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  1. My main concern is that we both get covid almost the same day, 20 hours apart, I am perfectly fine but he is still fighting fever, his oxygen level is great at 98, is covid fever life threatening? With out any other symptoms
  2. Thank you for your answers, but today is his fifth day with 100,4at night, do you have any idea on how to speed up his recovery?
  3. Hello everybody, i hope you are well last friday 13/8, my little brother (20y) had high fever 103, so we went to ER where he tested positive for covid, now 4 days later, and occasionally still gets high fever sometimes ( 100,4 ) and he is exhausted. Is this normal to have such high fever for so many days? im really worried because i thought that the fever would have gone by now. I would really appreciate your opinion. Thank you
  4. Thank you for your answer, I have this for a year now I never done an end, just an abdominal ultrasouns, is stomach polyp an emergency? Or life threatening?
  5. Hello everybody, i hope you are well, For a year now, everytime i go to bed i have pounding heart, and through the day upper left back pain i was really scared for obvious reasons, About 9 months ago i ve done multiple cardiograms, blood test chest and back x ray, 3 ekg, even put a holter monitor, everything came out good, for the past 2 weaks my upper back pain came back with chest pain as well (my phyciasian told me that the pain is caused from scoliosis and poor posture, i doubt it), Today i went for a short run, i used to be extremely active, but for the last years im not, When i completed a mile i started having chest pain when i breath, like a niddle in my upper chest, when i stopped it went away. That scared me a lot, but i dont want to visit doctors again unless it is necessary. I am 25 year old, male, smoker with no family history of heart problems. I would really appreciate your opinion, thank you for your time.
  6. NickThw


    You think feeling a strong pulse in lower back couple times a day is normal, because doctor don't events listening to that, I feel it in left upper back as well for a year,every single day, but I ve done chest x ray, couple echo cardiograms, even holter monitor, and everything is good, so my only worry is if pulse to lower back occurs because I have something wrong in my stomach
  7. NickThw


    Thank you all for your answers, i ve been to two doctors one said gas produced from anxietythats way you have bothersome stomach symptoms now and then, nothing to worry about, and the other said hemorrhoids after exam, the reason why a pass blood after BM, I burp a lot too, with trouble swallowing and pounding heart(pounding heart about a year now), that's why i believe its anxiety but im not 100% sure. I have done every test imaginable to my heart, my head everything is good, and about my stomach just an ultrasound and a check from doctors hand to see if blood is from hemorrhoids, I really dont want to do more exams and because i think all day about my stomach mybe i create all this things in my head, i really dont know this situation sucks.
  8. NickThw


    Hello everybody, i hope you are all well. I'm Nick and i am 25 years old male, for the past year (my anxiety journey began) i am passing a lot o gas and occasional stomach aches, i didnt think much about it because i was more scared about other diseases than just gas and stamach aches. I recentely got rid of the idea of having a terrible disease that kept me up many many nights, so my life was getting a lot better and i thought it would be a good idea to start working out again (I havent worked out for couple of years). Yesterday after my workout i felt sick and puke, i felt better afterwards, but i was little sick as well, no to the point of vomit of course. I ve saw a doctor about a month ago about my stomach issues, he just touch my belly and said gas dont worry about it. Ι also got an oultrasound to check my organs everything was good, but now im really scared about colon or something similar i dont know, for the last year i ve had a tone of exams done (blood tests, mris, emg, heart). Do you believe that gas, stomach aches and vomit after work out that persists for 3-5 hours could be something that i should be worried about? Thank you very much for your time.
  9. Hello everybody, I hope you are all well, For about 1,5 month I am having pulse and bubbling sensation aroundy belly button, of course I'm thinking about aortic aneurysm and I am just 25 years old, when I go to the bathroom for BM I have lower back left pain and sometimes a lot of blood in the toilet, my doctor said it is just hemorrhoids. My main issue is that I have weird sensation in my belly button area with left back and pain, my stomach is feeling weird, not paiful but unsettling and a lot of burping, I'm really scared of Cancer. Maybe is from sitting on a chair a lot , smoking or junk foods that I eat a lot and gained about 7-8 kilos the last couple of months, I haven't done an ultrasound and I'm I'm not gonna lie, I am really scared I have cancer, what's your opinion based on these issues, thank you very much. 🙏
  10. NickThw

    *** fear

    Thank you all, I am feeling a lot better now, and I hope to overcome these thoughts soon, one last question, has anyone felt that above uvula (the soft part I think it is called soft pallete)gets itchy in a spot and you need to cough or else my eyes get wet, I have it for a week now and it freaks me out. Thank you again
  11. NickThw

    *** fear

    Thank you everybody for your answers, i really appreciate you all, My ent said nothing about post nasal drip, sinus issues or gerd and i dont want to go to gastroenterologist because for the past ten months i am in a doctors office all the time, im not gonna lie, im sick of it. Few times in a day, when i speak with my friends and talk fast the "r" letter does not come out sometimes and this combined with the swallowing issues for months get me in a dark place, I have read post from some people tha started with mild speak and swallowing issues like mine and after 10 months they got diagnosed, when i mispronounce a word i repeat it again and again and comes out fine, When i share my concerns and ask friends and family if they heard the mispronounced word that i just said they laugh and say please dont ask me again everyone mispronounced a word now and then, but in my case it happens every day. Sorry if i make no sense, i dont know where to go from here, Thank you all again.
  12. NickThw

    *** fear

    Hello everybody, i hope you are well, english is not my native language so please go easy on me. Im nick and i am 25 years old, for many months now 3-4, i have swallowing issues, im not choking but i feel the need to swallow all the time because saliva is going to the back of my throat, when i swallow everytime i feel some saliva is still in the back of my throat. I think i am mixing my words but my doctor, friends, parents reassured me that im not so i am not to concerned about that. About two days ago when i was laying on my bed, i felt something like a pain itchiness, elecric shock i cant describe it more accurate im sorry, right next to my uvula, my eyes got wet immediately and i started caughing, but i dont think i was choking because i wasnt drinking somthing at that moment, im not sure maybe my initial swallowing issues proggressing and now im chocking but without drinking? As you can see my swallowing issues has taken over my life and with this new symptom im afraid dor the worst case scenario. I went to an ENT about a week ago who just told me, stuck your tongue out, he looked in my for couple a seconds and said everything looks fine, but i dont think so. Has anyone experienced these symptoms? it s been 4 months and i am scared for the shit disease. Im looking forward to hear your opinions Thank you.