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  1. Ever need to talk hit me up. No one ever gets on here much anymore. Message with a time ans day ans we can talk on chat
  2. hey kh84 what meds are you taking? my heart does the same. but more than that, my heart seems to beat fast a lot and I can always feel it beating. when I workout or run my heart is pounding. even when its very light or just cleaning the house. I don't think its the meds. if you have anxiety and panic disorder its cause of that reason. also, if your not working out or running keeping in shape that can make your heart beat harder. im trying to get back in shape as well. your heart will beat slower the more better shape you get in.
  3. kh84 yes. I stopped cause sense I started celexa I was feeling great and I was living my life again. so after about 5 years I figured I didn't need them anymore. so, I stopped taking them. I was fine for about 3 months maybe a little longer but I went through some stressful family events and they all came back full force! I feel like I would have ok if I didn't have to deal with the family stuff but that might not be true. I will say when I stopped taking them and tried to get back on them the side effects was bad. I found out when you take ssri and them stop and start back its worse the second time around. im not sure if I will ever be able to get off them. hopefully one day.
  4. hey ford. I took citalopram for 5 years. I started out taking 20mg and it def helped me a lot. I would stick to 20mg and see ho you feel after a few weeks. just hang in there and you ill feel better soon. its normal to feel anxious and it will pass soon. anytime you up your dose your going to have some side effects.
  5. i just want to feel normal again and live my life.

  6. hey gizmo. I understand what you are going through. dealing with this disorder is not easy but know that you are not alone. I know its hard being left alone with your thoughts probably racing. I am glad to read you got through it ok. I do the same things as you did to distract myself. movies and def talking to friends help. be strong cause you are a lot stronger than you know. you will get through this
  7. hey mandii I promise you that you are not going crazy! these are all classic signs if panic disorder. when I first started having panic attack I was only comfortable in my home. I didn't ant to go anywhere. not even 5 min up the road. have you seen a doc about this? if you want to try and beat this without meds I don't blame you. but many SSRI meds really help. I would recommend that. I was taking meds for many years and felt like the sun came out and the birds was chirping again lol I stopped taking the meds thinkin I didn't need them but they all came back full force. now I feel like I am starting over from day one with this. hang in there! you are not the only one out there dealing with this.
  8. hey everyone. I have had panic attacks and panic disorder sense 2001. dealing with this is one of the hardest things ever. for the longest time I thought I was the only one who had to deal with this. I would find myself trying to have a normal life trying to go out with friends while dealing with this disorder. I much as I would fight it I would find myself turning around to fly back home cause I as feeling this signs of a panic attack. I wouldn't even leave the house for the longest time. my heart was always racing or beating hard even when I wasn't having a panic attack. I was always feeling out of energy, racing thoughts, and wondering what as wrong with me. about 5 years ago I started taking a SSRI (celexa) and after a few weeks I felt so much better. about 5 months ago I stopped taking the meds thinking I don't need them anymore and boy was I wrong. they came back full force! I recently tried everything I could do to beat this without taking meds. I cut out all sugary foods, only eating healthy, exercise as much as I could, drinking relaxing teas, and still I was having those anxiety feelings. so I started taking the meds again and this time the side effects was bad. after 6 weeks I couldn't deal with the side effects anymore so I stopped. I went to the doc and now I am taking paxil. I am feeling a little better but still notice when I went into town the other day I was having the symptoms we all do and my heart was racing and I had to calm down. I did up my 10mg to 20mg so I hope this changes things. does anymore feel the way I do? I can always feel my heart beating. its worse after I eat. I worry about ever thump and thud.