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  1. Yes...believe me...I’m on top of it with the skin checks Spazmom, to the point where I have twice yearly checks with my derm and I also take advantage of some free screenings put on by our local cancer hospital. There’s so many different perspectives to put on our health fears...rhe skin is something we see on a daily basis, so it’s easy to obsess over every little spot or change or imperfection. With ALS, as you said, it’s progression and inability to treat is utterly terrifying and that’s why it can be a health anxiety sufferers worst nightmare, as we can see from the multitude of recent posts here.
  2. I’m certainly no doctor, but fibromyalgia (which is not a debilitating or necessarily worrisome condition) could be a possibility. You’d be surprised how it can impact all of our bodily systems and myofacial pain and nerve pain is a big part of it. I most certainly do not advocate googling medical conditions for those of us with health anxiety, but you’d be safe to google “fibromyalgia Devin Starlanyl”..... she is an expert on the subject and I have several of her books which made sense for me of all of the myriad of symptoms I feel....
  3. Spazmom I I love your information! I really needed to hear that now about the twitching! I was primarily a “skin worrier” with my health anxiety and went through what i believe was a nervous breakdown over it back in 2016. I still worry about skin issues (go figure, I recently learned I have a relatively rare nasal papilloma that although benign, can be aggressive and turn cancerous, so I’m having it removed end of this month....quite ironic!) but my health worries are all over the place depending upon what my current symptoms are. For the past three weeks it’s been the twitching...I’ve been following everyone’s posts here for a few weeks but quite honestly I’ve been too mentally exhausted to comment and interact with everyone. And like you, my blood pressure has been through the roof lately over this. On the online doctor topic...lmao my husband would freak if he knew the amount of money I’ve spent over the past two years on them! And I agree that JustAnswer is best when you need that immediate response! I even keep track of what time it is over in India so I know whether I’ll get a response soon in HealthCare Magic 😂. I am so so happy for you that you had a great neuro appt...put the ALS fear in the garbage and forget about it...you are perfectly fine (but I know sometimes it takes a few days to totally process and decompress from these appointments)!
  4. Spazmom....thank you for that wonderful post and for sharing your experience and mental processes...I’m sure almost all of us here can relate one hundred percent to your thoughts and feelings throughout your “ordeal”’. I’m currently in a state of twitching and am trying my best not to fall the ALS worry hole...your post certainly helped! And if it makes you feel better, I absolutey LOVE the JustAnswer service and I’m embarrassed to think about how much money I have paid...but you can’t put a price tag on peace of mind! (PS...there is also an online service based in India called “Healthcare Magic” which I have used numerous times and you can consult unlimited specialists for $35.00 for a month....I’m not advocating consulting online docs necessarily, but for me they have been priceless to “fill in the gaps” between my doctor appointments!)
  5. Hi Cuban! You get all sorts of symptoms!! I was diagnosed with chronic fatigue syndrome back in 1995, and after I had my second son via Caesarean section in 2002 I started developing extreme fatigue and crazy parasthesias throughout my body....Zappy and tingly sensations all over, feelings like bugs were crawling on my skin, and although I don’t recall exactly, I’m thinking I had muscle twitches as well. I went to a neuro and although he diagnosed me with “possible MS”, none of the MRIs showed any MS lesions. Fast forward sixteen years and I have no other symptoms suggestive of MS thankfully. But I did visit a rheumatologist several years ago who felt I had mild fibromyalgia. It can also cause a host of other symptoms, widespread aching, fatigue, and can impact just about every bodily system. Muscle twitches is a very common symptom of it. But I, like you and the others here, suffer from health anxiety and my mind wanders to ALS. At this moment, not only am I twitching but I also have the Zappy electric like shocky sensations throughout my body, so my rational minds tells me I’m in a flare up of fibromyalgia (whose symptoms are very similar to those of MS). I’ve had one medical issue after another lately...UTI, slipped disc in my back on Christmas, common cold, and now I’m dealing with having surgery on 1/30 to have my ENT surgeon remove a relatively rare papilloma inside my nose...I think all of those happenings and my mind in constant overdrive has caused the twitching! I promise you that you are just fine, my friend...as we can see from everyone’s recent posts, there are a heck of a lot of us currently in a state of twitching!!!!
  6. Excellent links!! I’ve also been having twitching in random muscle groups for the past three weeks now. I do have chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia and I believe I may be having a flareup of those conditions which is causing the twitching. But of course, my health anxiety always keeps A** in the back of my mind. Those are terrific and reassuring articles....thank you!!
  7. Hi friends! Well, today I had my much awaited appointment with the ENT surgeon for a consult on the soft tissue nodule in my left nasal vestibule, which showed up on a CT scan of my sinuses. You may recall I visited an ENT who told me it looked concerning and appeared to be an inverting papilloma, which I stupidly googled, only to learn that although benign, they are aggressive, can turn cancerous and tend to reoccur after removal. So...she referred me to an ENT surgeon for further evaluation. I visited him today and he was wonderful, kind and caring. I told him straight out that I googled and was petrified and he, like many others, told me in no uncertain terms not to google...not only is it a lot of false and misleading information, but it doesn’t take into consideration our individual health background and circumstances. So he did a complete exam and said it’s about the size of a pea attached to my nasal septum and extending over the top. He said it looks benign and does not look like an inverting papilloma, which would occur in a different area anyways. He said it appears to be a papilloma...either viral (caused by a strain of HPV) or a granular papilloma (caused by prior injury to the area). He did a biopsy (ouch...I won’t lie...it hurt ALOT)...and although the results will take seven to ten days, he’ll discuss them in person with me in a month (damn, I hate waiting). If it’s the granular type caused by trauma, nothing further will be done, if it’s the viral type he may go back in with laser to remove more, and if it’s something else, we’ll go from there. For now I guess I should be happy he stated it looks benign and appears to be the least concerning type of papilloma. And I’m sure if it’s anything more concerning, they’ll call me before my appointment in one month. Now I just need to resist the temptation to google these other types of papilloma....!!
  8. Same here...it’s kind of like a buzzing or trembling sensation. I’m still thinking you may need some additional magnesium or potassium...like I said, maybe eat a banana or two. I take magnesium supplements which help a lot with the muscle twitching and aching.
  9. I’ve been thinking more about your post, and when it boils down to it, anxiety is nothing but a thief. When I think back to the countless hours in my life that I was in the throes of health anxiety, all for naught (with fear of imagined diseases and wrong self diagnoses), it is nothing short of a travesty to think of many, many precious moments, all stolen by anxiety. None of us would put up with allowing a thief to enter our homes and rob us of our cherished possessions and treasures and disrupt our families. Why do we allow anxiety to do so? It must stop. Period.
  10. Love that!! You go girl, you’ve got this!! ❤️❤️❤️
  11. I’ve read before that potassium deficiencies can also cause that...why don’t you trying eating one or two bananas and see if that help...?!
  12. Hi Lily...Don’t worry about a thing...as the others here have said, it is very common for random groups of muscles to twitch or tremble...they’re called benign fasciculations and are nothing at all to worry about. I’ve had them in my lips before and also get them in my eyelids. One day I had them continuously in my eyelid for the entire day...they usually occur when we’re tired or rundown. You’re fine!
  13. Hang in there Dan...I know exactly what you’re going through! I am completely confident that the Effexor will start to work soon and you’ll be back up to snuff in no time!! Tell yourself that “This too shall pass...” and before you know it, you’ll be feeling like your old self again!
  14. Mlouise did get her daughter’s results back...benign, but but just irritated from her picking at it! I’m so happy when the “M” (as I’ve said, i hate that word!) fears get squashed!