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  1. Am I the only one nervous about turning on the air conditioner because of Covid
  2. You were attacked here on this site?
  3. Trudy

    Positive chat

    You are welcome
  4. So true I see so many with no masks on just LA LA land in the streets
  5. Trudy

    Positive chat
  6. I am in a major city Philadelphia with my ocd and anxiety I still have to take and pick up my hubby from work I still am outside everyday mask scarf on my head gloves bleach spray and all. Two kids pets and lord knows my meds therapist over the phone of course lol. My state is on color coded reentry by county with philly being the last no time soon of course.
  7. Damn so much for the positive thinking I was trying to have.
  8. I hope everything turns out in your favor. It really feels like we are living in a sci fi movie that won't end
  9. Trudy


    Welcome trust me you are not alone in here. Look at small achievements you get dressed some cant even take that step. We are all here for each other.
  10. Thanks for responding I am not allowed to Google symptoms because of my health anxiety ocd dr. And therapist orders for yrs now. This worldwide nightmare is a super nightmare for us mental health folks We all need each other to lean on
  11. I am trying not to freak my sinuses behind my ears are draining and my ears are full and sore i can feel the congestion behind my ears and the itching ughhhhh am i ok? i keep deep breathing and when they drain its clear i have been using the neti pot and flonase and claritin freaking out over here
  12. Hi all I have been a long time health anxiety ocd fighter. I have been on lexapro 30mg was my max and buspirone for at least 10 yrs. But last fall i was taken off and tried welbutrin. Well the wellbutrin didnt help with my ocd as well as we thought. So since the new yr i have just been taking my buspirone 40mg a day. Well thanks to the new pandemic of terror I have been restarted on 10 mg of lexapro as well as .5 mg of klonopin temporarily until the lexapro levels out. I have been on the 10mg for a little over 2 wks. On Tuesday my psychiatrist uped it to 20mg and it feels like my anxiety, jitters, and obsessive thoughts are flaring back up since i doubled up. Its been so long since i restarted this med I forgot what it can feel like. Any lexapro people out there who can offer advice ty
  13. I have been on 10 mg of lexapro for almost 2 wks. 2 days ago my psychiatrist uped it to 20mg and it feels like my anxiety, jitters, and obsessive thoughts are flaring up its almost 6am i have been up since 4am is there any advice out there thanks
  14. Here in Philadelphia we had crazy violent storms yesterday with 70mph winds and then today boom allergies