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  1. Finally got results back from the MRI. Everything looks really good. Just some disc degeneration/dehydration in my L5. Doctor said nothing that would be causing me the kind of pain I’m experiencing. While I’m happy it’s nothing serious, I am still in serious pain and having a hard time getting through the day. I am to do 6 sessions of physical therapy and then have a follow up with the dr. My PT said the MRI didn’t mention anything about my sacrum or SI joints. Now I’m worried that could be the issue and they’re missing it. Has anyone had pain or issues in that area? How did you deal with it? I’m trying to stay positive and hopeful that there will be an answer but I’m heading into week 10 of this and it’s getting harder to function.
  2. One of my biggest anxiety fears for the past few years has been losing the ability to walk. I don’t no why but I feel as though someday in my future I will be wheelchair bound. Not able to work or take care of myself. I’m afraid of needing to be taken care of and being a burden to my family. I’ve even spent time researching wheelchairs and motorized scooters. Thought about looking into a stair-less home and have physically felt like my legs won’t function. I’ve had low back, tailbone, hip and groin pain for 8 weeks now. My legs feel very stiff and weak. I’ve tried chiropractic. I’ve just started physical therapy and a two week dose of Prednisone. I have an MRI scheduled next week. The doctor doesn’t seem too concerned but is a bit stumped. Working is very painful for me right now. I stand all day and do repetitive bending, twisting and lifting. This causes a lot of inflammation in my low back and hips. I’m beginning to feel hopeless. Will they be able to figure out what’s going on? Will it be treatable? Will I just have to live with the pain? Will I have to quit working and go on disability? What if they can’t find anything wrong and this is all psychogenic? How do I get rid of it then? My anxiety is beginning to move on to possibilities of colon or ovarian cancer. Perhaps the pain is just a symptom of a worse condition? A couple things to note, this all started the day after I had my first Covid vaccine. I was doing great before then. I just returned from a trip to Disney World where you walk 10-20 miles a day. The months leading up to it, I was worried I won’t be able to walk. Again, researching scooter rental. My back pain started 6 weeks before my trip. The pain decreased a bit while I was there and I had no trouble walking. It got 10 times worse my first week back home.
  3. Weeks. Sometimes longer if I’m really anxious about it.
  4. Thanks Holls! I hate how our minds believe that being healthy means we are completely pain free all of the time and anytime we do have pain it means something life threatening or will last forever, leaving us disabled.
  5. I get this from time to time. The last time it flared up I went to an ENT (again). He looked me over and said, “you have muscle tension due to anxiety.” He sent me to physical therapy which did really help.
  6. I’ve been having mild back pain for a few weeks now and just a few days ago it got really bad. I started having muscles spasms and haven’t been able to work (I have a very physical job). It feels muscular and is radiating to my abdomen and hips. I also have increased gas and more frequent trips to the bathroom. Something a normal person would think is due the muscles being tensed up but not me. Nope. Ovarian C. Why???!
  7. I have this exact same thing right now. It’s been going on for a month. I’ve been told it’s acid reflux and my Dr. gave me a prescription. Haven’t noticed much improvement yet but I’ve only been taking it for a week. It’s caused me many panic attacks and even a trip to the ER. I am hoping it will go away at some point. I can hardly eat anything.
  8. This happens to me all of the time, on my right side. I have also had an ENT tell me it could be allergies. Another ENT told me stress and anxiety. My anxiety tells me it’s MS. I just try to remind myself that it’s been happening on and off for years and it will calm down eventually. I still worry about it every time though.
  9. Definitely let them know about your anxiety. I had a stress test last October that came back abnormal because I was pretty much having an anxiety attack and hyperventilating through the entire thing. The good thing is that apparently they can tell exactly where your results are coming from. In my case, my abnormal results were caused by anxiety and being very deconditioned (I’m pretty weak), not anything serious. Good luck! You will be ok!
  10. @Bobnnat My boyfriend was at the appt with me and thought the results were great and the doctor clearly said I don’t need surgery. I was feeling a little better until just a minute ago when I got the results of my exercise stress test... abnormal. However, they said it wasn’t abnormal due to the Pectus but due to deconditioning. Basically, I weak and out of shape. I can’t help thinking about the “what-if’s” though. What if it’s wrong? What if I have something wrong with my heart? She also said anxiety could have played a role in the results. I started off with an already high heart rate and hyperventilation.
  11. Yesterday I had a full day at the Mayo Clinic, having tests done regarding my Pectus Excavatum. I had horrible anxiety for the 2 weeks leading up to this appt. Even having panic attacks, which I don’t generally have with my anxiety. I had a pulmonary function test, exercise stress test, ct scan and finally a consultation with the surgeon to go over my results. My lung capacity is 84% which he said was very good and better than about 90% of people he sees. My Haller Index is 4.5 which is worse than I was expecting but the Dr. said it was good. The results of my stress test were unfortunately not ready yet. He and his assistant told me about how extremely painful the corrective surgery is and when I finally asked him if he thought I needed to have the surgery, he said no. He said my results are good and living with it won’t affect my lifespan. He said they generally only treat people who are having significant pain or shortness of breath. I should be so relieved, right?? Unfortunately, I feel just as anxious about the condition as I did before I got my “good” results. I’ve spent 3 years researching the condition online and reading about how a Haller Index of 3.5 or more is considered severe and needs correction and for some awful reason, I’m placing more weight on that information than on what the thoracic surgeon at the MAYO CLINIC said to me. I’m feeling really stuck right now. If those results weren’t enough to take my focus off of my chest how will I ever move forward from this?
  12. Been experiencing dizziness for a week now. It’s 10 times worse in the morning and I can’t walk straight. The back of my neck feels tight and I’m worried about having a stroke. I just don’t feel right. I saw an ENT on Wednesday who couldn’t figure it out and my chiropractor the day before said she didn’t feel anything concerning with my neck. The dizziness is really debilitating. I feel like I’m falling to the right and if I turn my head the room starts spinning.
  13. @MARC 6 weeks of dizziness?! Yuck! Glad it subsided for you and encouraging to hear other people’s experience with it. Every single pain, symptom and unpleasant sensation I’ve felt this year has felt like the end for me. “This is it! This is how I’m going to feel for the rest of my life. There’s no way this could be temporary. My life as I’ve known it has ended and I’m going to have to adjust to being disabled by this pain/symptom forever.”
  14. I am VERY anxious about an upcoming appt I have. I’m going to the Mayo Clinic next week to have a consultation regarding my Pectus Excavatum (a congenial chest-wall deformity). I have to do several tests while I’m there and am very nervous for the results. I also have a lot of responsibilities at work over the next 3 weeks. So this dizziness is really not what I need right now, which is probably why my anxiety has given it to me. I also have a lot pain in my neck, back and legs. I going to be getting back into therapy after being out for 6 years. Which I’m excited for because I really need some help but I can’t get in until Nov. 18th!