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Found 2 results

  1. Hi, I’m so nervous. I cleaned out my garage a couple of days ago and there was mouse poop along the sides. I didn’t think anything of it but swept it along with all the other debris that collected around the edges of my garage. I swept it all out to the driveway. Not only that, but my toddlers were in there with me. I looked up cleaning mouse poop after and saw this is a terrible mistake. I’ve felt so sick with fear these last two days that I got myself and my children sick. I’m so worried and panicked. I live in Colorado where there’s been cases. Please ease my mind.
  2. So I'm back again with a Hantavirus worry. I had maybe near a year ago and was going better with anxiety, but here I am. What has caused me all this worry is exposure to mouse droppings. I work for a park system in VA and in the maintenance shop of one of our parks were mouse droppings on some of our counters. Another guy and I were cleaning up around the shop and I know we stirred some stuff up. I picked some items up that had mouse droppings on them. That was maybe 4 weeks ago. Give or take one. Then maybe two weeks ago I was taking a piece of furniture out of my one of my storage units and there was droppings on top of it and I brushed them off and put the furniture in my vehicle. Whats helping me from worrying too much is that I don't know how long the droppings in either area were there. I hadn't been in my storage for weeks, so it's possibly the virus was not active in the droppings anymore. I know the droppings in the Maintenance shop were somewhat recent to us cleaning but I don't know for sure. Also I don't know what type of mouse it was. And the statistics behind how rare it is as well. Whats worrying me is the obvious. I was exposed to mouse droppings. I'm still in a possible "incubation" period for the virus. I've came down with a dry cough that struggling to bring up mucus. From what I've read, people who survived caught it early. I'm worried that I might miss my chance to catch it. Anyone care to help me out here.