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  1. Thank you for your response. I have done some searching on this and it sounds like they can take weeks to even a couple months to go away. I am glad to hear you were able to let it go. My child had what looked like an infected bug bite near the gland so we assumed the gland was from the bite - I can see the gland too though it is small. I, of course, want the gland to go away now, but from what I am reading, it sounds like it can take a long time - quite a few weeks and very common with a skin infection or bite. I appreciate you taking the time to respond - it is helpful.
  2. @tubelloabril- did it end up going away? How long did last? Dealing with a very similar thing - a posterior cervical node that was an inch or so away from an inflamed (mildly infected, I believe) bug bite. Was able to clear the bug bite infection at home - now just a lingering gland.
  3. Thank you - I actually have this going on with my child too. Did it end up going away? How long did he have it for?
  4. @AnneBoleyn- did you ever find out what this was? Is it still there or did it go away?
  5. First - congratulations on the new baby!!! second - I had this exactly happen to me. How you describe it was exactly the way that it felt - a thickening. It happened after my second child. The lacation consultant told me not to worry and have it checked at my 6 week follow up. I didn’t listen and talked to an ob in the practice who was at the hospital. Because my mom had breast cancer 20 yrs ago, she wanted an US. I get the US and they want a biopsy ONLY because my mom had breast cancer. I get it biopsied- it was a lacto- fibroadenoma. Perfectly fine. I go for my 6 week follow up and guess what - it was COMPLETELY gone by then! Completely gone! If I would have left it alone like the lactation consultant suggested, it would have been gone. i am betting it’s a fibroadenoma. Same thing I had. They came out and told me that it would have never been biopsied if it wasn’t for my mom. So I am not suggesting that would happen to you. I just want you to know that this exactly happened to me and it was nothing serious at all AND it went completely away. i hope this helps and I hope all goes well for you tomorrow. Enjoy your new baby. Everything will be ok.
  6. It sounds like a cyst which are super common before your cycle and can be very painful. They often go away when your cycle ends, and yes the pill can contribute to it. Also stress and caffeine as well. Cutting back on the caffeine can sometimes help. Playing with it will only bother it more. I would leave it alone and wait until after your cycle then double check. It will most likely be gone! Hope this helps.
  7. @Nat1996 - glad to hear that you are feeling better!
  8. Yes my first thought is dry air for sure. And the dry air irritated the very thin blood vessels up there. So even though you get it to stop bleeding, chances are it will do it again until it fully heals which will take time if it is constantly being irritated- and this is normal. I have dealt with these kinds of recurrent nose bleeds with my son and they do stop. I have him use a nasal spray to moisten his nasal passages and he would use it nightly ( they happened mostly at night) and it helped so much. A neti pot would work too. Or if you don’t like those ideas, a steamy bathroom or humidifier would help too. Or you really can just leave it alone. And it may continue to bleed, but you have to be ok with that and expect it. This is so so common in the winter. Nothing has gone wrong. I hope this helps.
  9. I find that fear like that is a distraction from some thing or emotion you don't really want to face so then the physical symptoms become an easy distraction. It doesn't matter if it's something you want or not - it takes your mind off of things. And it becomes first one thing, then another and it becomes hard to distinguish what the root cause is. You don't fear the mass shootings or the car accidents because your mind truly believes that these things are rare and very unlikely to happen, but your mind is not convinced of this in terms of illnesses, and that's why illnesses are your focus. Recognizing that the body always makes "noise" in terms of physical pain or sensations will help you slow down the fear (as might seeing the chiropractor who can help with that), and only once the fear is slowed down enough, you can begin to consider what you may be subconsciously distracting yourself from. I have found that so much of my anxiety comes down to distraction from some thing or emotion in my life. Hope this helps.
  10. That's great that you are feeling better! Walking uphill 2 days prior?? And there's your answer!
  11. Yes to muscle tension. I have gotten this too. Stretching, massage, or even using a foam roller helps. It may take a few days of of trying to relax it before you notice a difference, so be patient!
  12. Same! I feel the exact same way! Thank you so much! This thread has definitely helped!
  13. @bin_tenn - thank you for reminding me of what mindfulness really is. You are spot on. I know this, but "conveniently forgot" in my panic. I have done a lot of work on myself and panic is not something I experience regularly, but as I am now, you and Chuck are making me realize that I am forgetting what I know in the midst of my anxiety. I really appreciate your post. You are not the first to bring up Eckhart Tolle to me! I haven't read his stuff or listened to him on YT, but I need to. I hear nothing but great things about him. Thank you for reminding me.
  14. @MobileChucko - I didn't realize it was white coat syndrome. I am struggling with the mindfulness - I think that's what I am trying to do when I focus on my breathing - trying to bring myself out of my head and in to the present. And I guess to some degree it must be working because I am not constantly panicked. I do have time off and on where I realize I am not worried about the appt. But I am panicking multiple times a day and this is something I don't usually do and I think that's why it's bothering me so much I feel the need to post. But like you said, it's a practice. I just need to keep practicing. I guess this just makes me aware of how much I do need to keep practicing it. @bin_tenn - this varies with me too. If I am sick and need to go to the dr, I still get anxious but not nearly as bad because I know I need a dr. In this case, my anxiety gets much much worse because I don't believe there is anything wrong with me, and I am going to a dr (this is how I feel) to "verify" this or to "just be sure " which creates self doubt "what if I am wrong after all and there is something wrong?" Yet I do see the value in check ups. Thank you both for taking the time to respond. It's nice to know I am not alone in this struggle.