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  1. Home, home again
    I like to be here when I can
    When I come home cold and tired
    It's good to warm my bones beside the fire
    Far away, across the field
    The tolling of the iron bell
    Calls the faithful to their knees
    To hear the softly spoken magic spells
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    2. Cuchculan


      Tired of lying in the sunshine, staying home to watch the rain
    3. BeautifulDisaster


      And you run, and you run to catch up with the sun but it’s sinking

    4. Cuchculan


      Racing around to come up behind you again. 

  2. Sweet memories. LOL. GG done one massive ban of everybody he assumed had broke away to the other forum. No other reason at all. He even censored some names. Teeps would come out as Pineapple. LOL. It was like a blanket ban. One goes, they all go. Nobody else had a say in it at all. I remember the original Mods. Tigerpaw and Laa and Sixpack. Forum began to change and Tigerpaw and Laa quit and a few of us took over the Mod roles. Fair to say we never knew what GG was going to do next. This includes banning me when I was still a Mod. I disagreed with him after he appointment Ash as a Mod and within 5 hours said he made a mistake and banned her from the site. We argued over it and I was next to go. As for reading PMs? No. Mods could never do that one. Trust me on that one. Some words are filtered. So if a site is on the filtered list I am sure GG would know if a person was trying to post a link to that site. Or just take a gamble and assume they were posting links. What was another ban to him? As for the site going? Myself and Katie did kind of guess it was going. I did begin posting a link to AS. GG removed it more times. I would continue to let people know it was about to close down. It was just a hunch we had. He had removed the Mod section of the forum. Had removed the Mod shoutbox. Had broken all forms of contacts with the few mods who remained. Then the site vanished. Just like that. Enjoyed reading this thread. Still meet people on various forums who remember me from AZ. Is an easy way to get talking. Or else they call me a bollox and leave it at that. LOL
  3. I was a Mod on that site and I can't even remember the topic. Figures. Owner of this site owns the AZ domain name. Here is one site that deal with stats and anxiety. No idea if this is the sort of thing you are looking for.
  4. She is over here too. Still a lot of crap. No truth behind any of it.
  5. Only now are we hearing about the government ignoring what NPHET was telling them to do. Things are back to near crazy here at the moment. Case numbers are rising by the day. These figures had us in lockdown a few months back. NPHET warned the government on a few occasions that lifting restrictions too soon would lead to another outbreak. We still have Winter to come. Will be one to watch. As the government seem to be doing their own thing now. Ignoring health experts. I am expecting it to get out of hand again. More people indoors as the days and nights get colder. It will spread quicker. We only had night venues opened for the first time last night. Huge queues to get in. They are making it ball ticket now. No ticket, no entry. So stay away.
  6. The brother was here yesterday. Girl he works with is doing with Covid. How it all came about is how a lot of cases are happening now. Her parents go to Spain this time of year every year. They went as planned with a few friends. This girl and a friend of hers went too. The girl came home. Gets a call from her parents who are still in Spain. They have all come down with Covid. She goes into isolation. Bit too late for that. Reason she came home early was for a wedding. Turned out she had Covid too. As did many of the wedding guests sshe had mixed with. My own brother was a close contact as they car share going to work. He did self isolate. Was tested twice and got the all clear this week. More or less shows you that people are doing things that they should not be doing. Holiday to Spain? Spain has a lot of cases. Was a risk that could have been avoided. But a risk that has lead to over 20 people coming down with Covid. 20 who all knew each other.
  7. What we saw here in Ireland was a lot of cluster cases related to certain types of work. Meat factories were the worst hit places. You had thousands of cases in these places alone. Were a few other clusters in work places. But they have said they would not be bringing in the same rules here. Vaccination or no more work. I think that would lead to major protests that would get rather ugly very quickly. Still have a lot of people working from home. Why they would need proof of vaccination is a mystery. As they are not in a place of work. They are at home. No threat to other workers. The ones they are pushing to get the vaccine are those who work with old people or in hospitals. As of last month Ireland still had a lot of healthcare workers not vaccinated. They are working with both sick and elderly people. That one I fully understand. Other than that it might depend on how many people are in any given work place. You have a thousand workers who all mingle, one case of Covid and it could put a lot of people out of work. Thus stop production. Those are only certain types of jobs.
  8. Fed up last year and earlier this year with all the talk of deaths. Media were asked to give the public a break. For a while this year Covid was not the main story when the news came on. Way it used to work is we had one bloke we all called Dr Death. Each evening he would sit there and read out the figures for the day. Not exactly exciting news. I think even people who never had anxiety in their lives were getting worked up listening to all of this.
  9. Just drop over to AS. i will show you what a lot of posts are. LOL
  10. Here is a good link that has 10 sites that deal with sex education for teens.
  11. It would be a miracle like the birth of Jesus if you did get pregnant. Is not going to happen. Not in the way you described it.
  12. At times people place expectations upon others that are unreal. It is not up to others to tell us what we should or should not be doing by a certain age. It is up to us to work out our plans. In doing that we should never make those expectations too high. As in higher than we know we can really reach. Still plenty of time to do loads of things. You are still young. Just wait till you reach 80 and then we will all call you old. 😀
  13. There's that word ' acceptance ' again. This is the one thing I have been trying to teach her. Let them come on. What is the worst thing they can do? Make you feel bad for a while. But they always pass.
  14. Might be waiting a while for an answer here. Not the most active forum about. I am a member of its sister forum, anxiety space, which is even less active again. Joined here when asked to do so by the owner. Not actually going to answer your post. We shall see if anybody else might have some better insight into the matter. Think I have said all I can on the subject by now. Who knows. Somebody here might have went through the same thing. Are a few regular posters. Good at what they do. Can just be a slow forum.
  15. Exactly. Sped up is the right words. Fastest ever vaccine was for Ebola and that took about 4 years. So this was really sped up to get it out there. Lot of countries refusing certain vaccines because of the whole blood clot thing. Which was either not found in their tests or found but no mentioned. Not here to put anybody off the vaccine. They have a choice to make. Now more facts are been found out. They can make their choice knowing what they know now. Which is something they did know when the vaccine first came out.
  16. They would not really have had the right amount of time to test any of the vaccines. As a rule you would need about a year to see various side effects if there are any. Have to remember these vaccines were done quickly and put in use for emergency use only. They were not fully tested like any other new type of vaccine or medication would be tested. Because they were wanted quickly.
  17. With such things it could be as simple as the food you eat. Junk food as you call it. Trapped gas and the likes. That alone can cause discomfort. But for peace of mind it would be good to try and rule other things out. None of us are doctors on here. So nobody can say it is this, that or the other. only similar issues I had before were brought on by acid reflux. But as you don't mention that, I assume we can rule that one out? You would know if you had that one. Plus there is this thing of all the things you think it might be. Even just thinking about such things can make you feel like something is going on. When really it is not. You get an idea in your head and your mind takes over. It blows it right up and turns it into something worse. More you worry about it, the longer it will stay with you. There would be no harm in having a few tests carried out. if the problem is in your stomach, maybe they should have a look inside your stomach. See if there is anything going on that they can see. This is probably the only thing that will give you full peace of mind. I do agree about the hemorrhoids. We have all been there. Using the bathroom and more forcing ourselves to go. Can cause some blood. Easy to get some cream in a chemist. Next step is up to you. Live with how you are feeling? Or ask to have a few tests done to rule out many things?
  18. My friend's latest project.