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  2. Trudy

    Positive chat

    You are welcome it seems the media only wants to push the scary stuff but never mention the positive I need the positive. I need some hope to hold onto I went on twitter a typed in positive covid19 stories or news
  3. Trudy

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    Found this twitter feed called positive news on covid 19
  4. YOU NEVER STOP BEING! YOU NEVER EVER CONFORM somewhere out there are the friends and family who are perfect for you and real family aint gotta b blood honey. never judging belittling shaming or mean. if you love the skin you are in then you make it the best life for you. toxic people ughh I feel sorry for people who are so close minded to the way of the world. Who never stop to think love is more important than the music you listen too or the colors you wear or the clothes you buy I am so pissed that you go through that and I don't even know you I am so hurt
  5. I swear we are twins separated at birth bullied when I was younger allllll through school, abused, ridiculed by family, you name it it happened homeless in my 20's I will gladly be your friend. No judgement here my friend.
  6. Awwwe I am sorry I didn't know. But the being overdue is totally normal.
  7. OK mom of two over here blood on TP hemroidsfrom the baby Back and abdominal pain baby pressing and stretching you muscles Weakness/tingling in hands again baby pinching your nerve Our little bundles really throw us out of wack
  8. For you to have that kind of reaction I am quite curious wtf pushed you that far because hate is a very powerful word. Did he do something purposely to hurt you
  9. Congrats to you for beating the The Big C
  10. Trudy

    Positive chat

    Ty so much it really helps to see there is a good end in site
  11. Trudy

    Positive chat
  12. Omg your parents need to be locked up the way you were just because of you being on the spectrum. I can't imagine damn child services should have locked them up. I have my own share or drama growing up but nothing compared to your pain I was raised by maternal aunt who is more like my mom to this day because my mom was a crack addicted vagrant in the neighborhood which was so embarrassing because all my friends knew her from the neighborhood before she got addicted she was a pretty neighborhood mom like all the other moms. but she kept making babies. I'm the oldest at 44 when I was 13 my sister was born my aunt took us legally buy the other 3 that followed no body else n the family would step up to help so they were taken by the state. Because my sister has severe disability blind dwarfism and a bunch of other stuff rare genetic disorder and my aunt couldn't take all 5. Then there was the molestation by and older cousin who was my sitter. While my aunt was at work who to this day nobody knows about it as he is the Golden child.
  13. Don't be so hard on yourself with everything that's going on right now take small steps make workout stuff around the house two water jugs can be weights or laundry bottles. Walking/running up and down the steps or my personal fave look up low impact workout classes on YouTube me personally I love to dance so my kids and I look up zumba classes and hip hop aerobics if you are having fun doesn't feel like excersize
  14. I went from 316 to 290 in a 2 1/2 wks now I am so off track I used to be a size 26 women's now I am a 18 which is great but I should be smaller by now
  15. Best way to loose weight it is proven because I had to do in for 2 was before my weight loss surgery back in 2018 cut all carbs Eat all the veggies and lean meats you want protein burns fat it really worked I was like damn I should have been doing that all along and I would not have needed the surgery lol 1200 cal. Protein n veggies lots of garlic to lower pressure apple cider vunegar is good for pressure too and tumeric is great for inflammatory issues ginger is great for digestion