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  1. I really hope that tingling is an anxiety symptom or I have problems. I think I’ve had just about every body part tingle at some point. It’s weird because I have felt that tingle in the groin and it seems to be one sided sometimes so of course then my anxiety makes my whole side tingle and I assume it’s a stroke (which I know it isn’t but I always have to remind myself) My scalp was the first thing I noticed tingle probably 15 years ago, sometimes it’s my legs and groin usually I notice all these things when I am laying down. I hope my symptoms at least make you feel not alone!
  2. I’m brand new to the forum here, but definitely not new to anxiety. It’s awesome to find this group and know I’m not alone! I can relate to so many of the topics. I suffered for 18 years and finally got some medication this year after a panic attack at work that I couldn’t get under control and was unable to do my job. Does anyone else get weird heart palpitations only at night when you lay down? I have tried to accept it as my normal but I would feel better if I’m not alone here. It causes me worse anxiety than I already have at night. I end up taking my pulse and think it’s too low but I never feel dizzy or pain when it happens just heart flutters.
  3. This is a great description of what I’ve felt for a long time. I’ve had anxiety as long as I can remember but only finally sought medical advice this year. I am embarrassed to bother my primary care doctor for it so I’ve been going to an NP and now I’m having doubts about his advice. (Probably anxiety doubts) Yes I can feel little squeezes of adrenaline or something when I get palpitations and I assume it’s a stress reaction to the heart flutter? My np offered some hydroxyzine. Do you ever get too anxious to take medicine just in case anxiety isn’t the problem? Like I’m afraid to take this new med because now I’m sure I’ve got heart problems 🤦‍♀️