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  1. Sounds like typical OCD, as a person who suffers from it myself to a different degree I can understand you questioning it. To clarify you would be labeled like myself a "checker" type OCD. I have to check door locks, window locks, stoves, ovens, outlets, light switches and my kids among other things multiple times at night before i can go to sleep. I recheck them because in my brain it tells me that by checking them i could have accidentally turned on the stove rather then turned it off, or the door might not have latched the lock. They do have treatment programs available for people with OCD and there are some things you can try to do which would be to refrain from checking it and realizing nothing bad happens from doing so. There are plenty of things to try to resolve it.
  2. Welcome to Anxiety-Central Lisa! I'm sure you will find plenty of people with Health Anxiety here that can help you out. I have found this community to be wonderfully helpful towards my mental health symptoms. I hope you enjoy your stay
  3. I suffer from Bipolar 1. It's a real problem even with all my other diagnoses and even with medication it isn't managed too well except my manic episodes have slowed down and are less frequent and dont last as long. How do you manage your bipolar?
  4. I'm a diagnosed OCD checker. I check.... Window locks Door locks Stove knobs Oven knobs Outlets for heat Light switches for heat or sound of spark My kids breathing in the middle of the night. And after I check these things once, i have to keep checking them because I feel that me checking them may have CAUSED a problem, for example checking the stove knobs might have actually accidentally turned the gas on. So i check things normally regularly.
  5. I am looking for friends with similar issues as myself. I updated my about me so you can understand what i have gone through as well as what i'm going through. It doesn't go into full detail because there are some things in my past that should stay buried. I wish there was a magical pill to erase memories. All i can do is suppress them and it's not very effective. I self harm regularly both medication-wise and cu&&ing, I want to be a better person. I know that with the help of this wonderful group i can make friends and be able to talk open;y about my emotions. I know i won't ever heal fully because of what i suffer from, but that doesnt mean i wont try to manage it a little better then i do. Thank you very much for taking the time to read this You can call me Vince or Vanish or Zero
  6. Today I have to do a 4 hour round trip drive to see my parents (Read my profiles about me) My parents are good with my kids but leaving my house and seeing my parents scares the hell out of me. I'm going to take a Valium before I go and then take some with me just in case. Wish me luck <3
  7. My name is Vince, I'm 27, married with 4 children. I suffer from countless issues the main ones being Schizophrenia, Psycho Organic Syndrome, Bipolar, Depression, Social phobia and Agoraphobia. I hope to make many friends.