is the sites owner you might say. It’s an incredible free site. For I believe $5 per month, payable monthly then stop, you get access to an amazing amount of additional info. At your age ALS is literally 1 in a million, and then add to that bulbar which is an unusual presentation. Please do this for yourself, your wife and child. I know all too well how frustrating it can be for the spouse. My wife has also just had it every time I bring up a fear, even one I’m “convinced” I have. Happy to chat by DM if it would help. Bob
  15. Probably inflamed hair follicle, assuming (forgive me) you have hair down there