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  1. That last sentence is meee meee meeee I talked to my therapist yesterday and she had to remind me that my anxiety likes to run to health when it flares. So she asked what is the root fear? Well the virus and I'm just projecting it to my go to fears.... Do you notice yourself doing the same? Hugs hun. We are all stressed, you are not alone. We will get through this. Some of my friends that had zero anxiety are more anxious than I am.. and I'm thinking wow the tables have turned If I'm talking them down from this lol. I feel like we have the upper hand in managing it a little Bec we know it so well. ðŸĪŠ
  2. Oh my!! It's time for that sweet baby to be here !! I remember when you announced it. Congratulations! Being overdue is actually pretty normal for first time mom's. Anxiety is hard when your hormones are going wild with pregnancy, it will level out soon. And soon you will have tht baby to keep you occupied. Hugs. And you are okay.
  3. I have this from time to time and when it starts I remember that it likes to hang around.. mine usually lasts a month. I have no idea what it is . I've been told post nasal drip. It's annoying as all get out Bec it's always there and of course it's on our minds 24/7 which just makes it more prominent. Hugs, I understand so much how you feel!. I even had a few posts on it a few years ago. When it flares, I try hard to not focus on it. I have noticed when I do have it I try to cough it away then that leads to more coughing and a tired chest.. just to let you know if you have started that.. I think it's just a normal reaction to cough it away.
  4. Don't be so hard on yourself 😞 please don't be ashamed of your body. Just like earlier when we talked about a plan for work, housing and school this can go in with it.. make a plan to get healthy.. have fun experimenting with different workouts until you find one you love! A lot of places are offering free workout streaming.. take advantage 🙂 it's normal to feel how you do right now.. we have a lot of down time to analyze our lives . Just make plans for improvement and work towards it. You got this.
  5. Justluca, I'm sorry that your family isn't behind you during all of this. I believe that during this time you will come out of this knowing what you want. Maybe do online school once you find a new job, which you will 🙂 make a calendar of goals . Like in 6months I will have a job in 10 months I will move out in a yr from now I'll be enrolled in college.. etc etc. Make a board of your goals. Family is nice to have but when they are toxic, you have to break away. You will. Hugs.
  6. Hugs!!! I feel the same sometimes through out the day..I think we feel that way bec we like to be in control or think we are and this is definitely something we can't control. All we can do is control what we can and that's staying safe and following CDC guidelines. Lean on your sister, believe her when she tells you that you are okay. Big hugs. We will get through this and let's all hope it's over soon.
  7. Holls

    Lets talk

    Hugs hun..it's hard for us with health anxiety.. but don't let your mind go to the virus.. remember facts. Do you have fever? Is it a dry cough? Etc.. focus on facts and tell your mind no when it tried to scare you. You are going to be okay. I really understand what you are going through. I have a little ear drainage and a sore throat, I got extreme anxiety over that this morning but I'm reminding myself of facts.. and if I went or called my Dr would she be concerned and my answer is no.
  8. Holls

    Darker stool

    Mine was startling.. I noticed it first when I wiped . I know that's a lot of information, sorry but I want to be honest to ease any fears you have. When I wiped it looked as dark as devils food cake.. then when I looked, my stool was black. (I had diverticulitis and it was painful but antibiotics cleared it up. So even mine wasn't too serious. ) I forgot to mention I had a coworker that had colon cancer and she had black stools and black blood clots .. she is almost 9 years cancer free.. so don't worry about the darker brown.. it's absolutely something you ate changing the color. If I drink too much milk or eat too much ice cream I have tan colored stools and I've also asked my Dr about that and again she said I don't care if it's brown .. I care if it's white or black .. so that says a lot.
  9. They are saying the cough is a dry one.. and you describe yours as wet. Do you have a fever? Hugs, it's hard because everyone has different symptoms and I think it's making everyone question any cold/allergy type symptom they have. Hugs. Just stay home and rest. 😘😘💗
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    Darker stool

    Absolutely the green and chocolate cake will do this. I had diverticulitis four years ago and I knew something wasn't right Bec I wasn't feeling well but my stools were Stark black.. I've asked my Dr several times after that episode when I have dark dark brown stools if it's okay and they don't care the shade of brown as long as it's brown.. and let me go the other way with this . My friend had liver cancer and she had white stools.. so absolutely you are okay. Hugs.
  11. Hey ! From what I read those are not the symptoms they are looking for. I hope that relaxes you. I too find myself taking my temp and breathing in deeply to make sure I'm.okay.. I have OCD tendency's as well. I feel on the verge of an attack a lot of the time but then I try to distract myself but it's hard when our daily lives remind us of what's going on. Just continue to stay vigilant and safe and you will be okay. Hugs. I really understand how you feel. 💗
  12. Thank you! I just got the app. 🙂
  13. Hi. Glad you found your way here. This forun has gotten me through some rough times. I have always had high anxiety but mine turned to health after losing a close friend. I love your news fasting! I need to do that as well.. I never watch the news but I'm bingeing on news articles. I need to stop. I do believe that helps to clear out minds. Big hugs.
  14. Agree! The mornings are my hardest. Thank you for saying what your Dr told you. That gives me a lot of comfort. I really needed to hear that today.
  15. I'm sorry! It can definitely be a lot and I understand how it can hit all at once. For me when I get anxious I breathe and think of things I can control.. I read a book to keep my mind busy.. I go for walks to clear my thoughts.. cook or painting also helps me.. anything that I need to focus on. If you have a therapist call them for a face time chat. I'm doing weekly ones now since things are changing daily. Just knowing I have appointments coming up helps. Hugs. I hope you are feeling better.
  16. Still feeling anxious. What is everyone doing to not let this ramp up their anxiety? I'm trying to not read articles. I never watch the news but the article headlines alone make me start shaking with anxiety. I'm doing weekly therapy sessions via face time now . Hopefully that helps. I think the uncertainty and not feeling in control is what's getting me.. but as my therapist says.. control is an illusion but my inner OCD says that not true lol. ðŸĪŠ Hugs everyone. Stay safe.
  17. What are your symptoms? Did you get to check your temp? Try to remain calm. Again us anxious people have to be careful that when we hear symptoms we start to mentally manifest them. I was having a tight chest yesterday but I had to ask myself is this me doing this or something else. And it was me.. over focusing.
  18. Me too.I posted on the other thread but it's very inactive here again. Hugs. I'm signing out. Everyone take care. Be safe.
  19. I don't know about you, but I can usually tell when I have fever.. especially a high one. I'll get chills and over all feel really really bad. I can never tell by just feeling my forehead Bec I always feel flushed. When I get anxious my cheeks and ears get hot.
  20. I have that when I have anxiety. It's worse in my face it tingles and feels completely numb..hugs you are okay..
  21. I'm assuming you don't have a thermometer? I usually feel hot too and the last few days that has been worrying me but I took my temp and it was 98.0 .. I do think as anxious people we can't help but to start feeling like we might get this Bec that's what we do.. we worry. Hugs. I'm sure you don't have fever. Just stay in and take care of yourself.
  22. I'm surprised there isn't more traffic on this post. There hasn't been much activity for a few days actually.. I'm overwhelmed and my anxiety is higher than normal. I'm doing what I can for myself and my family but this is like a nightmare! The grocery stores are honestly what's scaring me and why aren't they doing more for extending hospital sites? My what ifs are running rampant right now. I've been hunkered down, have had zero contact with anyone for five days. My husband has to go back to work Fri and what sucks is, if he gets around 1 person that isn't taking this seriously that undoes everything we have been doing. He's going to talk to his manager about safety protocols. Hugs everyone âĪïļ some kind of advice would be great from another anxious person. I also haven't watched the news. My family keeps texting articles so I'm going to have to remove myself from that text group..
  23. Hi. I haven't been on lately at all.. little anxious since starting a new job so it always flares my health anxiety when I'm anxious, before I sign off the site I had to ease your worries. Hun, you don't have ovarian cancer..you just had your pap and when they do the eternal exam they are feeling your ovaries. My friend had liver cancer that metastasized to her ovary her symptoms where not subtle. Spotting , and after even a sip of water she looked easy four months pregnant. She never complained of frequent urination. Bloating is normal.. her bloating was shocking..I saw it and I knew something was very very wrong. Hugs..please don't worry. Ask yourself what is really causing your anxiety uptick? Was it your pap smear? That always makes me anxious.. is it the virus and all this crazy news coverage? When I ask myself ok holls, what's going on I can always get to the true root why I'm anxious.
  24. Gas...oh the lovely things pregnancy brings on. Lol. As far as the bleeding..I get that often like once every three months..I wipe hard.. and sometimes I have hard bowels that cause it. It's not cancer. Hugs. Your hormones are causing anxiety. It will get better soon.
  25. Oh I agree with ellebel.. tension headaches are a vicious cycle. I also get sinus headaches that are rough. What did the doctor say? I hope you are feeling a lot better tonight and all your worry is gone. Hugs. ðŸĨ°