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  1. I cut my hand Shucking Christmas Oysters and now I'm freaking out I'm going to contact the bacterial infection that kills people. How do I talk myself off this panic attack ledge
  2. Earlier this evening I took an extremely hot shower thinking it would calm my nerves, I get out of the shower after 10-15 minutes and then jumped into bed. I am burning up a 3-4 hours later I'm still extremely warm at around 99.5 -100. I've been drinking water since I started feeling this way... Am I overthinking it or should I get tested tomorrow morning?
  3. Well I'm back here after a year or two from being away and oh boy is my anxiety taking off now. I haven't slept more than an hour or two each night for the past 2 days, I can't help but be anxious that something is wrong and I can't put my finger on it. I feel on edge and filled with nervous energy while in bed. I made my own bacon the other day and if been freaking out that I gave myself botulism, I'm stressed from work, I'm stressed about not sleeping. What do I do???
  4. I am deathly afraid that I have Macular Degeneration or some serious eye issues going on, I'm sure my stress isn't helping and I need to see a professional but I don't know how to keep my self calm in the meantime, all I can think of is the fact I'm going blind. Everywhere I look I see this "noise" or "tv static", it's especially noticeable in the dark or in very bright lights. I'm also seeing a lot of floaters in my vision. The is going to bring my severe anxiety back, I can feel it ugh...
  5. The thing that gets me every time is the little Sparks that show up for a second or two and then the "tv static" vision while in a dark room. Its almost impossible as a hypochondriac to not think something is wrong.
  6. Thanks both make sense and are right. I'm 30, I don't think my vision is getting blurry but I need to still be honest and talk with them about it. My anxiety always has new going to the worst possible conclusion really fast
  7. Long story short, since 2013 (when my severe anxiety started) I have noticed more floaters in my vision, seeing in the dark has diminished quite a bit, some random flashes/sparks every once in a while and sometimes when I wake up there is a black fuzzy ball that follows me around for the first minute or so. Googling has only heightened my anxiety and made me afraid to go to the doctors to get checked out. Am I over thinking this or do I need to go see a doctors?
  8. I have been overly focusing on my breathing which hasn't helped but I do feel that it has been slightly noticeable which started my anxiety. I do a lot of woodworking which a lot of dust had been inhaled so I'm hoping I haven't messed with my lungs. I also tend to think the worst too.. which explains why I end up here every couple years
  9. Hi anxiety central, I've been free of anxiety for a while, last time I found myself in these forums was about 3-4 years ago. Recently I've started to spiral down into my darkness again, after thinking that my breathing has been slightly labored and feeling fatigued. I am not sure if I am over thinking things (thinking the worst) or if I need to go visit a doctor. I'm not phlegmy, nor am I wheezing but my back feels tight when taking a breath. What should I do? Give it another week and visit the doctors? How do I stop myself from thinking about having something severely wrong?
  10. I recently stepped on an unknown sharp object at the beach and I've been stupid in letting my fears consume me but I'm wondering if I should tell my doctor? I'm worried I might have stepped on something that could give me tetnus or hepatitis or something. Are these really dumb or should I ask my doctor?
  11. I have noticed since my health anxiety started and my panic attacks became worse and worse, so has some of my other issues. Lately Ive noticed a big uptick in the amount of floaters I am having in my vision as well as some small flashes in my vision from time to time. This is really starting to worry me and Im beginning to have another panic attack that my vision is going to hell. last time I saw a eye doctor was about 2 years ago but at the time I was experiencing the same things but not as bad. I am going to schedule an appointment this week but I need to vent my fears before I have a full blown panic attack. I feel like I should be way too young to have to talk about this at 28 but I also didnt expect to be 1/3 grey and have shingles by now either.
  12. I'm really starting to freak out, I'm sorry if this gets a little NSFW. I am 28 year old male and I cannot stop pissing, I'm literally going almost every hour and I'm starting to feel powerless to this issue. The urge comes out of no where and hits me like a wall, I almost pissed my pants in my car riding back from the bar. I recently had a physical where my blood work said that everything is nominal but my doc offered to give a proctal exam but I'm too scared to do it. Should I schedule it now or should I change my dietary habits first? I'm thinking about cutting out all alcohol, coffee, spicy foods and a lot of salt out my diet to see if that helps. I have ha anxiety but I don't think that is what causing my issues. Sorry if this is TMI but o can't stop freaking out
  13. Maybe you're right, maybe I'm just overreacting from anxiety. I know that if I spent less time worrying about all the things that were possibly wrong and focusing on whats in front of me that might solve a lot of things. That said, its much easier said then done to stop worrying and lessen my anxiety. Maybe some rest, exercise and time away from electronics might bring some piece of mind.
  14. That sounds logical, I find my issue is more prominent in my mind because I have also had other issues like retaining my concentration or remembering certain things. I find myself forgetting things Im supposed to be doing, or where I placed objects like my phone only to remember its in my hand or pocket. I cant help but feel like I am losing control of myself mentally which is the scariest thing for me. I've always considered myself mentally fit and good at critical thinking, but after working at a desk and staring at a screen all day I feel like ive mentally aged 40+ years. I just cant tell if I have a head cold or sinusitis that is making it worse with head pressure
  15. I'm not sure what it going on but lately I've been waking up in the middle of the night completely out of it and it has taken me a minute or two to come back to reality. This has me freaking out because I've already been stressing out about other stuff like not being able to pay attention for periods of time and my memory has been spotty lately. I've been worried lately about early dementia or Alzheimer's or brain tumors and this isn't helping. I've also noticed it takes less alcohol to affect me and when I do drink it makes me even loopier when I wake up. I don't know if stress is doing this to me or if I have a head cold that's effecting me in a weird way but I almost want to get a MRI too rule out anything else