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Found 3 results

  1. I've been worried sick for the past 2 months. Started off with daily reflux and indigestion which started out of nowhere! Also dull mid/upper left back pain. Had labs done and showed slightly elevated lipase level. CT and ultrasound of abdomen showed normal pancreas and gallbladder. I've lost 7 lbs in 2 weeks and now have greasy,loose oily stools. So convinced my doctors and the scans are missing something. I have SO many signs of pan can 😞
  2. First of all: SOOO glad the site is back up! Went through hell with my pregnancy hormones getting anxiety all ramped up and i so missed u guys!! My current issue: upper left quadrant abdominal pain still continues, had an ultrasound, blood tests, stool tests, all fine but still in pain. It sucks but in glad the tests are okay..😀 but theN... Two weeks ago i noticed a smaller-then-a-pea sized lump deep in my right armpit. It scared me because it is not symmetrical on the left side. It is deep, firm, non tender and say <0,5 cm max.. should i be worried? My breast feels completely normal and lymphoma is out of the question. Could it still be breast cancer? Or is a lump this tiny completely normal? But then why is it not symmetrical as i hear nodes are supposed to be?
  3. Ok here we go. Hopefully some of you will read this and weigh in. About a month ago I made the mistake of looking at my stool and I have been fighting my hypochondria ever since. When I looked at my stool it was almost white. It sunk, was solid and didn't smell but was very pale. I made the mistake of googling and went down a health anxiety rabbit hole I'm still in. I have had stomach discomfort on my right side for well over a year. It's not painful, just irritating, like an itch deep inside I can't get to. Usually it's high near my lower ribs but sometimes moves around to other areas on the right side. Since that initial kickstart, I have been conscience of my stools. They haven't been white since but are mostly floaters, and light brown/tannish in color. Sometimes they are mixed in with a sinker or two in the same stool and every once in a while one will refuse to go down on the first flush. All of this adds to my PC fear. The last few days I am convincing myself that my eyes are yellowing, mainly in the inside corners. No one has mentioned it to me but I check constantly. Now the good news, because of two fall kidney stone episodes this fall that ended in the emergency rooms I have had an abundance test since July. Late July:. Kidney Stone trip to ER. CT scan showed two stones, a lesion on my kidney and a 6mm no calcified nodule in lower left lung. It also showed liver, spleen and pancreas to be normal. Urine and blood test were good. Early August: Ultrasound showed kidney lesion was a cyst. Also noted normal pancreas and liver. Late Sept.: 2nd Kidney Stone trip to ER. CT showed another stone and what looked like another lesion in kidney. Interestingly the radiologist did not mention the lung nodule, which was puzzling to my GP. Urine and blood test were normal. Pancreas, spleen and liver listed as unremarkable. Late Oct: urologists ordered MRI with contrast to check kidney lesions. Both came back as cysts. Radiologist noted pancreas, liver and spleen showed 'no worrisome findings's Early November: surgery to remove 5mm stone from ureter. Blood test and urine test were good. Late November, the pale stool showed up and began my PC worries. My GP is a good man. When I called about my fear after the stool he went back and looked at all my test and said he found it hard to believe that all those test would have missed pancreatic c****r if it was lurking. He said as long as my stools had a brown shade and my urine was clear I was most likely fine. I have not mentioned my fear of jaundice in the corners of my eyes yet. Hopefully he's right and I'm obsessing about nothing. I go back in March /April for a CT to check on lung nodule. Hopefully it's gone. In addition to all my fall test, I had a colonscopy and endoscopy in the spring of 2015. It came back clean although my gastroenologist did prescribe daily omoprozele for heartburn. if you've read all of this, thank you so much. I look forward to hearing your thoughts on my fears.