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Found 3 results

  1. Hello. This is not my first time going down this worry. It happened back in 2018, where I was focused on my body and twitches. For a whole year my anxiety was thinking I had ALS and it came to the point where I saw a neuromuscular neurologist, they did my EMG and it was clean. Nothing, not even fasics showing on my results. No evidence of NMD or neuropathy. I was happy to let this go and which I kinda did. It was always back of my mind but I moved on with my life. Now. A few weeks ago I was helping my coworker out and helped her carry two 12 packs of sodas from her car to our offices which is a pretty long walk and I can tell my hand was tired. So I sit down and I grabbed my soda and I noticed my left hand was shaking. Almost like a tremor. I decided to just relax and not over think but it was it was still on my mind. Couple days pass and I did yard work with the weed eater and my hand was again shaking. I was really concerned and got me worried even more. Now whenever I use my left hand I’m seeing if I shake or trembles which it does to a certain degree but nothing like it was before. Now my head is in a big cluster of thoughts thinking is this how ALS starts. I’m doubting myself and rational thoughts. I know this clear symptom is failure. But as you know we try to find certain ways that it applies to us and I can’t seem to move on from this. I even ask my family if my hands are shaking and everyone tells me no.
  2. Smalm

    Rabies fear

    I slept in a room on October 5th or 6th. I had a window open. I fear a bat could have bit me. I just have really bad anxiety because my right wrist itches and my right palm below my pinky tingles a bit as well as feeling icyhot. I am having the same sensation in my shoulder as well. I don't know why I am having such weird sensations. I am freaking out. I know I do have a problem with my right hand, but fear that this palm and wrist tingling and itching is a rabid bat bite or something. It just started the other day as far as I noticed. I need reassurance. I am freaking out! Can anyone ease my fears?
  3. I have had a weird problem. My right hand feels like someone put menthol on my whole thumb and palm. It feels like it has menthol on it, literally no other way to describe it. I do not know what the heck the problem is... All I know is I went to see a doctor and he told me it was a swollen tendon causing pressure on all branching out nerves... Hence the weird feeling. I have a brace they gave me, but I am scared it is something quick and deadly. I have been wearing the brace, but it makes it worse on my whole palm. I don't think this is helping my health anxiety. I also have my thumb tingling which drives me nuts. I don't know what to think. One thing about me is I am scared to death of contracting rabies.