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Found 8 results

  1. First of all: SOOO glad the site is back up! Went through hell with my pregnancy hormones getting anxiety all ramped up and i so missed u guys!! My current issue: upper left quadrant abdominal pain still continues, had an ultrasound, blood tests, stool tests, all fine but still in pain. It sucks but in glad the tests are okay..😀 but theN... Two weeks ago i noticed a smaller-then-a-pea sized lump deep in my right armpit. It scared me because it is not symmetrical on the left side. It is deep, firm, non tender and say <0,5 cm max.. should i be worried? My breast feels completely normal and lymphoma is out of the question. Could it still be breast cancer? Or is a lump this tiny completely normal? But then why is it not symmetrical as i hear nodes are supposed to be?
  2. I'm 26 now, I have always had anxiety about many things. I'm so scared of dying and not knowing where I'm going that I'm constantly in a freak out about something. Lately past week or so its been breast cancer. I came here to see if someone could help and found that I'd posted about this fear before about a month ago. Something must of made it go away now I'm just wondering if anyone can help me this week has been miserable I am constantly having panic attacks, left work over it and my family is going nuts. Sometime in 2017 I read an article about checking for dimples and what not saying they were a sign of breast cancer, I immediately freaked and begged my wife to take me to urgent care that night. She refused as she was fed up but eventually gave in the next day or so. To be clear we have no history of cancer in our family. We finally went and the woman examined me I distinctly remember because she was pregnant ( my anxiety convinces me things didnt happen sometimes) it wasnt a dimple I had found but a slight dent under my left boob and ONLY when I flex. She felt around and did an examine but didnt find anything of concern told me breast are naturally lumpy and mine were larger so it was nothing out of the ordinary. Now I'm here and I've had check ups since multiple doctor visits with blood tests, chest xrays, ct scans, cdcs everythings all come back normal. I had wondered would this be the case with breast cancer wouldnt something small have shown up if this disease was in me? It's been driving me crazy I've had this for nearly 2 years and I rarely think of it. Because usually its melanoma or skin or heart disease or something new. I'm just afraid that now that I'm 26 I dont have much longer on this earth. Please I'm begging someone to help me, tell something that can help with this anxiety because 9 times out of 10 I'm sure that's what it is. Please help, 26andscared
  3. Next week I have my mammo to follow up on some calcification's and dense breast tissue I have in my left breast. Everything was considered benign and this is just a routine follow up. Now that my mother has cancer everything is just in a new perspective. I know that I shouldn't compare myself to her but I can't help that something is going to be different. Also the day I go for my mammo she is going for her labs. She also doesn't know that I have any of this going on.
  4. First when I get home I will be scheduling a mammogram because I have a followup for something else. I'm getting my period tomorrow and my right breast is sore. I decided to do a check because thats just what you do and I can't tell if I feel a lump or if it's just dense tissue. I will say that my mammo 6 months ago showed nothing in my right breast. I'm not even sure what a lump feels like. But now I'm freaked and my mother having breast cancer just makes this even more scary. So do you ladies have breast changes during that time of the month? Like does one breast feel different than the other?
  5. I made a post a while ago about my mothers back pain. Turns out she wasn't just having back pain but had other things going on that she kept from us. I'll spare you the details but she has breast cancer that has spread to her liver and spine. We found out last monday. We were in and out of the hospital for a week. She has radiation this week then we meet with Sloan next Tues. I'm not even sure how to explain how I feel. They only way to explain it is blank or empty. She's not eating or sleeping. She's in pain. They say it's treatable and controllable and the type of cancer she has responds well to treatment. As for me my HA in through the roof. In Dec I had a mammogram that showed benign calcifications. I'm wondering if I should call my OB and tell them since my family history has now changed. Yesterday my hands looked blue. I'm having chest pain and palpitations. I have had itchiness around my bottom on and off for months nowand I've been using diaper cream because that's the only thing that helps. However I just used the bathroom and noticed some white spots on my stool. Now I'm sure it's because I have cream on my bottom but now that has me in a spiral. Oh and my husband left until Friday. The only thing keeping me from not losing it is I JUST had normal blood work. I feel so broken.
  6. I’m going for a mammo on Thursday but sometimes I get this sensation that my nipple is wet but it isn’t. I can still express milk out from nursing but I’m not leaking. Of course everything says breast cancer. I have 2 small kids. I wish I could get it done today and get it over with.
  7. I finally made my mammo appt. I've been having pain in my left breast for a little bit now. I finally made my appt and of course it's during xmas break. I feel like I'm going to my death sentence. Please tell me everything will be ok. I really don't want to do this. I have 2 small kids, my youngest is 3. Another thing after nursing for over 3 years I can still express millk out of my breasts. I just need support.
  8. I have been having pain in my left breast on and off for a few months. I can't tell if it's running with my cycles. I had my appt with my gyno and there are no lumps or anything but she wants me to get a mammo. Has anyone else had pain in the breast?