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  1. My arm hurts and I’ve had a stomach ache, but I don’t know if it’s related. I’ve been tired, too. Otherwise I seem okay.
  2. I got it ❤️
  3. Hi friends! I have decided to get the Covid vaccine. I have put it off for many reasons, but I feel like it’s time. I scared. I’m so worried about side effects. I’m worried that I will have anxiety afterwards but confuse those symptoms with side effects. If anyone has any words of wisdom, I’d love to hear them.
  4. I have the same issue and it’s related to sciatica. I’m currently in a flare up right now and it’s awful. Best thing I do when this happens is stretched that specifically target the sciatic nerve, alternate heat and ice, and ibuprofen.
  5. My doctor has actually advised against the vaccine as of now. She has not gotten it and said many of her colleagues have also decided to wait. So, I will wait a while.
  6. I’ve been on Klonopin for over 5 years. Just wanted to say your are not alone.
  7. This isn’t the place to post stuff like this.
  8. I think so. I feel bad right now and I’m thinking it’s allergy related.
  9. Probably from the neck tension. Could be from the way you are sitting to the way you are sleeping.
  10. You are ok!! This is what anxiety does. It gets your mind going and tells you lies!
  11. I am glad you got checked and now know that it’s not what you thought it might be. Sometimes I think getting a test or medical opinion on the matter we worry about is so important because we can move on from the worry quicker.
  12. I once had the right side of my face go numb due to TMJ. It started with some tingling. Could it possibly be that?
  13. Looks like tendon damage. 😢😬
  14. Thank you both. I had to see an orthopedic surgeon today. Gotta see another one Friday. Just trying to keep positive.