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  1. Thank you! Almost certain it was the lack of soaking. All better now and lesson learnt. Soak your beans and cook them thoroughly, lol!
  2. Nice to hear from a fellow plant eater 😄 No, I did not soak them. I think that was my mistake and I’m feeling pretty confidant that that’s where I went wrong. Still feeling sick today but I guess it could be worse. Next time I will make sure to soak and cook them in a regular pot. Thanks for the input.
  3. I have been making tortillas the last few days and decided to make some beans with them. They are small red beans and they cooked in my slow cooker, on high, for about four and a half hours. I made them a few months ago without any problems. Yesterday I started to have an upset stomach-today it got worse and now I have diarrhea too. Thing is, the same thing happened to me when I ate this meal a couple weeks ago but I figured it was the salsa. Anyhow, I should have known not to but I figured it would be pretty harmless to Google “can dried beans make you sick” well...obviously not a good idea bc all I found were articles about how toxic dried red beans can be and that often slow cookers don’t get hot enough to break down the toxin. Cue panic! I am really worried about this now and it is no doubt not helping my stomach situation. I recovered last time, feeling sicker, but my anxiety is really playing up. Any advice? Also, I have been whole food plant based for two years now so my gut is definitely use to eating lots of fibrous food.
  4. Dealing with this right now and it’s seriously causing more anxiety!
  5. I’m not a doctor but the ectopic heartbeats and heart racing makes me think of POTS. This might be something you want to ask your doctor about. I’m sorry that you are dealing with such lousy symptoms. I struggle with bad fatigue (some days are worse than others) and it’s SO frustrating having all testing come back normal. Hope you find your answer and way to wellness!
  6. Yes, definitely live your life. BUT, if you are immunocompromised like me then a life of quarantine is the best thing.
  7. I'm feeling very much the same way although I do find a lot of comfort in staying home and not going out. Groceries are my number one problem! I still figure it's safer to get someone else to do my grocery shopping and hand them off at my vehicle so I don't have to go into the store. But out of an abundance of caution have been sanitizing every last piece of grocery when it comes through our door. My worry is: what happens when the numbers get horrendously bad? Then what? I wont want to go anywhere near a grocery store but we all still need to eat. My husband is still working and I am praying he stops soon. I feel like all the quarantine in the world won't help us if someone at his work contracts it. Staying away from the news is a great idea. I check twice a day then turn it off. What really helps me is to focus on things that make me laugh. I bought a book yesterday after listening to the author on the radio who I found very funny. I watch funny movies and shows. I have been focusing on baking and taking care of my three kids who are, naturally, at home now thankfully. Creating your own happy bubble is the best way to go! Also, eat healthfully. Take your vitamins. Try (and I say try because I still have a hard time) to get good sleep at night. Go to bed early every night. Stay connected with family and friends through facetime, or calling them. All of it helps and then you know you've tried the best you can! Stay safe!
  8. Fantastic! Congrats for getting through it 🙂
  9. I'm sorry that you're feeling scared. First off, it's totally normal to be nervous for a pelvic ultrasound. I just had one a little over a week ago and I definitely had to work through my anxiety. What worked really great for me was bringing my phone into the ultrasound with a small set of earbuds and listening to some spa music while they did it. It was SO much better than lying in utter silence while hearing them type, click and beep away on their computer. Highly recommend. Secondly, there are a lot of benign conditions that result in bumps or lumps in your uterus. Fibroids are super common, cysts too and occasionally polyps. If your very experienced doctor isn't worried than I wouldn't be worried either! You can do this! And it will be behind you before you know it.
  10. Our bodies can be so weird! Add anxiety into the mix and, well, anything is possible. I've noticed at times that I will fixate on my bladder and can start to feel the symptoms come back so it takes not focusing on it and a lot of distraction to make it go away. The last time I had it it was so bad (and SO uncomfortable) that I was running to the bathroom every ten minutes. A family member actually said to me that they were certain I had a uti based on my symptoms and frequent trips to the loo results were negative. I agree that it makes you feel like you're going crazy! Hope you get relief soon 🙂
  11. I've had this! It sucks and I'm sorry that you're dealing with it. I have never gotten a proper reason for why I get a sensation of a uti without the actual infection but it happens about once a year and has lasted for weeks and weeks at a time. It's very uncomfortable and feels exactly the same as having a bad uti. Have you had a urine analysis done? That really helped calm my nerves because I knew for sure that there was no infection. I have often wondered if I get some form of bladder irritation or inflammation that causes this. With time, it slowly goes away on its own and eventually isn't a problem. Hope this will be the same for you! Also, if it's any help, you can order uti test strips on Amazon and keep them for when you feel like this. I found great comfort in testing at home and knowing I was ok. It helped me focus less on the symptoms and let it go.
  12. I have this problem too. I think some of us are doctor avoiders while others run to them for constant reassurance.
  13. Thank you for the advice Ashley! I would love to go on bc to regulate my cycles but unfortunately suffer from ocular migraines when taking it that put me at an increased risk of stroke. So...out of the question but I wish we had more answers for women's reproductive health. Thirty days for a period is a long time to suffer!
  14. You sound a lot like me. I had seriously heavy bleeding postpartum after each of my kids, clear ultrasounds. I bled heavily before having my first son: couldn’t find the source. Years ago I had issues with spotting for a looong time but again, everything came back clear. It makes it hard to plan holidays, take a road trip or leave the house at times. I hate it. I’m sure you understand. Thanks for chiming in!
  15. Hey guys! Its been awhile since I've been here but I'm happy to see the boards up and running again! My anxiety is pretty non existent on a regular day but when anything health related comes up I tend to fall apart :\ Ever since I had my daughter three years ago I have had really heavy periods. I saw my obgyn about it a year and a half ago but he didn't seem concerned and never sent me for an ultrasound. Just recently I had a really wacky, extra long period that sent me running to the doctors. Ironically, my last two periods have been really decent. This time he sent me for a pelvic ultrasound and I just had that today. Naturally, I was a nervous wreck the whole appointment and now I'm really worried about my results. Are there any ladies here who have dealt with really heavy periods after having kids?? It worries me often and it's also exhausting dealing with every month.