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  1. I had this exact scare a couple years ago. I had this weird sore throat that would not go away, (like over a month) I would constantly look at my throats and noticed my tonsils were not the same size. I also had an enlarged node on my neck. I think my anxiety and stress symptoms prolonged whatever I had. It eventually got better. I thought I had tonsil cancer or lymphoma. I promise your fine! Health Anxiety is so stressful, I know!!! I have daily freak outs
  2. Hi, I haven't been here in a while. Recently symptoms have bought up my health anxiety. My hand has gone numb a couple of days ago. Gradually both have become "weak" I'm not sure if my anxiety is making them tingly or a real health issue. I got the flu shot a week ago and had a stomach virus 2 weeks ago. My fear is Guillen barre'. My legs don't seem to be affected. But I closely monitor them. Also worried about brain tumor as I read it could cause weakness. I'm all over the place and sincerely worried. I feel like my doctor will blow it off. Struggling with what to do.
  3. Abbylou12

    Hi All

    Mark that's a great idea. Mediation. I'm so busy, I should make time for myself to relax and just breathe. And yes that describes by headaches exactly. I've also googled a bit but have since stopped. That in itself is an addiction. Mrsrpmddo, no I don't think it's migraines, it's more of a tension/stress feeling. If it keeps on this way I might have to visit my gp. Thanks for your well wishes.
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    Hi All

    It's been awhile 6-7 months to be exact. Im again struggling with HA. Now my worry is a brain tumor. I've been having headaches lately and now developed the nauseous/lightheaded feeling that I have constantly. The headaches are not terribly painful. I've also had several (like 10) "fainting spells in my life. All were caused from waiting in lines and after moderate injuries. The last one I had was my wedding dress fitting 6 yrs. ago. I'm pretty sure I received a cat scan when I was younger (9) and it was clear. My intuition tells me I'm fine. But of course there's that what if. Anyone else have a brain tumor anxiety? My husband blows me off when I mention anything like this and I just need someone to talk to.
  5. I got the results!! It looks Benign!!!! Thank goodness! Relieved is an understatement ? I feel make to normal. Thanks for all your kind words and caring attitudes. I need to learn a lesson in over reacting.
  6. Thanks rainbow! They do. I feel so bad that I'm making it about me when my babies need me
  7. I'm trying. *deep breaths* its done! The only thing I found out is its right under .9 cm. I know that's a good sign! Hopefully tom will come soon.
  8. I'm here right now waiting for my turn. I'm so incredibly nervous. ?
  9. I found a place here in my town that has an opening for an ultrasound today! Hopefully get the results back tom. I'm so nervous to get it. I know the tech is not supposed to say the results but he will know and I'm scared of his reaction. Just nervous!!! I'll have to pay a little more though. But hopefully I'll get the results I want and have peace of mind.
  10. I know you guys sound right. But I feel like I know my body. Its this weird sore throat that only hurts sometimes. and doesn't hurt when I swallow. I've never had a swollen node even when I was sick. I Got an ultrasound app. but its 3.5 weeks away on Dec. 28. That's all they had available in Dec. I don't know how I will make it through the rest of the month. I have a gut feeling I have lymphoma. When I add up all my symptoms from a couple months ago It makes since. I feel at my lowest low. I know Im dying and I cant do anything about it. That wait for the ultrasound is just time ticking by, letting whatever I have get worse.
  11. I had a follow up appt today and showed the doc my node. She suggested a ultrasound on it to see if it was suspicious. Tom. I should get an appointment for the ultrasound. I'm so scared my mind is racing with thoughts of what'll happen to my kids and if they'll even ember me. My youngest is 3. I feel like it's all over :(
  12. Hi all. I thought I had mostly gotten over my little problem but a couple days ago I felt a pea sized lymph node in my neck. It's terrifying me, as I'm sure it's lymphoma. I've also had this strange sore throat. It doesn't feel like a normal sore throat and has lasted 2 weeks. I know the odds of getting c****r at my age are slim but I cant shake it. My other symptons that bought me here to begin with are also a sign of lymphoma. The back pain and mild chest pain I feel sometimes. I have an app. Thursday but will continue being anxious. Also can anyone actually feel lymph nodes normally in the neck? I only feel one side.
  13. Thank you so much Lisa! U made me feel better. I appreciate ur support and kind words I'm glad ur blood work was normal!
  14. I'm having a hard day today. I'm having a mild pain in my upper left side and chest today along with my back pain. I wish I could have an mri to make sure everything's ok :(
  15. Today I feel super sensitized to every pain in my body. I've felt so many "aches and pains" the last maybe a second or two. Please tell me that's normal.