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  1. They can scar and say enlarged for ever
  2. Please remind yourself daily that - stress - makes you twitch.
  3. Give it some time to heal, with the redness gone it sounds like it's getting better already.
  4. Mark is there anything we can do to help you? Support is a two way street. 🙂
  5. Hope the beast is back in the cage soon Mark. I'm sorry your going through a rough time. Feel better soon
  6. Jae

    6 months away

    My friend's first symptoms were falling.. random, absolutely no reason, falling flat out. No pain. No twitching. No creases. No tendons. There was also no wondering and worrying.. something was very obviously wrong.
  7. Sad that your "friend" contributed to your health anxiety. Aren't we also having this same discussion with you on No More Panic?
  8. Auhhh Bin, I'm sorry you've had a rough day. If I were to put it in a nutshell, I think you're tired. Tired from anticipating vacation, tired from the stress (ie: fun) of vacation, tired from not sleeping well last night. Tired = raw nerves, heightened awareness, hypersensitivity, and a shit storm of swirling thoughts in our head. You're going to be ok, I think you need a little recovery time. 🙂
  9. Bin.. sometimes when I feel "yucky", the thing that drives my anxiety up is, I can quite pinpoint a clear answer to what I'm feeling. It's muddy in my mind as to which came first? Was I feeling yucky first or was I anxious first and that is making me feel this way? In the past 10 years, I've noticed an upsetting change for me, excitement (like going on vacation) actually feels uncomfortable like anxiety does. You're not alone my friend.
  10. I'm not sure that's even HA. In your area, it's a real concern that all of you deal with. I am positive that there are companies that capitalize on the real need in your area. How about investigating? Have a couple come out to give you an estimate on protection.
  11. Jae

    Darn you Google

    ...and there we have it! Perfectly said.
  12. Jae

    Darn you Google

    I believe true addiction is something that you would suffer withdrawal from when it's stopped. IE: Drugs, alcohol, smoking. These things chemically alter your brain. Googling symptoms is not even in the ballpark of addiction, it's a bad choice and a nasty habit. Nothing about HA is rational, that doesn't in any way shape or form mean we should forgo any common sense we have and give in to its whims. STOP GOOGLING TODAY
  13. Hills I JUST went through this. Tooth with a root canal and a crown. How does that even happen? I went to the endodontis, she redid the root canal, it was not bad at all. It took a little longer than a filling but it was fine. They pack the tooth with medicine for the infection. You'll have to go back to have them take in out and put the filling in. My dentist said this can happen when bacteria works itself in and for me I was clenching my jaws so bad at night because it was right when my son had the surgery on his neck. You'll be a-ok I promise!
  14. Jae

    Tongue twitching

    My tongue was twitching months ago, what a bizarre feeling. No reason for it to start, no reason for it to stop. It's nothing.