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  1. Thanks holls, I will admit That comment made feel on edge even more as I'm feeling more anxious today than ever as I still haven't had a full nights sleep. I've experienced all these symptoms before as I have health anxiety & GAD I just can't seem to snap out it this time. I've had a stressful few weeks, my daughter sick now myself also with bronchitis so I just hope to get some sleep soon. Thanks again for your reassurance.
  2. I don't understand what you mean? Dangerous situation ?
  3. It's 3:28am ATM I haven't slept properly for 6 days due to daughter being ill. Tried to get some sleep tonight & I'm so on edge, I'm flinching teeth banging together, jolts. The worse part is everytime I try to go to sleep I get these weird rush feelings in my stomach up to chest heart races & I fall apart. I'm so exhausted & all I want & need is sleep... I've spent the last few hours laying in bed in tears ?
  4. Hi cowboy, ive been where you are right now & believe me when I tell you this it will pass I was exactly like you, no matter what anyone said to me I wouldn't believe it I was convinced that the doctor had missed something. I would sit there day & night obsessing over the feeling of my heart beating, constantly checking my pulse, my heart felt like it was beating out of my chest 24.7. I was in that much of a state of fear I layed in Bed for days thinking if I move I'm going to have a hear attack... My advice here is, face it head on, except that its beating fast because your terrified of the feeling. Put your hand on your chest & let yourself feel it beating as fast as it wants too, except it & it will eventually stop bothering you so much. It worked for me & I have all faith that if you keep practicing this it will work for you too. If you need to chat please feel free to email me.
  5. Thanks Jon, when I read my post back to myself I thought about how ridiculous it sounded but at the same time when your in that anxious state thoughts take over ?
  6. I've been yawning a lot, googled it & now it says it can be a symptom of heart problems. My heart is my main health anxiety issue I've thought somethings been wrong for over a year even after tests & now I feel really anxious! I have GAD & health anxiety.
  7. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to me Gilly you've been a great help.
  8. It's kind of got to the point where I'm expecting it to happen daily now & fear it happening I know this is the worst thing to do but the fear just won't ease off, as soon as I get all the scary chest symptoms, the zaps the palps, pounding heart, the spasm feelings in my throat I instantly go into panic mode now & im so jumpy & on edge all the time. I've read a few other posts on here that say try to except it for what it is just anxiety but my brain instantly thinks heart issues as soon as I feel anything, it's sort of like I've trained myself to think that way now. :/ it's all so frustrating & draining at times
  9. Thank you so much for your reply. I will take your advice. It's so reassuring to know that someone else has felt this way before too, can I ask another did you get symptoms everyday though? Mine seem to be worse at night, but I can even get them when I'm out & my mind is occupied also that's the part I don't get even when my mind is busy I will get these symptoms.
  10. My daily symptoms Tight chest comes & goes Heart palps Tight throat comes & goes Quick spasm/ in chest & Lose breathe feeling & quick spasm in throat Happens many times a day. Pounding heart Tight throat Tight feeling in stomach & throat after eating Shock feelings in chest Feel like my heart thuds Emotional & angry All started with a pounding heart.. Tightness around stomach area. Feeling like I couldn't breathe I convinced myself something was wrong with my heart. Went to the ER they did a ecg sent me home said all was ok this was over a year ago now Started a tablet for anxiety cilipram & on night two got a shock feeling in chest & a rush. Went to the hospital they did blood pressure, oxygen levels were 100% blood pressure fine.. was told it was anxiety. Day 3 got a feeling of muscle spasm in chest several times, took third tablet & felt several spasms in throat & chest several one after the other tightness in throat felt like I couldn't breathe. Ambulance was called Was put on monitor & all normal.. I made them do another heart trace & all normal.. Still felt these spasms in throat near collar bone, rush of adrelin through body after they happened. This went on for weeks, saw doctor they said it was anxiety, saw my GP he did blood pressure listened to my heart all ok.. blood pressure ok... went back to the hospital they did another ECG & they said it was normal & I was experiencing stress to the body & anxiety. Stopped medication after 3 days, still experienced these feelings in chest & throat, saw GP again got bloods done all clear, listened to heart again. Since then been getting these feelings in chest & throat a quick spasm feeling & quick lose my breath feeling in throat this happens many times a day. Everytime it happens I get bad panic. Saw cardiologist in dec 2014 Had holter monitor, ecg & ultrasound all came back normal. About 5 months ago had another Ecg and was put on heart monitor for an hour, hospital sent me home again. This has taken over my life & scares me to tears daily. All started end of October 2014.. When I try to fall asleep or relax I get a weird feeling like a rush in stomach & chest, I live in constant fear everyday & so emotional this has been going everyday/night for a year & a half now, including panic attacks, dizziness, headaches, mood swings, electrical zaps in chest, tight feeling in stomach, throat & diaphragm after eating too I'm at my wits end with this I'm terrified of Meds so I can't take them either. Has anyone had any of these symptoms that last day & night I'm literally terrified of my own body day & night & im convinced I have heart issues. I've seen a phycologist he says I have GAD health anxiety general anxiety & panic attacks I'm just finding it hard to except that this is not some serious illness & im going insane
  11. so having the same symptoms for over a year everyday/night is possible? I've tried hard to except them & go with them but another one will start on top of all of the others.. It's so draining. Symptom, fear, adrenalin... And the cycle goes on & on!! ?
  12. Thank you for the reply. I have been agrophobic in the past but I try to push myself to go out regardless of how bad my anxiety is. I also get the same symptom of the tight band feeling around stomach/diaphragm when I'm home too as well as all the symptoms, it's just so frustrating when my mind will not stop telling me my symptoms are heart related.. It sends me into even more of state.
  13. I went out today & while I was out I was on a paddle boat as I was paddling I started to feel like a tight band near my diaphragm & felt like it was hard to breathe. I then had to walk up a flight of stairs & the same feeling it's not in my chest just diaphragm area I've had this on & off for a year now but it seems to get worse when I'm out. I've also been having thuds as in palpatations in chest & spasm feelings in my throat & chest this has gone on for over a year now but came back after a week of not getting anything.. It ruined my day & has brought back all my Heath anxiety fears that something is definetly wrong with my heart & I can't exercise at all or push myself as its heart related & the doctors I've seen are missing something.. I feel back at square one after having a good week! It's so frustrating
  14. Thank you so much for your reply Jon. You would think after a year of all different strange bizzare symptoms I would think oh here's another one don't panic but I do each time a get a new one, I've been doing so well the last few weeks & feeling so much better & then something new crops up. I think the fact that it wakes me from a deep sleep makes its seem a little scarier than it really is. I will take your advice on board as the advice from others on here including yours has really helped since joining....thank you once again.