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  1. Welcome Geonia! Yes this site is great. A lot of great people here with support we all need.
  2. Welcome to A/C. I can tell you I agree with dogs helping us. I don't know what I would do with out mine.
  3. Hi Michelle! Welcome to AC. you have found a great Site. Everyone here is very friendly and going through the same thing. we all support each other. Take look around and if you have questions post them. i have anxiety and panic attacks and just getting over agoraphobia..
  4. Welcome Kai, I deal with panic and anxiety attacks to. This is a great sight. A lot of information to read and people that are going through the same thing. we are here for you!
  5. I was wondering if any of you on here have quit smoking? And if your anxiety and/or panic attacks start to act up? And if so for how long? i am on day 3 of not smoking. and woke up this morning with a major panic attack. And still have. I don't feel like smoking. I am just having a big panic attack and now worried I am going to have them more offten? I think I need to talk to someone that has gone through this and can tell me there exsperance. Would love some prayers and possitive energy sent my way. Thank you
  6. Hi Nickoftime, when were you put in Meds? They take time to work. Mine took 6 weeks. For your thyroid there is blood work for that and if you told your dr. That you were concerned about it I'm sure he did the blood work. Try to calm yourself down by breathing. And doing something relaxing. Good luck with your apt. Keep me updated. I'm here if you need to talk. You will be in my prayers.
  7. Hi Mary, im glad you have an apt. That will help calm down your anxiety. However know that those symptoms are signs of anxiety attack. I get them offen with attacks. I try and tell my self it's just anxiety and not let my mind go any futher with it. Just remember to breath and it will pass. good luck Tuesday and you will be in my prayers. If you need to talk, message me.
  8. Welcome Debs, have you thought about getting a massage? It would really help with all the symptoms you are stating. You are in my prayers and hope you are feeling better soon.