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Found 5 results

  1. So I just got back from my checkup with my doctor about my lymph node . It did shrink from 1.76cm to 1.52cm after taking antibiotics for 7 days . I did get colds around December 28, 2023 so the lymph node did make sense . She recommended I'd have it checked with a doctor for infectious disease and I'm like scared as hell . But then the doctor who did my neck ultrasound comparison said it's normal for the lymph node to take long to shrink back into normal size when you have allergic rhinitis . And I do have allergic rhinitis but my attending physician said " Nope, I don't think that's the case . It should return to normal after the antibiotics and that there could really be an infection going on " . Been also feeling a poking pain at the on the right base of my head behind my ear . Already had cervical x-ray done and my doctor said the pain I felt radiating from my neck to my shoulder and chest was just muscle spasm (Which has gone away now) and she just prescribed me with muscle relaxant . I told her about the pain behind my ear and she said I could go to an ENT doctor if I think it's TMJ or something but she told me to go to an infectious disease doctor first for my lymph node . I also asked her if my lymph node was anything alarming and she said she doesn't think it is but she would like me to see an infectious disease doctor just to identify what it is and get it treated . I'm so confused and terrified and spiraling as of the moment 🥲🥲🥲
  2. First of all: SOOO glad the site is back up! Went through hell with my pregnancy hormones getting anxiety all ramped up and i so missed u guys!! My current issue: upper left quadrant abdominal pain still continues, had an ultrasound, blood tests, stool tests, all fine but still in pain. It sucks but in glad the tests are okay..😀 but theN... Two weeks ago i noticed a smaller-then-a-pea sized lump deep in my right armpit. It scared me because it is not symmetrical on the left side. It is deep, firm, non tender and say <0,5 cm max.. should i be worried? My breast feels completely normal and lymphoma is out of the question. Could it still be breast cancer? Or is a lump this tiny completely normal? But then why is it not symmetrical as i hear nodes are supposed to be?
  3. I had very bad anxiety about 2 years ago and have slowly recovered from those days. I was able to avoid health anxiety throughout the past two years until today. I discovered a small, pea sized lump, on the left side of my head under my ear 3 days ago. That night I dismissed the bump as a pimple and quickly forgot about it and went to bed. When I woke up the very first thing I thought about was the bump and sure enough it was still there. Upon further observation of the bump I discovered that is was not a pimple and I had a very minimal panic. I was still able to ward off the thoughts of cancer but in the back of my mind the idea persisted. I do not feel it necessary to go to the doctor yet because it has only been three days and I know my doctor would tell me to wait 3-4 weeks and see if it goes away, however, I do believe I have some reasonable concerns. This is the first bump of this sort I have ever felt, I'm 24, it is pea sized and movable. It does hurt if I squeeze it or push down on it but not when I move my hands over it. It is only on the one side of my head, and not the other. Has anyone else experienced something similar?
  4. For a few weeks I’ve been really scared of melanoma. It’s an old fear also. Unfortunately when I had the first go at it 3 years ago I was too afraid to go to the doctors also. I have a lymph node in my groin that is tearing me apart. I’m so scared of it. I noticed it 3 years ago, it’s hard (like rubber) about the size of the tip of my index finger, and I can’t tell if it’s moveable or not. Now as a child I had multiple UTIs back to back. That thought calmed me down but I decided to be dumb today and look it up and it all came back. I had another one on the other side a few years ago but I don’t feel it anymore. I also have a soft moveable one on my neck and a harder moveable one in my collarbone, yet again I noticed them 3 years ago. I woke up sweating today yet I have a sinus infection right now. As for the melanoma, this will make you cringe. So I had a blue mole on my heal (3 years ago) it grew big over an amount of time I do not know, turned brown, and then fell off. Perfectly and wholly, it left a little hole but it healed up and never came back. I told some adults about it and they reassured me I was okay. I’ve also asked a lot of people on this internet and very told me it’s not a characteristic. Well this caused me so so much panic and I checked everywhere on my body noticing thing I haven’t before. I was only 12 so I never really had any memory about things on my body and I never looked before. I noticed these two ugly moles then. They scare me a lot. I’m seeing a dermatologist in about a month or two and the wait is agony. I’m really scared. I’m a 15 year old female if that helps, I don’t know what to do but this is going to be a bad month until I can see a dermatologist.
  5. So I woke up this morning and when i touched the back part of my head near the back of my ear, I felt a tiny bump and it felt like a bone and it hurts when it's pressed . I've had a lymph node before when I was 10YO and it went away with the help of antibiotics . I had it 'cause I had a fever days before I had it and it feltlike a marble . Now I'm scared . IDK what this could possibly be . I had a slight fever 2 weeks ago and bad a bad stomach ache . Anyone know what could this be ? It kinda hurts even when I don't touch it .