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  1. Trudy give it a little time. Klonopin helped me so much when I was like that. It just took a couple days.
  2. Shanowl80

    Lets talk

    I’ve been coughing all day. Coughing up yellow phlegm. I have been told it’s allergies/upper respiratory infection. Doesn’t make any of this easier at all. My throat hurts so much.
  3. How are you feeling?? I’m having the same symptoms.
  4. Trudy, I understand completely. Here’s my symptoms...Sinuses feel swollen, post nasal drainage, sore throat, itchy dry eyes, itchy nose, ears feel full and sometimes pop when I talk. And I have a bad cough. When I get to coughing it hurts my chest and it also produces phlegm. I was feeling fine until Sunday. I’m not feeling well at all and I am definitely on edge.
  5. I am beyond stressed and scared. I’m sick right now with what I am assuming is allergies and sinus issues.
  6. Same. Allergies and all. I’m getting a cough and can hear congestion in my chest. Sometimes I have a wheeze. This has consumed me and I am falling down a rabbit hole.
  7. Thank you, Marc. I’ve have been taking it like I was told to. Tummy is a bit upset but I guess that’s normal.
  8. I was prescribed an antibiotic yesterday for strep. I am obsessing over stomach upset and diarrhea from said antibiotic. I am eating activia yogurt to help with the gut flora. I need to stop obsessing. I woke up this morning with a grassy belly and I needed to use the restroom. This has me in a tail spin and I have only had 2 doses so far.
  9. It’s so painful. I am hoping I won’t have it too long. The more I can rest the better it feels. But I gotta pay the bills!
  10. It’s muscular. She pressed on an area in my sternum and I nearly came up off the bed. Thanks for caring!
  11. I have a follow up with my primary today. Feeling anxious but that’s the norm for me!
  12. Thank you Binn. Ugh it’s so uncomfortable.
  13. I went to the ER Saturday because I had sudden chest pain. It’s above the left breast, below collar bone. I was hooked up to an EKG, did multiple blood tests, and about 9 hours after I arrived I was sent home with a muscle relaxer. I spent yesterday resting and last night and into this morning the pain was pretty much gone. I went to use the bathroom and when I turned, bam the pain in back. This is causing extreme anxiety. Could it really just be muscle pain? I wasn’t doing anything when the pain started on Saturday which is why I decided to go to the ER.
  14. I live in Eastern NC. This winter has been awful. Nearly everyday I am dizzy with pressure in my head and ears. I start shivering too when this happens but I know it’s anxiety. Take the prednisone. It will help with the swelling in your ears. Hang in there.