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  1. Yes, can swell up. Usually just a sign that the immune system is fighting off an infection. Should just go back to normal in a few weeks if it's just that.
  2. I did notice at a higher dose, taken regularly - I had a slightly slower pulse. Nothing that ever caused problems in day to day life, wouldn't have noticed - although did have to not take it the one day I had an ECG. That was it though. Is how it works I think. Helps relieve physical symptoms of anxiety.
  3. I did used to take it - it helped reduce anxiety when needed, was pretty good at relieving the symptoms. 10mgs is a very low dose - you should be alright to take one as needed.
  4. Dont need to worry about changes in the brown - is normal. Food you eat can change the colour of it - things like beetroot or cranberries can turn it red, eating a lot of green leafy vegetables can make it go green.
  5. Once off blood isn't something you need too worry about so much, if your poo is otherwise normal in colour/shape/hardness. And as Acie said, blood would usually be mixed in. This is going to sound gross, but can you think of anything similarly coloured that you've eaten that may not have been digested properly? Could just be bits of that.
  6. It won't come up in the UK. There will be rumours being thrown about it, media will jump on any offhand comment made about and say it's a thing because sensationalism like that makes them a lot of money - but it won't be a thing. If anything, enough of Boris's own party would have him removed if he tried to put vaccine passports in place. They're already unhappy about the mask restrictions. Couple of businesses here and there might try and put it in place themselves ask to see the blue card you get after a vaccine, or for you to open up the NHS app and show them your vaccine record - which would be illegal. Fully expecting a few lawsuits for that. Nothing we can do about vaccine passports for travelling abroad - if you're a tourist, you're a guest. You follow there rules. If you're not a citizen, they can deny you entry for any reason they want.
  7. I don't think it'll be for pubs and things, only need one if you want to travel abroad.
  8. Hey there. Otherside here. Mod on the other site. Currently live in Wales (UK). Anxiety and bipolar sufferer. Also currently dealing with a rather lovely load of insomnia.
  9. Therapy can help a lot with learning coping skills. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) can help you learn techniques as to how to do this. You're right, and it wont be a miracle cure. It takes time for you to apply and learn the skills. But in the long run it can help.
  10. From experience, if you are showing symptoms that could be colon cancer (or crohns/irritable bowel disease/ulcerative collitis), they'll send you for a colonoscopy. If you've have pretty severe IBS - colonoscopy to make sure its nothing else, since there is some crossover in the symptoms of IBS and crohns. Even if they are 99.9% sure that your symptoms are not crohns or colon cancer, they will send you for a colonoscopy. That is likely how people in theres 30s got a colonoscopy. I had one when I was 21 for that exact reason. My GP was 99.9% sure that I did not have crohns, but he did not want to risk the chance that it was. The colonoscopy itself is not particularly pleasant, and so I would not go for one unless there is a medical need to do so. But if you are showing symptoms, and you are concerned, yeah, you can try and ask for one, but I wouldn't do it for the sake of it.