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  1. Looks an allergic reaction, I'd guess something in the sweater due to where the hives were. Could be the dye, the fabric, anything that was used to treat the sweater. Has it gone or is it still there? If it is still there, antihistamines, stuff you can get a chemist like allergy skin creams, collodial oatmeal for baths. Go see a doctor if it is really itchy and irritating you (though they will likely say antihistamines.)
  2. A bit. Have mine Sunday afternoon. Had a bad reaction to both 1&2 last time (nothing drastic, just felt rubbish, had to take time off work, thankfully they were fine with it, near all my team took time off because of it at somepoint), so not looking forward to that. Flu Jab I had a headache but nothing major.
  3. 2am. Idiot stopped firing off fireworks after about twenty minutes of it. Seven hours is the optimum sleep time for me
  4. 1am at the moment. Some idiot has decided that this is the perfect time for Fireworks here. 😅 Guy Fawkes Day today. Big day for Fireworks. Not usually at 1am though. In light of that, sleep wont be happening for a while.
  5. That's some zone. I know what you mean though.
  6. Struggling with the lack of light myself as well here in the UK. Grey and rainy here. I ordered one the other day as well. Hopefully will help a bit. Going back to my GP as well to see if temporarily increasing the antidepressant dose for the winter could also help, although I hate asking that.
  7. Insomnia? That sucked when I was dealing with that a few years back.
  8. Early on we had a few cases of tourists ending being a contact, having to spend the holiday isolating in a hotel room abroad. Feel bad for saying this, but mentally, I don't think I can do another lockdown. Don't get me wrong, I know why it was needed, but mental health was in a pretty rough place during the one January/February/March this year. Lowest I've probably been in a while. Living alone doesn't really help with that.
  9. It is spreading in the moment at schools. Because they did not vaccinate anyone under 16 until now. Now they are saying "only 1 jab". So cases are up. Now they are talking about a Plan B. Doesn't sound to bad. Masks and would require proof of vaccination. Then there is the rumoured Plan C. Would mean no household mixing at Christmas (Again.). How true that is who knows. Media has whipped up a panic about Plan C. Which is very unlikely to happen, I'd say.
  10. I don't know what the media has been like with the reporting over there, but it has been awful here. Coverage of it is just depressing and anxiety inducing. Add in being stuck indoors because of the lockdowns. Whethers it covid, the lockdowns, both...theres a mental health crisis brewing, we're only starting to see the effects of those lockdowns now.
  11. Yes, can swell up. Usually just a sign that the immune system is fighting off an infection. Should just go back to normal in a few weeks if it's just that.