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  1. You don’t think it’s anything? Do you think from trying to get it off with tweezers it turned it purple? I’m worried it’s cancer or something ...the stem of it that’s connected to my tonsil is still pink
  2. I picked at it yesterday evening And now it’s a darker purple color and almost looks smaller? Anyone??
  3. Hello everyone! So long story short, I have tonsil stones and at least once or twice a week I pick at them to get them out....last night I was pressing on the top right tonsil and I’m not sure if it was to hard or what but I got a tonsil stone out and a piece of flesh maybe the size of a piece of rice came out of the same hole and is hanging on by a thread!!! It does not hurt or anything it’s just hanging there I can feel it sometimes when I swallow but that’s because of the location... my moms telling me it’s nothing and I probably pressed to hard on that area... it was weird though it literally popped out of my tonsil where the stone was!! It is the same color as my tonsils and ya know it’s freaking me this cause for concern ?
  4. Thank you this helped! He’s 22, and no family history of clots but history of heart attacks in his dads side! The swelling went down and when he stood up this morning it wasn’t had purple sorta like the blood is getting evenly back to his foot there’s no pain anymore when he’s sitting and the foot is rested so that’s good too! Thank you so much it’s me with the anxiety about the scary stuff lol
  5. Hey guys! My boyfriend was long boarding with my dog and long story short another dog wasn’t on its leash and ran after my dog causing my boyfriend to have to quickly get off the longboard. He stomped pretty hard on the ground and maybe have sprained or broken his ankle. This was Tuesday. Hes been keeping it elevated and icing it since Tuesday night and yesterday when he went into the shower his foot, ankle, and a little bit of his lower leg turned an angry purple but when he elevated it again it went back to normal color. Then after sitting down for a while before bed, we were getting ready for bed and it turned purple and started to hurt again until he laid down then it went back to normal color. He also had a pretty irritating calf cramp Wednesday morning. With my anxiety I’m thinking the worst of this situation could there be a blood clot? I’m very worried about this he won’t go to the doctor right now because his dad changed insurance and is being kind of rude about it all. Should I worry about a blood clot?
  6. So no it’s not ALS 😅 I have to read the no I need reassurance
  7. And it’s normal it’s on one side of the throat/neck? Yeah I googled tongue pulling and als forum came up and scared the crap out of me you don’t think. It is do you?
  8. When I swallow it feels like a pulling. Sensation on that side of my tongue and neck throat area. My tongue rests on the right side of my mouth There’s no pain in my throat just like a pulling feeling and it’s literally the sensation of only swallowing on one side of the throat But everything I’ve explained you wouldn’t be worried about it I’ve been pretty worried about it i do clench my jaw during the day and st night in my right side and I automatically put my tongue in the right aide too
  9. Yeah that’s true! And I have to tell myself to with this throat thing it’s feeling like it’s weird and my tonsil/back of throat area feels like sore like a sore muscle but still it’s a sensation which is good lol
  10. Okay thank you! I apologize for all the questions!
  11. And it’s definitely not ALS right? 😅 I need to put my worries away
  12. Thank you!! I honestly never thought I’d that I do still have green mucus coming out of my nose (sorry it’s nasty lol) yeh my ear does hurt when I swallow sometimes so there’s definitely pressure or something behind the ear drum. I came on here and searched on this site of swelling in throat or something and bulbar als came up and freaked me out! I just got the als thing out of my head and that came up i just wanted to make sure that someone thought that I’m ok
  13. This sounds like sinus stuff? And this could affect the feeling of swallowing? Swelling in the side of the throat maybe?? And a stuffed ear?? Like i said there’s no pain or anything