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  1. I ended up with hundreds like over night two years ago. I asked a few doctors and they all were like hmmm weird. Notbjng to worry about. Well why did they show up over night. Probably 20 or more on my breasts and hundreds of all sizes on abdomen
  2. I have googled so many things with horrendous outcomes that put me spiraling like your having happen to you now. Call Monday for an appointment and in the meantime get some fresh air or exercise. Im sorry your going through this
  3. Thank you for taking the time to respond. I cried my way through it as some parts I can relate to and some parts broke my heart. Thanks again
  4. I've had so many problems with my teeth. Infected ones etc...weird those never bothered me. I have something that takes the pain away so it didn't bother me. My thoughts run wild too and I just wanna cry
  5. Thanks for the response. I wake up everyday going ok I'm not gonna feel every part of my body to check for anything weird (found a tiny lump at the base of my throat this week feeling for throat cancer). I reassure myself I'm gonna be ok today and I just don't seem to me. Only a year back I wouldn't think anything of an abnormal feeling or pain or anything odd. Now I drive myself crazy. Makes me wonder if I can ever get back to that place of not worrying.
  6. Every since my health anxiety began in November I always feel unwell. Yes I've diagnosed myself with everything but aside from that even when I do my hair and makeup I feel unwell. Not sick to stomach just keep thinking I don't feel like myself. I feel like maybe I've had cancer for a while and am going downhill. Although I know it's not rational. Any just feel like crap all the time
  7. My opinion is stress. When I'm anxious about stuff like that as I have 6 kids I can relate to busy my whole body tightens including chest. Between my breast bones will feel sore
  8. I don't think that'll do it because I think it evaporates. I have a house full of girls and I've had it spill alot. Weird you didn't smell it. I too have trouble getting air lately that leads to me coughing or clearing my throat. I assumed acid reflux, air conditioner or we have a ton of smoke in the air from wildfires. I wouldn't think much about it. Plus when I start thinking of things that make me panic I noticed I begin the deep cough
  9. My abdomen is covered too. Been for 6 months. Did yours ever go away
  10. I have em everywhere. One day I noticed my stomach was covered in em. Hundreds. Stomach chest and legs. Look like microscopic blood spots. Went to doc got blood work all was good. They have zero explanation. This was back in December and there still there. Doc said looks like mini cherry angiomas
  11. Ya do they know what that does for you all weekend. Hoping she calls today and they get her right in and it's something that makes you go o geez I was worried over that
  12. The things you fear most are playing with your head. Seems like be it's developed into a habit and you don't know how to stop thinking these things. I have health anxiety which is different but it hit me out of nowhere last year and even after my issue went away my health anxiety grabbed me for good looks like. Although a year ago I never had an issue like that. I myself am trying to figure out how to stop it.
  13. My hips kill during the same times as yours. Never did until my last baby either. I can deal with menstrual cramps but the hip thing is so annoying
  14. I suffer horrible gerd and I take Prilosec but says only 14 days at a time..anyone have experience taking this full time or what can be.
  15. I gave up Facebook several years ago due to it triggering me with anxiety due to reading people's drama and feeling like I had to fix everyone's problems. I moved to instagram and it's been freeing. So I would do what's necessary to avoid triggers