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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Newbie here. just trying to share my pain and worries. Does anyone worry excessively about their parents? I mean, I worry constantly to the point If : 1. they call/ text me in a weird hour My heart races 2. their last seen on whatsapp is not recent, I will panic I mean, It's really tiring and I guess there have been several trigger. one big one was my Dad's Emergency Heart bypass a few years ago. We were so lucky that we found it before anything bad happen. He did not have any symptom and was just randomly checking. We were so grateful that it was found without any heart damage and that now he is taking medicines to control his risks. The thing is, he was always super healthy even before the surgery: normal blood pressure, exercise 5 days a week, eats healthily, etc. he just had slightly (10%) high cholesterol . this really threw me off and I've always been super worried about him ever since. I always dread his bi-yearly check up. and am sick with worries if the time has come for him to do check up. I am grateful that his check up has always come out great but I still cannot stop worrying. 2 years after that, My mom has developed piriformis syndrome which prevented her to sit too much. she is now so much better but it comes and goes. I know this is normal and she just needs some lifestyle changes. and again, I should be grateful. I just cannot shake the memory when Dad has called in the morning a few months back saying that mom is really hurting and needed to go to the Emergency room for this. This has come to a point where I cannot concentrate at work, I obsessed over every little "pain" they have and just overly worried about them all the time. I check on them all the time and I know this can be annoying for them as well. Furthermore, I am terrified if they decide to go the doctor for something, and this prevents me from reminding them it's time for their checkup!! this is horrible. it is a good thing they want a check up. but I tremble every time and this is exhausting. just sharing my thoughts. it would be great if anyone would chip in on how to overcome this and/or has the same experience. I'm quite exhausted.
  2. Hello. I've had my own bouts of hypochondria, usually relating to things like cancer (brain, pancreatic, breast) and ALS/vCJD, and I was wondering, is it normal/does anyone else here ever get hypochondria relating to those around you? Recently my hypochondria has come back over my parents, specifically my mom. I've gotten really concerned recently over the thought that she could possibly have cancer (brain cancer) or something along those lines. I don't really have anything to back me up, because she's acting as she usually does and is acting perfectly fine, but I'm still, for some reason, incredibly afraid of this possibility. In my last bout of hypochondria I had something happen like this for a while too, but I'm still feeling really anxious about this today. Does anyone have any advice on how to cope with this?
  3. Hey all! I was first diagnosed with anxiety disorder my freshman year of college. It took a lot to get my dad to understand something was wrong, partially because I had no idea what was happening to me (constant severe anxiety. nonstop.) and partially because he is just not the anxious type at all. He was willing to do anything I needed once we did understand, taking me to doctors and therapists and setting up a number system to help me express how good or bad my anxiety was at a particular time. That was six years ago. He's still willing to do anything I need, but I think he still doesn't understand, and I don't know how to express it so he does. I'm on steady medication and not seeing a therapist anymore. I tend not to talk about it, I'm very good at hiding it, and I have anxiety about being percieved as whiny or attention seeking or even manipulative if I bring it up. I suspect that my ability and tendancy to put up a good front has sort of lulled him into the idea that I'm cured or that it's not still bad at times. I'm at a loss to describe this to someone who genuinely does not worry over things (an idea as foriegn to me as anxiety disorder is to him.)
  4. Hi. I am the parent of a young adult who's suffering extreme stress and anxiety, partly due to finishing college studies. She's suffered anxiety for many years, and I hope I can hear from some of you how I can best help as a family member - most online articles and links are geared to parents of younger children. She has plenty of support at school with a great therapist and terrific student services support, but her ups and downs paralyze ME sometimes. I hope for some advice and clarity on how to be a good help.She was diagnosed recently as mildly Aspergers in addition to her longstanding struggle with GAD. This description helps understand her kinds of struggles, but doesn't help much with day to day advice helping her. I want her to end up independent and happy.