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  1. That's amazing! hopefully your parents will continue to age gracefully .😊
  2. both the 2013 and 2019 findings were accidental . the 2013 was due to diarrhea he had which was resolved quite quickly. he also had a colonoscopy on 2013 which is normal.
  3. For the longest time, my dad has had cysts on his liver. on his 2013 ultrasound , they were 2.6 x 2.1 and 4.45 x 3.5 it just said cysts and the radiologist did not note to follow up at all. 2019 He had an US for Prostate and noted in the US report was "incidental finding: complex cyst. lobulated shape 3.03 x 4.35" his liver functions are normal, his blood tumor markers are also normal . how worried should I be? The Radiologist just said to follow up in a year or two while examining him . the report did not say anything was wondering if the complex cyst is due to the lobulated shape or something else? I assume if there is anything else , the report would state it. been having lost of anxiety about this on and off. please help.
  4. This is impossible. your veins are elastic and it will not burst with something like letting out a sneez.. it's not possible. it is possible to pop small veins when you HOLD a sneeze. but even this will cause a cute freckle-like spots on your face and is completely harmless. so sneeze away!
  5. If you have Kidney infection, I believe first you will have UTIs, your pee will at least hurt, you will run a fever, and the pain will not come and go with movement and touch. try to drink a lot of water (like gallons, spread in time), avoid anything spicy, caffeine and alcohol. I dont think it's that easy to get a kidney infection...but they are very curable with antibiotics.
  6. Try to find a doctor to manage your anxiety first ( at least they wont be handing out death sentences lol). When you feel like you're getting better, and everything falls into place with your period, then you know what the culprit is. I'm sure you are physically fine though. Goodluck Bejeweled!
  7. How old are you Bejeweled? Maybe this is all just anxiety affecting your hormones. I know that when I'm stressed my period messed up. For me, I will get spotting mid cycle (some lasted about 3 weeks) , then my period will come late, etc. It was crazy. As I get older though my period slowly becomes more regular (older means like after 33 lol) . I also never had acne until I was 32. So you know, anxiety and stress does crazy things to your body. Hormones can be unpredictable and they are different from one woman to another. Try to seek help and find ways to relax. staying busy and talking to other people about OTHER things helps. Cheers
  8. Hm I'm not a professional but I can somehow relate to your situation We might be a natural "worrier" and we have to find what our trigger is and find a way to avoid them. I sometimes wonder how people can just be Happy and be at the moment. I'm always having What Ifs situation in my head. Please try to speak to a professional since this is clearly eating you away. I"m trying to find a professional too, maybe some hypnotherapy of some sort. Good luck and I hope you find something that works for you soon.
  9. I do have anxiety but only on health and the trigger is due to the fact that my dad needs an emergency heart bypass surgery a few years back. we were so lucky it was caught before any damage was done. my anxiety has gotten worse since then. Is it possible that you might hear a lot of stories (friends, TV, etc) about any misfortunes and you thought of it when anything similar is happening to you ? ie. like someone got a call from an unknown number and turns out their house is robbed or somthn.. I think panic and anxiety is innate, but worsens with triggers.
  10. Thank you Bob . Yes I realise that my worry tends to "pretend" they are necessary when in fact they are a total waste of time if nothing positive comes out of it. I guess this also stems from the fact that I'm the only daughter and that my parents always come to me when they have health worries/problem. I'm trying to share with my brother but it just feels like he is not as "attentive/worried" as I am. i'm always the one accompanying them to the doctor's appointment and although I'm so glad that I can be there for them, I feel run out due to all the worries and anxieties that comes with it. I do take comfort in the fact that my parents live a healthy life and are very healthy-savvy. I just love them so much and can't bear to think I did not do my best to help them in any way. I recently got married and this has made my anxiety worst because I moved out and not necessarily "up to date" with what's going on with them . . every free time I have, I want to spend it with them instead of doing my own things and hang out with friends. I will feel guilty about not having all my free time with them. Thank you so much Bob for your perspective. I do believe in God and I pray everyday for them . God has shown me and my family more mercy than I could ever imagined. I'm just trying to get out of this tiring mind I have.
  11. Hi RLP, I hope you're feeling better. May I ask if there is anything triggering this anxiety in the beginning?
  12. Hello, Newbie here. just trying to share my pain and worries. Does anyone worry excessively about their parents? I mean, I worry constantly to the point If : 1. they call/ text me in a weird hour My heart races 2. their last seen on whatsapp is not recent, I will panic I mean, It's really tiring and I guess there have been several trigger. one big one was my Dad's Emergency Heart bypass a few years ago. We were so lucky that we found it before anything bad happen. He did not have any symptom and was just randomly checking. We were so grateful that it was found without any heart damage and that now he is taking medicines to control his risks. The thing is, he was always super healthy even before the surgery: normal blood pressure, exercise 5 days a week, eats healthily, etc. he just had slightly (10%) high cholesterol . this really threw me off and I've always been super worried about him ever since. I always dread his bi-yearly check up. and am sick with worries if the time has come for him to do check up. I am grateful that his check up has always come out great but I still cannot stop worrying. 2 years after that, My mom has developed piriformis syndrome which prevented her to sit too much. she is now so much better but it comes and goes. I know this is normal and she just needs some lifestyle changes. and again, I should be grateful. I just cannot shake the memory when Dad has called in the morning a few months back saying that mom is really hurting and needed to go to the Emergency room for this. This has come to a point where I cannot concentrate at work, I obsessed over every little "pain" they have and just overly worried about them all the time. I check on them all the time and I know this can be annoying for them as well. Furthermore, I am terrified if they decide to go the doctor for something, and this prevents me from reminding them it's time for their checkup!! this is horrible. it is a good thing they want a check up. but I tremble every time and this is exhausting. just sharing my thoughts. it would be great if anyone would chip in on how to overcome this and/or has the same experience. I'm quite exhausted.
  13. Hi LilyLabVA, any update on your scan? hopefully it turns out stable and fine. For the longest time, my dad has had cysts on his liver. on his 2013 ultrasound , they were 2.6 x 2.1 and 4.45 x 3.5 it just said cysts and the radiologist did not note to follow up at all. 2019 He had an US for Prostate and noted in the US report was "incidental finding: complex cyst. lobulated shape 3.03 x 4.35" which means, the first cyst was gone, and the second one has gotten smaller. I think the reason why they called it complex is because the appearance of the cyst itself (septation, lobulation, etc) I remembered the 2019 technician told us to follow up in 1 year - 2 years time he said it is lobulated but does not look worrysome. If you googled complex cysts, they are almost always have to be removed, but if you looked at forums, most of them are left alone if proven stable. I wonder how common is this "complex " cysts in general population.