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    Art, music, history, movies and being with family and friends. I love the beach and being in nature :) I like nothing more than a hot cup of tea and a good crossword!

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  1. Hi darling, i have had a similar experience with my Dad needing a lump removed from his lip earlier this year. I know it is hard and how scary it is because it's your parent and you want them to be healthy and happy. i found that finding reassurance in the fact that my dad was in the best care and with the best experts to look after him made it easier. I know you must be feeling sick with worry but know that your mum is in the best hands. Focusing on the positives and being strong for your mum is the best thing but make sure you are doing all you can for yourself too. meditation, writing down your feelings and worries, acknowledging what is scaring you and being there for your mum is going to help you. Please feel free to private message me if you need additional advice or support. sending you love and positive vibes xxx georgia xx
  2. sick with a throat infection/cold thing… :( feeling very average but trying to be positive 

  3. Just a bit anxious right now. I'm just trying to be brave. Sometimes its harder than other times :(

  4. Hi! Well done for seeking help, I know when I first went to see someone about my anxiety it was a horrifying experience. I was so ashamed almost and I didn't want to talk to a random stranger but it was the best decision I ever made. I too struggle with the vicious cycle of anxiety and trying to be okay. You're not alone in this. xx
  5. Well done beautiful, that is certainly something you should be immensely proud of. Being able to stand up in front of 200 people is a massive challenge and such a huge achievement. I know I would probably be sick if I did that, so I applaud you! I think you are a very brave person and much stronger than you believe - Georgia xx
  6. Thank you for sharing your story! That is absolutely wonderful and a fantastic achievement I am so proud of you xxxx
  7. Tired as. So exhausted and over it but I can't sleep. Didn't have such a great evening but the day was good. Hanging in there 

  8. I know how you must feel darling! Try and explore all the options that might help you. i know personally I avoided medications cos I thought it would be horrible and i wouldn't feel like myself. But medications have been the best thing for me. it is different for everyone and you must do what is comfortable for you. you deserve to be happy and to wake up in the morning without worrying. Xxx
  9. "It's okay not to be okay" This is a tricky concept. It's not something we always believe when we're struggling. We feel as though we have to put on this face of being fine and act as if nothing is wrong, when all we want to do is scream. We walk around with a poker face, hiding how we truly feel inside. We smile and laugh and pretend we're happy when we're not. We try and make others and even ourselves oblivious to the pain we're feeling inside. Sometimes all we want to do is curl up and cry or hit something or scream at the top of our lungs. Sometimes it feels as though we have to be okay, we aren't allowed to not be okay. It feels like we have no choice than to be okay. But. It's okay not to be okay. It's okay to be afraid It's okay to admit you feel sad and lonely. It's okay to admit you're feeling terrible. It's okay to talk to someone. It's okay to admit you're struggling. Be brave, be strong in yourself and recognising your emotions and state of mind. If you're confused or overwhelmed, talk to someone about it, whether it be a friend, a family member or a counsellor or someone from a help line. It's okay.
  10. Recently I have discovered ASMR - a wonderful yet different way of obtaining relaxation

    Some channels on YouTube I recommend:

    - GentleWhispering




  11. Hey Intro, would love to chat, i am online at the moment xx
  12. Watching a girly movie by myself and feeling good. Nice to have 'me' time :) 

  13. Watching some amazing ASM (Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response) videos on YouTube. So relaxing :) I am currently watching Gentle Whispering's videos so her channel is: it's so good, a bit weird at first, but amazing. 

  14. feeling a bit more positive today. had a good sleep so Im feeling better :) 

    1. Elizabeth1976
    2. Elizabeth1976


      I hope today is the same!  Sending you good thoughts

    3. georgiamadelene


      thank you beautiful, that means a lot xo

  15. Thanks jonathan123, I like to try and give people a positive note and I think its important to notice these things in order to stay and continue to be positive. Thank you for your kind words