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  1. Well that should make you feel better that he had the biopsy test for all kinds of things and it all came back negative. It is also great that it is getting lighter. You won’t notice it so much because I am sure you are looking at it often and the anxiety will make you see it worse than it really is. this is a good time to practice trust in your body. Everything was thoroughly checked out. He doesn’t know what it is exactly but knows it isn’t anything life threatening. So now you trust your body to heal it to whatever degree it does and then you trust that it is ok even if it takes forever to fade. Sometimes we don’t get the answers, and that’s ok. But you know for sure what it isn’t, and that should bring you peace of mind. Yes please keep us updated!!
  2. It is possible that you may always have coloring there. May stick around for a while. May never know what it is. But that is all ok be you have been thoroughly checked.
  3. Yes!! Let it go- because you know it was thoroughly looked at and all is well! Sometimes we don’t always find the answers and that’s ok but you know it is nothing that needs treated. Time to let go.
  4. It’s going to look the same to you because of the anxiety. I have been there before. And when you keep looking and looking you won’t see any changes because you are looking so much. And with all of the anxiety you had around it waiting and waiting and being scared by the drs, you aren’t going to see the subtle changes. Your husband, who is more clear minded right now and not constantly looking, can see the changes. And to be honest, it doesn’t matter if it changes because 4 drs have seen it and the last one thoroughly checked you out, biopsied, and asked the pathologist to check for every scary possible thing - and it’s not. So to be truthful…. It doesn’t matter right now how fast it is going away or changing or even what it is because we know what it is not. Skin also is very sensitive to anxiety and it could be taking a while simply from all of the very high stress levels you have been under. But overall…. It doesn’t matter for all that I have said above. This is a good time now to practice letting go and allowing the body to show you it can heal on it’s own
  5. One of the kindest things said to me … thank you so much 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 Do not pay it any more of your attention right now. You have been thoroughly, very thoroughly checked. And you know it’s nothing terrible or life threatening- maybe it is not what you prefer your skin to look like - but it is fine. It will go away when it wants to. And maybe some color will always be there. And maybe you will never know what it was. You gave this more than enough of your time and life and energy. Time to let it go and let it be. The derm did not request any follow up or test correct? If not, then no reason to worry now. Go enjoy life!!!! And never ever ever go back to that mammo place again!!!! 😂
  6. I am SO happy for you!!! Go out and celebrate with your husband tonight!
  7. So glad I could help even a little. Sometimes having someone to talk to makes all the difference. 🤗
  8. I KNEW it!!! I knew you were going to be ok!!! I am SO happy for you!! Go celebrate and pay it no mind knowing that you may never know what it is and that’s ok. And maybe it will just look this way and that’s ok too. Maybe this is just your body and that’s ok!! Hopefully the redness goes away but maybe it will always seem a little red - it doesn’t matter!!! Everything is tested and cleared and the dr said do not lose sleep over it!! He knows it isn’t anything life threatening so just let it be!!!! Time to let it go, give your husband a big hug, and live!!!!! This is done with! Celebrating with you!!! 🤗
  9. I think we have all done that before. But right now you got all the tests possible done. You don’t know what it is. There is no point in reading about the catastrophic stuff until you actually know what it is. Then you can google it. Otherwise it is making you feel worse over something you may not even have
  10. It’s ok - but it won’t help anything and will only make things worse right now. No googling!
  11. No!! No googling!! There is nothing to google because you don’t know what it is! So basically…. You are scaring yourself!! Stop scaring yourself! 🤗
  12. Oh man I bet that was 7 business days! Hopefully you will hear by Thursday or Friday. And he is out of town next week????? Noooooooo!!!! the waiting is the worst part
  13. That makes sense that it would. hopefully you get the results sooner this week rather than later. You don’t know when you are to hear from them, correct?
  14. Good that’s good! You aren’t going to notice a difference until the anxiety comes down! 🤗
  15. Does your husband think it looks any different? Itchy skin on the hip seems normal though? You may need a good lotion for the hip. Fair and sensitive skin will show all kinds of thing! Still thinking things will be ok!