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  1. A few years ago I had bad anxiety. I had a rapid heartbeat chest pain‘s and shortness of breath. This was in 2015. I ended up in the ER and went to many doctors including a cardiologist. All test came back normal and I was told I had anxiety then I started seeing a therapist and I started on medication and I started to feel better but as of January 2021 I’m back to having shortness of breath along with chest pain in rapid heartbeat I got off the medication in December 2020 and now I’m back on the medication and I’ve been back on the medication for one month but the shortness of breath has been consistent for the past month and a half and I’m starting to freak out again thinking what if it’s my heart this time and what if I’m really sick. Some days the shortness of breath are is worse than others. Today being one of the worst days. I couldn’t even complete a sentence without having to catch my breath I’ve been laying in bed all day ever since and I’ve had shortness of breath every time I try to get up or chest pain. I’m really starting to freak out and think what if it’s my heart this time. I spoke to a friend of mine who’s a doctor a couple weeks ago and told him and he said it’s just your anxiety and give the medicine time to kick back into your system but it’s been one month since I’ve been back on the medicine and the shortness of breath has been totally get it get worse. Are there any in here who have had similar symptoms for so long? Sometimes it helps to hear others experiences to know you’re not alone or to know that you’re not going crazy or not you’re not sick and about to have a stroke or heart attack
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    I started lexapro 10MG in December of 2019 and was on it until December of 2020. Then I got off and started getting these symptoms I described above and my therapist put me back on lexapro 10 mg about 3 weeks ago. The first time it took 4-6 weeks to work. I figured this time it would work in a shorter time since I was already on it for a year and only got off for one month.
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    But is it normal to have these symptoms 24-7?
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    For the last 3 weeks I’ve had shortness of breath and lately I’ve had chest pain and I’m worried that I’m gonna have a heart attack or stroke or that I’m having silent heart attacks. My therapist put me back on lexapro 2 weeks ago after I weened off 2 months ago but it’s been 2 weeks and I’m still having shortness of breath so what if it’s not anxiety this time- what if my body is telling me something. I had shortness of breath and heart fears 5 years ago before I was put on meds and at the time I was in and out of the ER and going from doctor to doctor and saw a cardiologist and everything came back normal at the time. But what if this time it’s different. Shortness of breath, plus chest pains, rapid heart beat constantly anybody deal with these issues constantly? I need advice or someone to reassure me 😞
  5. My doctor actually told me not to stop them due to my job being stressful, covid, etc. but I insisted and we stopped them but my anxiety is back now even though the first off of the meds I was doing fine
  6. I stopped my lexapro 10 mg back in December after speaking with my doctor but for the past week I’ve as shortness of breath and today I had tight chest pains and I’ve had the knot feeling in my stomach a lot so today my theorist recommended I got back on the meds 😕
  7. My anxiety is “walking in a dark ally worried” but feeling like that 24-7. When I was on the medication I didn’t feel that anxious feeling I didn’t feel anything. Now I feel that pit in my stomach
  8. So I got off lexapro 10 MG almost 6 weeks ago now and over the past couple of days I’ve been having shortness of breath that’s gotten worse today. I’m trying to stay grounded and tell myself this is only anxiety but my healthy anxiety is kicking in and I’m starting to worry that it’s much more serious.
  9. Yeah I have a recent history of hemorrhoids as do many of my relatives so most likely that
  10. Used the bathroom today and no blood mixed in the feces and no blood on toilet paper.
  11. I’ve heard (best friends a doctor) that it depends on age and family history.
  12. After using the bathroom I wiped and there was bright red blood on the toilet paper. I kept wiping and more bright red blood. I’ve had an itch lately in my Anus so I’m wondering is this something to be worried about or a hemorrhoid? I asked my parents who have a history with hemorrhoids and they said that’s normal and it’s a hemorrhoid. Anybody here ever have this issue? My anxiety is making me freak out
  13. Any idea how long it’ll last? It’s a scary feeling 😞
  14. So 3 days ago I got off lexapro 10MG (I was slowly taking off by taking half a pill for 2 weeks after speaking. To my doctor) the last few days I’ve been constant lightheaded/dizzy and just easily annoyed and I’m not sure if this is from coming off the meds or something much more serious. I’ve even been dealing with a mild sore throat (tested negative for covid) has anyone come off meds and dealt with these symptoms and if so, how long do they last and how do they stop? Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS- I was on the lexapro for exactly one year.
  15. The cardiologist was 5 years ago. What if things changed with my heart? As for the beta blocker, I took a 10 MG proponolol a couple years ago but it didn’t help much. Which one are you on? Any side effects or interactions with other meds/vitamins? I just checked my BP and the first reading was 145/97 so I waited 15 minutes and checked again and it was 132/86 😕 both times my HR was above 110