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  1. Thank you, Marc. I’ve have been taking it like I was told to. Tummy is a bit upset but I guess that’s normal.
  2. I was prescribed an antibiotic yesterday for strep. I am obsessing over stomach upset and diarrhea from said antibiotic. I am eating activia yogurt to help with the gut flora. I need to stop obsessing. I woke up this morning with a grassy belly and I needed to use the restroom. This has me in a tail spin and I have only had 2 doses so far.
  3. It’s so painful. I am hoping I won’t have it too long. The more I can rest the better it feels. But I gotta pay the bills!
  4. It’s muscular. She pressed on an area in my sternum and I nearly came up off the bed. Thanks for caring!
  5. I have a follow up with my primary today. Feeling anxious but that’s the norm for me!
  6. Thank you Binn. Ugh it’s so uncomfortable.
  7. I went to the ER Saturday because I had sudden chest pain. It’s above the left breast, below collar bone. I was hooked up to an EKG, did multiple blood tests, and about 9 hours after I arrived I was sent home with a muscle relaxer. I spent yesterday resting and last night and into this morning the pain was pretty much gone. I went to use the bathroom and when I turned, bam the pain in back. This is causing extreme anxiety. Could it really just be muscle pain? I wasn’t doing anything when the pain started on Saturday which is why I decided to go to the ER.
  8. I live in Eastern NC. This winter has been awful. Nearly everyday I am dizzy with pressure in my head and ears. I start shivering too when this happens but I know it’s anxiety. Take the prednisone. It will help with the swelling in your ears. Hang in there.
  9. I am going through the same thing. Hope you are feeling better.
  10. Mark, I too am having a setback. Please know we are rooting for you!!
  11. The title says it all. Sitting at work and I can feel my heartbeat. It’s beating hard. Stood up a burped a little. Anyone get this with indigestion?
  12. Leah do you ever get head rush? Like when standing up?
  13. I have BPPV. Sometimes I feel like I am on a boat. Sometimes I feel like I am falling either forward or to the side. Other times the room is spinning and my eyes feel like they are moving back and forth.
  14. PND is awful. Glad you got checked out. Smart thing to do especially since you might have been exposed to strep!
  15. I have one near sighted eye and one far sighted eye. I am sure it’s common.