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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, Newbie here. just trying to share my pain and worries. Does anyone worry excessively about their parents? I mean, I worry constantly to the point If : 1. they call/ text me in a weird hour My heart races 2. their last seen on whatsapp is not recent, I will panic I mean, It's really tiring and I guess there have been several trigger. one big one was my Dad's Emergency Heart bypass a few years ago. We were so lucky that we found it before anything bad happen. He did not have any symptom and was just randomly checking. We were so grateful that it was found without any heart damage and that now he is taking medicines to control his risks. The thing is, he was always super healthy even before the surgery: normal blood pressure, exercise 5 days a week, eats healthily, etc. he just had slightly (10%) high cholesterol . this really threw me off and I've always been super worried about him ever since. I always dread his bi-yearly check up. and am sick with worries if the time has come for him to do check up. I am grateful that his check up has always come out great but I still cannot stop worrying. 2 years after that, My mom has developed piriformis syndrome which prevented her to sit too much. she is now so much better but it comes and goes. I know this is normal and she just needs some lifestyle changes. and again, I should be grateful. I just cannot shake the memory when Dad has called in the morning a few months back saying that mom is really hurting and needed to go to the Emergency room for this. This has come to a point where I cannot concentrate at work, I obsessed over every little "pain" they have and just overly worried about them all the time. I check on them all the time and I know this can be annoying for them as well. Furthermore, I am terrified if they decide to go the doctor for something, and this prevents me from reminding them it's time for their checkup!! this is horrible. it is a good thing they want a check up. but I tremble every time and this is exhausting. just sharing my thoughts. it would be great if anyone would chip in on how to overcome this and/or has the same experience. I'm quite exhausted.
  2. Hello everyone!!! I have been reading some posts here and feel very safe. On April 27th (2017) I did a surgery on my eyelids called blepharoplasty. It's a plastic surgery. It is basicly to remove excess skin of your eyelids. On May I started to have burning sensation on my eyelids. I went to the doctor who did my surgery and he said he never heard before this complain . (PS: My surgery went great, no edema, no swelling, it healed very fast and nice). So I went toi look for another doctors who couldn't find anything wrong. So I went to neurologist... A bunch of them... First of them said it was atypical facial pain, the other said it was neuralgia and the other one said it was all anxiety. I went to other doctor who wanted to do the "block" on my nerves right away (which consist putting a needle in my nerve on my forehead with antibiotics and corticoids). I went to so many doctors and everyone of them said different things. This whole thing ended affecting my teeth and my bruxism got worse to the point I had cramps on my muscle cheecks. Oh god. And I did the usual exams CT, MRI, Blood work... On september I got my lowest point where I thought the surgery caused all this, like it was doctor mistake, like I was perfect, why would I do this to myself? I was crying 24/7, at home, at work, in the car... It was a mess. I didn't have any answer, like a concrete answer. So I was scared of anything like a brain tumor, getting blind... Had so many panic attacks and didn't know what to do. Besides the burning sensation on my eyelids, I had some eletrical chocks on my cheecks, a sharp pain on my forehead and eyebrows... Never had this before. Now my anxiety is better but I am still in pain. I still feel pain looking at the computer while I work which is weird because I don't feel pain when I am playing video games on my computer. Sometimes I think it is anxiety and reading in this forum I notice a lot of people having burning sensation like me. The other thing that puts an interrogation point in my head is why do I feel pain only on my face? Specially in the areas I did the surgery? Because anxiety makes your WHOLE body weird and I only have this pain on my face. I started taking PAMELOR which is an anti-anxiety medicine (this is day 18 of the drug) and I don't know what to do anymore to end this pain. I did a lot of things, you name it... spiritual help, acupuncture, drugs, meditation, started going to therapy, exercise... Thank you in advance for reading this.