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Found 9 results

  1. When you watch your television to witness the best performance of world-class famous singer, joining a community which discuss your favorite author’s books, or going to the cinema to see your favorite actor/actress’ newest movie, you probably never have such an idea that those you are worshiping to are still people, though.They might have a perfect and most ideal life of people ever want to. But wait a second, are you sure they are extremely and really happy at their popularity?Don’t you ever think they presumably suffer from something dreadful behind their popularity, such as famous people control their panic attack?Anyone, famous people with panic disorder or infamous ones, can suffer from a panic disorder. From past time to modern ages today, it’s not a surprising fact that many famous people have had suffered panic disorders.World class Oscar’s actors, Grammy’s singers, Pulitzer’s authors, presenter, inventor, and many more show and struggle through their panic disorder to make a change to them-selves and especially to the world for making it more inspiring. she the one of famous people with panic disorderIt’s glad to see how they have had come out to the public and said many useful things which may help you to do the same.If people who are continuously being at the spotlight and attention center in spite of being born not for it together with such kind of confident attitude you expect, still attempt to impress and influence the world with their positive talent, then there should be no reason you can’t do the same.Way even better by your own fame. Read more to find how these 10 famous people with panic disorderPrincess Diana “Family is the most important thing in the world. “– Princess Diana Fewer people know that she was experiencing panic attacks while suffering from postpartum depression after giving birth to Prince William, the third generation of Royal Kingdom throne. The information came from his bodyguards said that during her first tour of as a Royal Kingdom family, she suddenly cried and uncontrolled as she travelled to many destinations. However, she managed to successfully compose herself and being just fine. She told by her quotes that a supportive family bonding power was the key of all problems. Tell every single thing you face with your family, then they’ll together with you to embrace it. Sigmund Freud “The act of birth is the first experience of anxiety, and thus the source and prototype of the effect of anxiety.”- Sigmund Freud It might be a quite shocking how a person who shocked the world with his revolutionary ideas and theories was actually not very comfortable to be in a social circumstance. In his professional time, he could be a very technical and chill, but he could suddenly falter when he should being confident in a regular interactions with others. He proclaimed by his quotes that all he could do was just believe that every person has at least one anxiety experience in common. That would make him better by affirming himself that he was not the only one experiencing it. Nikola Tesla Energy using and robotic inventor who contributed a very fundamental principle to the world we sit in today, suffered from panic attack since he was only 5. It was believed that the death of his brother influenced him to develop many phobias. None of the psychology students at that time could explain why he could experiences panic disorder signed by bright light or flashes before his eyes. Tesla said that his mental disorder allowed him to think deeply than only thinking clearly. He supposed to cope his illness by redirecting thoughts to be deeper and slower so that everything could go calmer and wiser. Read full version here http://myworthlife*com/famous-people-with-panic-disorder/
  2. Dealing with social anxiety may take efforts. But it’s worth to try. Most of the time I feel this anxiety increases as I meet people. I would like to share my experience about dealing with social anxiety. I tried and tried to stay strong every time my boss put the blame on me even though it’s not completely my fault. For example when our client complained about the weak security system on their web. I wanted to shout at his face I have no bloody idea about internet security system. But when I did the right thing he never noticed. So a year later I resigned. People are so unbelievable. I had been a jobless for the next six months and people started to look down on me. So I locked myself, avoided meeting others especially relatives and friends (which I barely had). Again, I was continually dealing with social anxiety. then applied for remote-based job, got it after a skype interview. I worked for a company in New York from home and received salary from bank account. Still, people saw I was not normal enough since I didn’t go to office. Then one day my manager said she would come to Seattle next month attending some business meeting and asked me to come with her. I was so shocked. If I refused then I would lose my job. Otherwise, I would meet stangers and it’s not impossible including my former boss. I agreed to meet her anyway. The sight of a middle-aged woman wearing glasses with severe look hit my imagination. I’d seen her before on Skype, but it’s not clear enough. I was so damn nervous on the day of our meeting. When the first time I met her I was right about my portrayal of her in my mind except that she didn’t have severe look. She had this smiley face and didn’t look like a stony geek. She came with George from the IT department. I tried to keep calm but my hands are all sweaty and cold. Thank goodness there are no people from my former company. But I looked so gawky. Later in the evening my boss took George and me for dinner. She asked me if I was okay so I said yes. She looked at me that made me revealed my anxiety this whole day. George said he had the same problem with me in his first days at work and he offered me to join Anxiety Therapy Class in New York. That’s it. I moved to New York and started my life over again. My boss supported me because she said my design was unique and had its own character. It boosted my confidence so I started my journey of seriously dealing with social anxiety. I realized not many people with social anxiety had the same good opportunity as George and me. So I’d simply like to share the cutting-edge way of dealing with social anxiety but I can't share in here coz it will too long, if you want to know more please visit
  3. feeling like I am going to faint, my heart will race and I get hot. I went to the doctor and they ran blood tests. Now they are sending me to a cardiologist. After looking up my symptoms it kind of sounds like anxiety but I am not sure. Since I ... went to the doctor I keep feeling this tight pressure in my chest and I keep crying for no reason. Does this sound familiar? This is how I live, but I can survive this things, I believe with my self. This how I survive this things : 1. Track Your Mood Anxiety attack can be puzzling for some. You may feel that it comes out of nowhere and caused by nothing. If you feel like that, then chance is you still don’t have a thorough understanding about you and your anxiety. The first step for how to stop having an anxiety attack completely is by understanding how it attacks you. You can do this by tracking your mood. When you track your mood for a certain period of time, you will see a pattern. The pattern is different for each person, but it tells the fundamental thing to fight anxiety attack: the anxiety trigger. Here is how it works. First, prepare a journal. Second, every end of the day, write your activity for that day and add the emotion you feel during each activity. For example, you can write it like this: Going to work – feel normal Called in the boss’ office – surprised Lunch – uncomfortable Writing report – clammy and want to go home quickly When you have filled the journal for certain period, start noticing the activities around the time when you feel anxious. Maybe, you get anxious every time after being called in by your boss – no matter what the reason is. Maybe, you get anxious every time you do activities that make you talk in front of a group. After knowing the trigger, you can help yourself to treat your anxiety better. For example, you can start to attend support group for people who want to be able to do public speaking. Or maybe, you can start to prepare your report and answer before your boss call you. That way, you’ll be more prepared when something triggers your anxiety, and you won’t experience anxiety attack. 2. Differentiate Bad Coping Method If you find yourself in this situation, you should stop as quickly as possible. Bad coping method can relieve yourself from anxiety for a moment, only to plunge you deeper later. If you choose bad coping habit, you’re blocking your own way to recover from anxiety. This is one answer for how to stop having an anxiety attack. You have to be able to form a healthy anxiety coping habit from now on and separate yourself completely from bad coping habit. Bad coping habit including: – drinking alcohol – eating emotionally – isolating yourself – harming or cutting yourself – torturing your thought by keep imagining the worst 3. Build Daily Habit: Exercise Here is one thing you must know about how to stop having an anxiety attack. Daily habit affects how you function physically and mentally every day. A healthy daily habit may even improve your overall physical and mental well being. Exercise is a habit that everybody should cultivate every day. According to this research, exercise has many benefits, both mentally and physically. Physically, it makes you fitter. It also releases endorphin into your system. Endorphin is a hormone that can make you feel good. Exercise daily means you will have a steady endorphin supply every day, giving you good mood and increase your tolerant for stress and anxiety. Sorry I'm not post all of my journey in here, if you want to read all of that here the source :
  4. "It's okay not to be okay" This is a tricky concept. It's not something we always believe when we're struggling. We feel as though we have to put on this face of being fine and act as if nothing is wrong, when all we want to do is scream. We walk around with a poker face, hiding how we truly feel inside. We smile and laugh and pretend we're happy when we're not. We try and make others and even ourselves oblivious to the pain we're feeling inside. Sometimes all we want to do is curl up and cry or hit something or scream at the top of our lungs. Sometimes it feels as though we have to be okay, we aren't allowed to not be okay. It feels like we have no choice than to be okay. But. It's okay not to be okay. It's okay to be afraid It's okay to admit you feel sad and lonely. It's okay to admit you're feeling terrible. It's okay to talk to someone. It's okay to admit you're struggling. Be brave, be strong in yourself and recognising your emotions and state of mind. If you're confused or overwhelmed, talk to someone about it, whether it be a friend, a family member or a counsellor or someone from a help line. It's okay.
  5. Hello, I'm new to the site, and like most people here, I suffer from anxiety. I had the first anxiety attack almost a year ago. Very scary, as you all know. It was hard wrapping my mind around the fact that I have some type of anxiety disorder, because I was far from being an anxious person. People usually came to me to get calm. I guess stress over time equals anxiety, whoever you are. I've been battling for the last year, and when I think it's under control, it reminds me that it's still there. Nowadays, I'm feeling some of the worst symptoms I've felt mentally. A few days ago, I was feeling pretty good physically. Then, all of a sudden, I felt like I was fainting. I was just sitting in the car, and it felt like blood started to drain from my head, and my arms and legs felt tingly. This was particularly different because I wasn't feeling anxiety. It just hit me in the middle of feeling well. So this episode is having lingering mental affects such as fear and depression. I went to the ER after this episode, and they did an EKG, blood work, and chest Xrays. They didn't find anything. I've been to the ER 5 times in the last year. Echo, EKG, CAT Scans, stress test, nuclear imaging of my circulatory system, endocrinologist, gastrointestinal doc, and a cardiologist later, and it seems like I'm back at square one with this episode. Of course it doesn't help that I ruptured my achilles tendon a few weeks ago, so now I'm laid up. Has anyone ever experienced this fainting like episode out of the blue?... Which was different than the usual vision narrowing fainting like episode. It felt like blood draining from my head, vision started going dark, arms and legs were tingly, and it felt like I was passing out. This all came on at once, and subsided a few seconds later, then the typical panic attack symptoms came.
  6. Hello All! My name is Zo and I have been battling severe anxiety/panic disorder for the past 3 years. For a long time I dealt with it alone and only recently sought psychiatric help. After my first year of treatment, I have never felt so AMAZING! And now that I have found a way to love myself and live a happy productive life despite my disorder I am dedicated to helping others find this same happiness. I am launching an anxiety awareness and support Vlog on youtube called Zoetic. I will be sharing my coping methods, all I've learned and doing my best to support others. To learn more about who I am and what I've been through please check out my introduction video: Follow me on Twitter for Stress management tips and Positive affirmations: Talk to me confidentially of 7 Cups of Tea for 1-on-1 support: Everything will be updated on a Weekly/Bi-Weekly basis. Feel free to reply with questions and suggestions, I don't bite I promise! I look forward to helping you!
  7. Hello All! My name is Zo and I have been battling severe anxiety/panic disorder for the past 3 years. For a long time I dealt with it alone and only recently sought psychiatric help. After my first year of treatment, I have never felt so AMAZING! And now that I have found a way to love myself and live a happy productive life despite my disorder I am dedicated to helping others find this same happiness. I am launching an anxiety awareness and support Vlog on youtube called Zoetic. I will be sharing my coping methods, all I've learned and doing my best to support others. To learn more about who I am and what I've been through please check out my introduction video: Follow me on Twitter for Stress management tips and Positive affirmations: Talk to me confidentially of 7 Cups of Tea for 1-on-1 support: Everything will be updated on a Weekly/Bi-Weekly basis. Feel free to reply with questions and suggestions, I don't bite I promise! I look forward to helping you!
  8. I will go throughout the day normally most of the time. Sometimes I'll get random panic attacks while watching a movie or just talking with my friends, but ever single night right before I go to bed I get a panic attack. My heart will start feeling weird and beating fast and then I'll start breathing heavily and feel like I can't catch my breath. This has been happening for two years now, I'm fifteen going into sophomore year of high school. This started when I was in seventh grade after in science class we talked about heart attack and that was the first time I actually really knew how a heart attack worked and the symptoms. Ever since then I've been scared of having a heart attack, which I know is very unlikely at my age, but I can't help but worry. At one point the panic attacks got so bad that I started getting depressed and crying almost every night and just think how I wished that I would just die already so I wouldn't have to worry about it anymore. That's when I told my parents that it's getting bad and that I want a therapist to help me, but we have to wait until we get the money. Good thing is I don't think like that anymore and I've realized this is just something I'm going to have to deal with. But like I said before I sometimes get them during the day and when I'm with my friends and I usually hangout with my cousin a lot and when I get them when I'm with her I immediately stop what I'm doing and start breathing hard and she just yells at me, and she knows I have this problem. She also criticizes me about it all the time. Like yesterday she basically told me to just stop thinking about it and that I'm stupid for even thinking about having a heart attack and I tried to explain to her that it's not my fault. She doesn't think that anxiety/panic disorder is a real problem and that it can be fixed in one minute. I know people don't understand it unless they've been through it, but she has her own problems that she deals with and I try to understand and help her and all she does is yell at me and tell me I'm being stupid when I go through my panic attacks. I've realized I kind of went off topic, but I just needed to let that out before I over think about it and cause more stress. But back to the original point is that these attacks happen every night and it effects my sleep, does anyone know any home remedies to maybe calm me down a little bit? Also, does anyone else go through this? Because I feel like none of my friends or cousin really understand me and think I'm just being stupid
  9. Hello all! I have been needing to go to a safe place like this to honestly share my problems for over a year now. I am hoping that by sharing them for the first time with other people that I may have greater success in overcoming them. First of all, let me give you some context about myself. After one year at a US military service academy, I transferred to a civilian university. While I pretend that this year was one of growth and valuable experience, there is no reason to maintain such a facade here. Honestly, I felt like I lost part of my humanity, personality, identity, and ability to cope with stress here. I felt dehumanized by being barred from talking (without being addressed first by an upperclassmen) outside the privacy of my room. I think the start of my fear of crowds came from the furious "greeting" sessions between classes at the academy, where I was oft stopped by bitter upper class cadets for a quick hazing. Unable to cope with constantly feeling surrounded by hostility and enemies, with every corner i had to "square" being a potential ambush site, I desperately tried to find an outlet for the waves of unreleased emotion i felt. Maybe I just wanted momentarily relief from the hellish existence I worked so hard to achieve. Regardless, my mechanisms for getting by were horrible for my health. Unfortunately, the easiest coping mechanism at the time has cost me thousands of dollars, much of my health and livelihood, and much pain and suffering from addiction - that's right, I started smoking cigarettes. The smoke pits were considered by all classes of cadets to be a rank free area, so it was the one place i could indulge in normal conversations and feel like a normal 18 year old for a few minutes. The other horrible habit i developed was chronic sleep deprivation. My hard and fast rule was this: 3 hours in the minimum amount of sleep you can get - otherwise, do not bother sleeping at all. Looking back ,this was a tragic decision for a young man to make to try to stay in a place he hated so much; however, my own choices there and afterward have sent me hurtling down a path of chronic isolation, depression, difficulty in completing tasks, extreme social anxiety, fear of crowds, panic attacks, and s*****al ideation (spelling?). Fast forward to 2014 - i am on the verge of graduation credit wise, but have been unable to step on campus for the majority of the past two terms. I think this is in part due to my excessive embarrassment of being a super senior, but mostly due to an underlying anxiety condition i have not been professionally diagnosed with. I will most likely be denied financial aid due to my irrational fear, and therefore will most likely be unable to graduate. With only 1 term to go, i feel as though i should have the motivation to go, but i feel paralyzed with fear. I used to think i was quite intelligent, but now i realize just how useless i have become. With all of the debt i have collected in loans, the amount of anxiety i experience and the attractiveness of s****de as escape continues to grow. I am at a loss as of what to do. I know I have to meet with an adviser to have any chance of graduating, but even just thinking about going on campus to talk about it terrifies me to the point of placing me in a catatonic state. Any help, advice, similar experiences, or even just a hello would be greatly appreciated. P.S. I really want to get into the chat room but can't!!! Does an admin have to approve my post before it is counted and i can go into chat? Thanks! Hope to chat with you soon ^-^